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Chapter Eight: A Push and a Kiss from Beyond

Okay, being a part of a meeting by some powerful organization is cool—I know. Getting dragged into an eerily dark room full of super-hot, homicidal, dark-skinned, (which adds to their hot-ness) cool people called Noahs? Not so cool, but passes the average level. But otherwise, still cool. I know, I know. Confusing. Don't get wrong with me, I'm confused with what I feel for them too. So we're even.

But there's nothing more confusing on what to feel when a hot guy glares at you. At some point, I feel like I'm going to heaven. Seeing someone like him is so…so…heavenly! But at the other point, his glare might make me want to kill myself. I feel like the glare he's jabbing at me is melting me on the spot.

Devit. He was slumping over on the dining table of the Noahs, glaring at me like there's no tomorrow. He was grinding his teeth when he saw my almost-horrified expression. There's nothing more horrifying than being glared at by someone you don't know—more over when that certain someone is a Noah. "What's a human like her doing in here, Road? Tyki?" he asked scornfully, still not taking his glaring eyes off me.

I felt like I shrunk a couple of feet below when he said it. He had a harsh tone for a sexy guy…

Tyki just let this pass and didn't say anything while Road was urging him to answer. Yes. We were doing her homework. And surprisingly, Tyki was doing it too. I don't really know what that little Devil said to Tyki that made him do her homework, but it sure was effective. Look how bored his face looks right now. Poor him.

Fortunately for me, I excel at math. Well, not really excel, but I was rather good. And elementary mathematics made it easier for me. I just answered away the problems without trying to look at anyone else besides Tyki and Road—since they were the ones I was knowledgeable of. The others? Nah…

Devit became angrier and slammed his skinny hands on the table—making me jump while Tyki and Road look up. Devit was annoyed now. He'd been ignored since the past five minutes, and just saying, okay? Krory was right. He is a child. He looked at Road, Tyki and, unfortunately, me menacingly—his eyes gleamed. "Just when are you two going to answer me?" he said in a loud voice through gritted teeth which made Jasdero jump slightly.

"Devit, leave her alone, she's our ally," says Road, looking uninterested as she did. Ally? Ally? Who says I'm their ally? More like captive! Oh yeah, that's right. I am a captive! Since when did they start thinking I'm their ally? They may treat me like a pampered princess, make me wear fancy clothes and make me go to their twinkly balls; and I may go arf-arf and pretend to be their dog, but I am not their ally! I'm neutral! Get it?

But this did not seem to move Devit as he looked unconvinced at this. "What could a human do to help us? She'd be useless! I say we kill her!" he suggested, getting an approval from Jasdero, who from before was playing with his wavy golden hair, and was now paying attention. "Yeah! I agree with Devit! Kill her! Kill her! Hiii!" Jasdero said excitedly. His laugh made the hairs on the back of my neck stand as I gulped.

Tyki sighed. "If you kill her, you'd be facing the Duke's wrath, Devit," he said nonchalantly, still scribbling away.

Road nodded in agreement. "Did you know she was the one that made all those level 3's into level 4's just by touching them? It was cool! You should have seen it!" This made me feel guilty. No matter on how I consider myself as a neutral party, I always ended up helping the Noahs. Talk about hypocrisy.

Devit seemed to look like he was considering this while Jasdero pressed on to Road, "Ooh! Ooh! What did it look like? I didn't see it! Hiii!"

Road liked the fact that Jasdero was one step behind her. "That's for me to know, and you to find out! And don't you touch her! She's mine!" she quickly added and hugged me as Jasdero closed in on me. Then she looked at the homework she gave me—which was already nearly finished—and gave out a cry of pleasure. "Wow! You do homework faster than Tyki does! Though, not as fast at the Duke," she added. "Tyki, you should follow Katty's—"


"—and the Duke's example more often!" she continued.

Tyki smirked. "I wouldn't want to know what Sheryl would say if he found out his little Road was forcing other people to do her homework," he told a surprised Road. I grinned along with him.

The Sheryl guy wasn't here yet, but yes, he didn't know that Road was forcing other people to do her dreaded homework. He thought all the while that his 'little angel Road' was doing all of it by herself. (he always bragged about it annoyingly). And by Tyki's tone, he seemed to be finding his way out of her game by beating her.

I kept on writing, but my ears were all out and I had one big grin on my mouth. I heard Road say, "You wouldn't want that, now would you, Tyki?"

I looked sideways to look at her and Tyki. I saw Road whisper something to Tyki, having that mischievous smile on her face. And then, all of a sudden, Tyki looked flushed. Road looked happy enough and said, "It's your choice, Tyki-pet!"

Then Tyki began to write again—much to my surprise. I was too surprised, actually. I was left, my mouth slightly ajar. What did Road tell him that made him back out of his plan? Surely it must've been something threatening that made him—

"Good evening, everyone!"

We all looked to the right, and right there, standing right in front of a door that seemed to come out of nowhere, was the Earl. His big grin still plastered on his face, and his round body still…round. And, well, I heard from the internet forums that he always had a wide collection of hats—which he seemed to be fond of. This time, the design on his hat was that there was sharp things protruding out of it. It looked like knives. Ahh, the Earl… His hats are always random, I see.

Everyone—except me—greeted him. Some of them, like Lulu Bell, even stood up and bowed low to him.

When he sat down, he immediately went to the point of the meeting. "Now, I trust that all of you know that the Exorcists are moving in large groups?" he asked us, and when he got the nods from the Noahs and me he continued. "I have information that they are dispatching those Exorcists into four groups. Each with a general of their own. They might think that they have an advantage to my AKUMA if they move with a general along their side. But they are terribly mistaken."

Everyone sat on their red velvet chairs, listening attentively as the Earl kept on saying, "We will have to make more AKUMA, and wait for our other Noah brothers and sisters to awaken from their sleep. And when the time comes to that, we will attack."

Devit grumbled. "Then is it true that this human could help us?" he asked, pointing to me—his expression still full of scorn which made me flinch.

The Earl chuckled. "Why, yes! How do you think did we manage to make all of those AKUMA into level 4s? She was helping me you know. And she's a part of our family now."

"WHAT?!" shouted Devit and Jasdero in unison. Then Devit spoke for himself. "Don't tell me you consider her as a Noah! She's a human! She's—"

I would have shrunk away and done nothing, but he is just so irritating! I stood up, and knocked the chair I was sitting on backwards, then I shouted at him, "Shut your hole up, Devit! I may be human, but humans aren't weak. You just think they're weak! No wonder Krory had the instinct to kill you; you thought he was weak, but then you aren't even better than him!" I was breathing deeply now. Then I took my chair and let it stand upright again and sat on it before muttering loud enough for everyone to hear, "And I do not consider myself as a Noah…"

Oh, crap! Oh, God.. Oh, no… I snapped. I snapped in front of the Noahs. I was beginning to feel bad about my rant earlier. And as sooner as I came to realize what I've done, I was beginning to have fear for myself more. When I looked at Devit, he looked taken aback, but his brows were furrowed, and his eyes looked angry. I immediately looked away from him incase his angry eyes meet my scared ones. I hate being hated. I've had enough of it back home.

"Oho-ho-ho," the Earl chuckled in a low voice which made me have goosebumps again. "Looks like Katty-chan has found a new friend!"

New friend? New friend my butt. He's no new friend of mine! Though, he may be my new assassinator. I highly doubt he'll leave me alone alive for a few more minutes. In other words: He'll want to kill me now and more than ever. Heeeekk… I want to say sorry to him (so that he'll leave me alone), but my pride says otherwise. I've always had a problem with saying sorry to people…

"Anyways, Katty-chan," sighed the Earl—then I eyed him suspiciously. "We are currently trying to find the other Noah brothers and sisters that might be still in this world, lost." He shifted towards me, and I had to sink in on my chair just to keep his ever-grinning face off mine. (and my heart jumped a little bit) "Would you like to come with us?"

Why are you asking me that? I wanted to say to him, but a lump in my throat says otherwise. I didn't really know what to say. At one part of me, I wanted to say, 'No! I'm scared!' but the other part of me says, 'Adventure? Yeah! I'm in!' On my fangirl-ish and irrational side, I was like, 'Ohmygosh! Ooohh!!' and I was sqealing.

But, the rational side of me tells me that if I do see a Noah, chances are that I'll be obliterated before I could say anything significant. And I chose to tell him that. "Well, what if the Noah I see will kill me?"

Then I heard Devit grumble, "I won't let them kill you; because I will." But I ignored him and waited for the Earl's answer.

The Earl just chuckled and said, "Don't worry, Katty-chan!—" I groaned at the nickname. "—A few level 4 AKUMA would be there to assist you, and, of course, one of us will be with you too! Then when all is good, we'll strike those Exorcists! Especially Allen Walker," he added with a chuckle.

Everyone was silent for a while. Meanwhile, I was silently panicking over the fact that they are going to attack. Allen—right now, should be over at Timothy's place, trying to uncover the Phantom thief G. Or maybe not… D .Gray-man was a manga that had some time skips that I didn't really note at first. But now, I was noticing it. Like that time when the level 4 AKUMA attacked at headquarters; Allen and company was severely battered and bruised, and when the Zombie arc came over, they were as good as new—so that means, that there was a time skip there. And possibly, it was months. So that means that Allen will be safe for some time.

I glanced around the room anxiously. Everyone seems to be bored out of their Hell. But I pass that up; the others won't move (except probably Road) unless the Earl tells them to. So that might be a good thing. Then as I came to realize it, I noticed that I was looking at Tyki's yellow eyes.

I quickly shifted my vision, to the already finished homework Road was letting me do. My face almost felt warm. Was I blushing? Was I? I shouldn't be… But I couldn't help it, my head turned up again but he wasn't looking anymore. I didn't know whether to feel relieved or… disappointed as I turned my head down to face the table.

A few hours have passed, and thankfully I wasn't killed off by Devit, the other Noahs have now gone off to their own respective private places in the world. Of course, I get to be with Road and the Sheryl guy. I ignore both of their consistent jabbering at me, so they both chatter loudly as we head along the way to the Kamelot manor. The whole walk-to-it thing that Road piped up before we actually walked was getting me irritated and bored out of Hell, but seeing them being so happy and ecstatic made me feel like joining them. But then again, it would be bad since they might tolerate that behavior of mine. And you might think this seems kind of heartless, but I learned it through being with a cat; which was my best friend throughout my early childhood.

As we walked along the deserted hallway, I heard someone walking behind us. My ears felt like they were moving my their own (upwards) and my body hair began to stand up, making me feel like a porcupine ready to defend myself. I inclined my right ear, which was my best ear, towards where the walking person was walking on. The person behind us might be light since the footsteps themselves were light. And the person was certainly wearing some pretty darn good shoes as they tick-tacked all the way near me. I decided to ask Road and the Sheryl guy whether they hear the sound, but to my horror, they were gone.

The two Noahs were nowhere in sight. And as I came to realize it more, my heart stopped a few beats. I gradually began to realize my surroundings more. Dark and eerie and enclosed hallway. At the end of it, I couldn't see anything but darkness. The only thing that's probably keeping my vision from being black was the moonlight which passed through the delicate stained glass that framed the windows. The moon was the one that was keeping me from becoming crazy from being alone in a dark place with footsteps behind you. Oh, God. Oh, no… This just feels like the horror movies. And before you'll know it, someone might—

"What are you doing, young girl?"

I jumped high and screamed from the shock and terror that had been built inside of me. My eyes were wide and almost filled with tears and my whole face was sweating. I held up my hands and curled them into fists, ready to fight anyone who dares try to murder me. But as the man who had startled me stepped from the darkness which was obscuring his face before, I knew I was going to be laughed at again. I flung my arms back to my sides, crouched slightly and let out a disgruntled face as realization struck to me. It wasn't some kind of psychotic killer. Hey wait—scratch that last part. Let me rephrase the sentence again. It wasn't some kind of unknown stranger, it was the second perfect male specimen in my world. It was Tyki Mikk.

He put a hand to cover his mouth from bursting into a terrible laughing fit. But actually, he just lost control and did a laughing fit. I felt my face get cold as I scowled at him in shame.

"This—you—I—don't you dare—URGH!" I stutter, unable to finish off a complete sentence. I guess I'm experiencing what you call 'speechlessness.' I felt anger boil through my blood, making me feel like some kind of nuclear bomb that's ready to explode. Well. They did call the first nuclear bomb 'Little Boy,' I might be called 'Little Girl.' This was just too much of it! Why did he have to—urgh!

"D-don't I dare what exactly, young girl?" stammered Tyki through his laughing fit. And finally, much to my relief, me finally stopped his laughing at me. He straightened his poise as he wiped off the tears that were coming from his eyes. Then he said, "You should have seen the look on you face."

I let out an exasperated grunt as I began to walk in a fast pace through the hallway. Tyki was, unfortunately, tagging along with me. I don't know whether he'd like to see me scream a bit more, but that silly joke of his won't work on me anymore. Sorry, Tyki. But never try the same moves twice in the same person.

After a few moments of him tagging along and me not getting anywhere at all, I stop abruptly and turn around to verbally fight him. "Why are you following me?" I asked—or most likely, demanded. "Stop following me!"

He let out an amused grin. "That's because it's funny to see that reaction of yours."

I let out a scoff. "Tell the truth, old man. I know an old man lies when I see him lie!"

"Okay, okay," he conceded, waving off a cigarette at me. I didn't notice him smoking before, but regardless of that, I can't breathe properly when someone is smoking near me. It seems as if the smoke was some kind of anti-breathing mask for me that I couldn't get a single good breathe unless it's fresh air.

But anyway, I wave off the smoke that was near me. "First, throw that piece of garbage away. I can't breathe the air as much as I could normally do; so that goes to the garbage can."

This was his turn to scoff. "You can't just order me around like that, young girl." He was looking away into the ceiling now, but I could see his bored and irritated expression. And I can't help being irritated myself.

"Oh, shut up. What're you here for?" I snapped at him, only this time, covering my nose and mouth to let most of the smoke from invading my clean lungs, so what I said was muffled.

"What did you say?" he asked, leaning forward to me while putting both of his hands to his knees to average my height. Well, he is a six-footer. Anyway, he was too close for comfort and my head went brain dead for a few moments. And I felt my face go cold as I try to get some distance from his face to my face. But before I could do that, I heard someone giggle behind me and all of a sudden, I felt my back being pushed harshly forward. Forward…

It did not take long before my two fleshy folds of tissue which surround my mouth met his.