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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.


Two individuals was loss in a deep embrace with so much passion and love. One was a raven hair boy and the other one was a white hair girl. They didn't dare to move nor make any attempt to break the silence that they are currently enjoying. There time together may be limited but they do know that every minute, every second, would be greatly cherish.

The girl was glad that she had realized her feelings towards him. It was strange yet wonderful that she had fallen in love with a boy that was nothing short of amazing. They have only met in accident once and the few meetings that they have prior to their first faithful meeting had been nothing short of divine intervention yet he had managed to capture her heart. She was also glad that she had said her feelings towards him after his last journey, after realizing her feelings towards him, knowing him and his charms, his good looks, and his adorable expression, she knew the other girls would be lining up to be his girlfriend in the near future (she was not far from the truth).

"So I guess this is goodbye." The girl said as she looked at the eyes of the boy who have captured her heart.

"This is not goodbye; I refuse to see this as goodbye. I finally have the girl of my dreams in arms and I don't plan to let go." The boy said as he looked at his beloved.

"I know, but I don't like having a long distant relationship. It seems hollow." The girl exclaim sadly.

The boy looks at her for a while before saying. "Then I'll quit my journey, I'll quit becoming a Pokémon trainer, I'll even give up on my dream. I can come with you, help you." The boy declared with sincerity and with no trace of regret in what he said.

"No, I can't let you do that for my sake." The girl all but yelled. "I should be the one who would give up my career in order to be with you." The girl said fiercely.

"But you enjoy being an archaeologist; I can't let you give that up just because of me." The boy sand gently.

"I also can't let you give up on your dream that would be selfish of me." The girl said sadly.

The boy lifts her chin and said passionately "Not selfish enough." He then proceeded to kiss her with as much love and passion that he could muster. The girl complies with as much love and passion she could muster matching the kiss that his love had given her.

After a minute of a blissful kiss the boy reluctantly ended the kiss and let go off the embrace, much to his and hers disappointment. "I have something for you; I bought this during my journey in Hoenn I wanted to give this to you the moment our paths cross again." He then pulled out a pure white necklace out of his pocket. The necklace was pure white and it resembles the wings of an angel, in the middle of the necklace there was a white hexagonal diamond. "May this be reminder that you are the owner of my heart and soul."

The girl was speechless. She had truly found a diamond in the boy that she loves. "Thank you; I also have something for you. I hope you like it." She then pulled out a golden locket, the locket resembles a cross.

The boy looks at the locket and smile. "Anything coming from you, I shall cherish." He then proceeded to put the necklace around h r neck. "To the angel who own my body, my mind, my heart, and my soul." He said as he locked the necklace at her neck.

"To the prince who owns my heart." She said as he mimic what her love had done.

They both look at the gifts that were given to them by their beloved and smiled. This will represent the first time they declared their love to each other.

"What know?" The girl asked suddenly.

"Now we wait, we love each other and nothing else matters. We will meet again that I am sure." He said as he wrapped his arms tightly to the girl he loves.

"How do you know that we would meet again?" The girl asked as she returned the embrace that her love had given her.

"Don't tell me you didn't notice. The first time we meet it was by chance, an accident if you will. After that meeting our paths always cross when we are alone, no matter how strange it may be we always meet in different circumstances and that only happens when we are alone and we enjoy each other's company. It seems that faith always finds a way to get us together and it seems that we are destine to be to together." The boy said as he tightens his embrace.

"You're right." The girl said with a smile.

"Take care of Koyuki will she seems to be greatly attached to you, continue to train her and loved her for my sake if you will." He said as he looks at her eyes with passion and without releasing their embrace.

"I still can't believe that you found a Pokémon native in Sinnoh in Hoenn and you had manage to kept her a secret to your friends but I will, she will always be a reminder that you are always with me. " She said looking at his eyes with burning passion. "We should wrap this up, I don't want to let you go but I need to go to my next expedition." She said in a depress tone.

"I know I should be going as well. I promise my mom that I would be back home this afternoon." The boy said refusing to look at her because of the sadness in his eyes.

The girl merely caresses his cheeks and gently guides his face so that he would be facing her. "Till faith will let our paths cross once again...."

"...or until destiny will let us be together." The boy finishes their statement, their vow.

"Until we meet again, Ash Ketchum, my prince." She said as she leaned towards him for another kiss.

"Till we meet again, my white haired angel." Ash said as he leaned towards her capturing her lips.


(Scene Change)

The sun is shining brightly in Lake Acuity. The breeze of the wind was relaxing and the sound of it was refreshing. Different types Pokémon's are playing all around the forest. The chirping of different flying type Pokémon's was also a delight adding in the peaceful atmosphere.

In the middle of the lake there was a young trainer whom was training his Pokémons. He was preparing for the battle of his life against his most hated rival. He never hated any of his rival but this one was different. He could not tolerate this guy because he treats his Pokémons like slave and he would enjoy beating him and showing him the error of his ways.

At the background watching him was his friends and travelling companions. They watch with interest and admirations for the girl part. They have watched him since this morning training his Pokémons like a wild man. They know that he would need all the training he gets in order to beat Paul and it seems he knew that as well.

"Hey Brock, I think we should ask Ash to rest for a while. He has been training for a while now and I think he needs his rest." The blue haired girl said.

"Yeah I think you're right Dawn. Breakfast is almost ready anyway." Brock said to his friend. "Hey Ash breakfast is ready, why won't you rest for a while." Brock called his friend.

"Sure Brock, Okay guys that would be enough for now let's eat." Ash said which cause his Pokémons to sigh in relief. All of them quickly charged to where Brock was making their breakfast causing Ash to fall down flat on his back. "I see there as hungry as I am."

"(Hey bro you OK)." Pikachu asked as he jump on Ash's chest.

"Yeah, I'm fine buddy." Ash answered while chuckling to himself. He then looked at the bright blue sky. 'I wonder what she's doing this moment.' He thought with a smile.' Probably something which involves Pokémons history I bet.'

"(You are thinking about her again, aren't you)?" Pikachu asked in a knowing matter.

"Yeah, I miss her." Ash said in a somewhat depress tone.

"(You'll see each other again. You two always meet in the most convenient circumstances, that and you and her always meet twice a month now since you and her began this secret relationship)." Pikachu said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"You right buddy, I just wish that that'll be soon. I really miss her since our last meeting (date), that and I want to see Koyuki." Ash said as he stood up. "Hey leave some for me guys." Ash shouted as he run towards his breakfast.

Pikachu merely sigh at his trainer. "(He only acts mature when she's around, not that I could blame him)." Pikachu said as he run towards his trainer and their breakfast.

(Scene Change)

"That was delicious Brock." A sh said holding his belly after finishing his tenth plate of the day. "I can't eat another bite."

"That's good because there is nothing left." Dawn exclaim to her friend (crush).

"Hey I'm a growing boy." Ash retorted.

Dawn was about to retort an answer but was stop when Brock tap her shoulder. "He has a point Dawn. He is a growing boy, that and he has been training since early in the morning." Brock said to his blue haired friend.

"Yeah you right, Brock." Dawn admitted begrudgingly. Ash merely laughs at his friend. "Hey what so funny?"

"Nothing Dawn, absolutely nothing." Ash said as he stood up.

"Hey guys would you do me a favour." Ash asked.

"Sure," Brock and Dawn answered in unison. Ash the returned all his Pokémons except for Pikachu to their respective Poke-balls and handed it to his friends.

"Could you guys take my other Pokémons to the Poke-Canter I need to go somewhere with Pikachu." Ash said to them signalling Pikachu to jump to his shoulder which Pikachu quickly comply.

"Sure Ash, but where are you going with only your Pikachu." Brock asked looking at the two of them.

"You know, just a little walk." Ash said trying to hide a lie. As much as he like and trusted his friends he still needs to keep some secrets from them.

"Sure, do you some company Ash." Dawn asked with glint of hope shining through her eyes.

Thanks to his experience with his secret girlfriend (I will reveal her identity in the end of this chapter),Ash could already tell that he would be in a compromising with his blue haired companion, so he did the only thing that a boy with a secret girlfriend would do in his situation, act and lie. "Sorry Dawn but I want to be alone. I need to think some crazy strategies in order to beat Paul. I need to be completely alone for that." Ash said with his best acting voice to make the lie realistic. "And the only reason Pikachu is with me is because he would follow me no matter what." Ash added which Pikachu gave a thumps up.

Dawn seems to be disappointed but nodded in understanding. Brock merely smiled at his friend. He was finally showing some maturity (Brock has no idea).

"So I'll be going now."Before any of them could say anything, Ash had already run-off towards the forest.

(Scene Change)

After entering the forest, Ash and Pikachu walk towards the middle of the forest while conversing.

"(So where going to train my unique ability, right)?" Pikachu asked hopingly.

"Yeah, I feel that we will need it in the near future." Ash answered

"(Finally, we had been trying to hide that for years. I will finally be able to use it in a battle)." Pikachu exclaim happily.

"Not until we master it. The last time you accidently us it, you devastated a herd of Tauros." Ash stated as he remember how his buddy destroyed the area and how he injured all those Tauros while using his secret ability.

"(Hey they attack us and you didn't have any Pokémon then because we were headed to Hoenn for the first time. If I didn't use it we would have been dead. You weren't exactly an Aura Prince back then)." Pikachu retorted.

"I know that, but I need you to control that power if we will ever use it in a Pokémon battle. I don't want other Pokémons getting accidently killed when you lost control over that ability." Ash said while looking at his partner.

Pikachu sigh, "(Yeah, I know that)." Pikachu sigh.

Looking at his Pikachu, Ash could tell that he was depressed. He knew that his Pikachu was disappointed that he has a powerful and unique ability but could not use it because of his lack of control. He knew that feeling because when he first trained (secretly) with his aura, his Aura Spheres always blow up in his face. He didn't even believe it himself when Arceus herself appeared before him and gave him the title Aura prince, the highest title for an Aura Guardian, considering how pathetic he was when he began his training. "Don't worry buddy, just remember how I became an Aura Prince, I was pathetic at first but here I am the youngest Aura Prince in the history." Ash said trying to boost Pikachu's morals.

That works because Pikachu began laughing hysterically. "(Yeah I remember that. Sir Aaron's Lucario always compliment you for having such a powerful aura but always scolded you because you lack control. He even beat you down once when your Aura Sphere exploded in both of your faces)." Pikachu said between his laughs.

Ash merely grunted while remembering how he became an Aura Guardian. It was during his travel to the Battle Frontier when they visited Cameran Palace (From the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew). It was suppose to be a normal visit until he, after winning the Pokémon competition there, awaken an old Lucario that was sealed in a staff. His life greatly changes after that.

When they were travelling tpwards the Tree of Beginning to save his Pikachu, Pikachu was 'kidnap' by Mew, (Sir Aaron's) Lucario approach him the very first night of their journey to the tree. He literally force him to train to become an Aura Guardian, he was against of it at first but after a barrage of Aura Spheres he was force to accept the Lucario's training. It turns out that he was a fast learner in becoming an Aura Guardian, he was able to grasp the basic of Aura in less than two days. His only problem was manipulating his Aura in a form of an attack, he had no problem in forming barriers with his Aura but he absolutely suck in using it in an attack, the reason was because his Aura was so powerful that it was hard to control that it would most likely blow-up on his face. He was able to overcome it after much practice and beating from his teacher but that was the last thing (Sir Aaron's) Lucario had thought him but before he 'died' he manage to gave him a Time flower which contains all the things he needs to complete his training. He trained using that time flower as his guide until he became an Aura Prince.

How he became an Aura Prince is another story.

"Yeah goodtime," Ash said sarcastically. "But at least I was able to master my ability."

"(That's a low blow, Ash)." Pikachu said in a low whisper.

"It's your fault; you should not remind me on how I got beaten to a pulp by my teacher." Ash said as he laughs at his partner.

"(Moving on, what will you teach Koyuki next if you go to one of your secret dates with her)?" Pikachu asked quickly changing the subject before he gets really embarrassed.

Ash allowed himself to smile brightly accompany with a faint blush. "It depends if I could barrow her for a day, if she will allow it. I can wait to kiss her again, I really miss her." Ash said with an excited tone. "But before I look forward to that, where here so let's start."

Truth to his word they had arrived to the centre of the forest. No one would see what they will do and no one will see their secret powers, perfect for a sparring.

"Shall we start Pikachu?" Ash said as his Pikachu jumped off his shoulder and walked to the other side of the field, creating a good distance from him and his friend.

"(Yes lets)." Pikachu said as his body began emitting black lightning. The black lightning began to uncontrollably strike its surrounding, destroying everything it hits with just contact.

"You still suck on controlling that power buddy, don't worry will change that soon enough." Ash said as his body began emitting a powerful Aura.

Let the sparring began.

(Scene Change)

Dawn was currently gazing at the clouds above the skies. It was truly a wonderful day yet she was thinking about one person, Ash. She didn't know when it started but it seems that she has fallen for her travelling companion and friend. She didn't know what she sees in him that made her unconsciously fall for him. She didn't know whether it's his good looks, his caring personality, or his attitude to help every single person who would need his help without anything in return. Whatever it is she has fallen. There is only one little problem.

The problem was he was totally clueless about romance (as far as she knew). She tried flirting with him several times during their journeys and it was either answered by him leaving or a stupid question being asked. If he didn't look so cute when being clueless she would have given up on him.

Even though he was clueless and probably has no romantic sense but she would not give up on him. She knew that with enough time she could make Ash fall for her like she had fallen for him. Dawn with a determine look she head back towards the Pokémon centre, planning on how to make Ash fall for her.

Unknown to her that the heart of the one she admire has already been claim.

(Scene Change)

A white haired girl has been walking for the longest of time to a certain destination; beside her was a pure white Lucario whom is equally excited as her. She knew where he, her prince, is. With every stop he makes he always made it a priority to tell her much to her where he is, she was much thankful for that because it made it easy to find him. She knew that because of their long distance relationship their time together was very limited, with him always moving to one place to another and with her career as an archaeologist, it was impossible for them to be together for a long time. But she didn't care and frankly he didn't either.

They didn't care that they could only see each other twice and if god forbids three times a month. They didn't care that they have to keep this a secret to their friends and family. They didn't care that there time together is very limited. They didn't even care that they are lying to their family and friend. The only thing that matter is that they love each other and will always be together.

'Soon Ash I'll be there.' The white haired girl thought with a smile. 'I can't wait to see and kiss you again.'

(Scene Change)

If there was one word to describe the field where Ash and Pikachu spar, it would be wasteland. The trees were decimated. The land has several scorch marked that the bolts of lightning left. It also had circular craters, which was seven foot deep. All in all the land was completely annihilated, like there was a strong storm that when through it. In the middle of the war-torn field laid the two individuals that cause the destruction. They were panting heavily as they try to recover from their injuries.

"You are getting better on controlling the dark spark." Ash complimented, the dark spark is what Ash called his Pikachu's especial ability.

"(You are getting good with those aura attacks as well but I shouldn't be to shocked you are an Aura Prince)." Pikachu said trying to catch his breaths. If Ash took the sparring seriously he would have been knocked out sooner in the fight.

"The first Aura Prince in the last hundred years I may add." Ash said with so much pride that it was bordering to arrogant.

"(Don't be arrogant, Ash)." Pikachu scolded his 'brother'.

"I'm not arrogant, just proud." Ash exclaim. "If I'm arrogant I wouldn't have her." Ash added softly.

"(Yeah you're right)." Pikachu admitted. "(Is it wise for us to hide so many secrets to our friend)?"

"No, but I promise her that I would not tell anyone about our relationship until we can end our long distant relationship and start a normal relationship. Ash said sadly.

"I'm starting to think that that would not happen." Ash added sadly.

"(It would happen someday. Faith and destiny is in yours and hers side. "(If it's not then you and her would have only met once)." Pikachu said trying to comfort his 'brother'.

"Yeah, you're right buddy." Ash said as he stood up, his Aura has finish healing his wounds from the sparring match against his Pikachu. He then look at his partner and began healing him with Aura as well. It only took a minute to completely heal Pikachu to full strength.

"Come on Pikachu lets go back to the Pokémon-centre. Brock and Dawn may be worry of us." Ash said giving Pikachu the signal to jump to his shoulder which he comply, he was still rather tired from their training even if his injuries are heal. With Pikachu at his shoulder he heads back towards the Pokémon-Centre.

(Scene Change)

"Where is he?" Dawn practically yelled. She has been walking back forth because of Ash (her crush). It has been several hours since Ash left for his walk and he still doesn't arrive to the Pokémon-Centre. She has been so jumpy that anyone whom had bothered her had receive a hit in the head.

Brock, her Piplup, and Ash's Pokémons look at her like she was crazy, especially Brock. This was not the first time that Ash had disappeared for hours; Brock could remember when they began travelling through the Kanto Battle Frontier Ash sometimes, twice a month, disappears for hours sometimes half a day and he always comes back with a large smile on his face and a bright mood that no one could break. It was strange but Brock had become accustom of it.

Brock became so irritated of Dawn that he was on the verged of yelling himself but restrained himself for now. "Dawn would you come down, Ash had disappeared for hours before and he always comes back happy in a strange way. Maybe it's that time of the month again." Brock said trying to calm his worried friend.

Dawn look at Brock with a grim expression, which scarred Brock a bit, and said in a frantic tone. "It's not that time of the month, Brock. He always smiles brightly at us and he always said that he would be gone for a while then run off. He didn't do that when he disappeared." Dawn's worried expression multiply ten folds after remembering that, Brock merely look at her funny.

'She must have like Ash a lot to remember that step-by-step.' Brock thought knowingly.

Dawn was about to whine when a voice cut her off. "Hey Brock, hey Dawn, is dinner ready?" A voice asked.

They looked at the source of the voice only to see Ash and Pikachu whom was covered with dirt. "What is there something on my face?" Ash asked which cause his friends, his Pokémons, and even Pikachu to face fault.

(Scene Change)

"Thank you for letting me used your stove ma'am. I hope I wasn't too much of a trouble" A white haired girl said to the owner of the restaurant. She had finally finish the favourite meal of her prince which was being carried by his and hers Lucario, she could already feel the annoyance of the Lucario beside her; she was a warrior not a picnic basket carrier.

"You're no trouble at all little lady thanks to your Lucario, which is very beautiful I may add, my restaurant was full for the first time this month." She said patting the head of the pure white Lucario, much the Lucario's annoyance. "Are you sure you don't want to stay fro the night?"

"Thanks for the offer but I really have to go. I'm meeting someone very special to me." She said with a light blush on her beautiful face.

The woman looks at her with a knowing smile. "This boy that you are going to meet, you love him do you?" The woman smile got a lot bigger when she notice that the white her girl's blush intensified. "Don't worry young lady, that the same face I made when I have a date with my husband when we were young, good times. You should go little miss; you don't want to keep your prince waiting." She said with a small giggle.

'Yeah I don't want to make my Aura Prince waiting.' She thought. "Thanks again ma'am. Koyuki lets go and meet my prince and your 'father'." She said as she run-off, Koyuki hurriedly followed her 'mother', trying not to spill the food that her 'mother' had prepared for her, her 'uncle' Pikachu, and for her 'father'.

(Scene Change)

Ash was gazing at the star filled skies and the white moon which was at the centre of the night sky. It was beautiful and it reminds him of his secret girlfriend. Both of them love staring at the night sky whenever they met during the night, if faith allows it. He really misses her so much.

'You should have let me quit back then. I would give everything to be with you, holding you as we gaze upon the endless skies.' Ash thought sadly. He really wanted to hold her so much.

Ash's train of thoughts stopped when he heard his cell phone, his secret cell phone that she gave him in order for them to have contact with each other anytime they want, rang. Ash's heart literally did a back flip, she was here and waiting for him. He dash towards his bed and took the cell phone from the secret compartment of his travelling bag and read the text message, she always sends him text messages if she was the one whom prepare their date.

Meet me at Lake Acuity tonight, my prince. Bring some blanket please :)

The message was brief but he got the message loud and as clear. He quickly pick up his back and took some blankets and horridly but neatly stuffed it to his bags. He then grab a musical instrument, the only musical instrument that he could play really, really, magnificently, that she love listening too and put it inside his travelling bag as well. "Hey Pikachu get up she's here." Ash said in a cheerful tone.

"(I know, I could feel your aura became excited when you read that text message)." Pikachu said as he jumped to his brother's shoulder.

"Yeah let's go." Ash said as he run off out his room. He run as fast as possible towards the exit of the Pokémon-centre, and with the use of his aura enhance movements he manage to dodge, gracefully I may add, all the people whom he had almost collided with, it was a miracle that Pikachu manage to hold-on to Ash's shoulder.

Dawn and Brock was walking towards Ash's room and was about to tell him than dinner was ready but they were stop from their tracks when they saw Ash running towards them. They almost panicked because he was on the verged of crashing to them but Ash spins 3600 degrees completely missing them and sidestepping them. He then continued his dash until he was at the door.

"Hey Ash where are you going?" Dawn yelled her question.

Ash merely looks at her and Brock and flash them a wide and bright smile. "Don't expect me to return for the night. I'm going somewhere." Ash then continued his dash, disappearing from their sight.

After a moment of silence Brock spoke up. "It's that time of the month again." Brock said in a sigh.

"I guess it is." Dawn said sadly.

(Scene Change)

She has been gazing upon the stars for quite some time, waiting for his prince. She gazes to the tree next to her to see the picnic basket lying next to Koyuki whom was sleeping peacefully, she giggle at her. She was equally excited as her to see her 'father' again and show of her strength. She then reverts back on star gazing knowing that her prince near and coming.

"You know you could have told me earlier that you are coming, I could have dressed up more appropriately for a date with the most beautiful girl in this planet." A gentle voice said behind her.

She looked at her back and smile at the sight before her. He was here, her prince, was here. He was panting and his Pikachu was barely hanging on from his shoulder, a sign that he run off the moment that he had receive her text message. She smiled beautifully at him.

"That would have ruined my surprise, Ash." She said as she runs towards him.

Pikachu seeing the action of his brother's 'mate' quickly jump off from his shoulder to the ground knowing that his 'brother' would run off to embrace his 'mate'.

Truth to his word, the moment that he landed to the ground, Ash quickly run towards her wrapping his two arms to his beloved and filling the embrace with so much love and passion that if someone would have seen it, they would actually feel the passion and the love in the air. The girl as well returns the embrace with as much passion and love as her prince gave her.

"I miss you so much, My Aura Prince, My Ashura, My Ash." She said looking directly at his deep brown eyes. Ash could feel that she could read him like a book when she's looking at his eyes and him vice-versa. With one look he could tell what she wants and who is he to deny her, her angel.

"I miss you two, My white haired angel, My Elena." Ash said to her with so much longing that it made her heart cracked and jump for joy.

Without another word they kiss, forgetting the world that surrounds them. They didn't care about that for now; the only thing that matters is that they are together.