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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.

"Your late," Via hissed as she narrowed her eyes at Ricardo.

"I never thought you cared about my social life." Ricardo replied calmly.

"You don't have a social life." Via hissed in irritation.

"I beg to differ," Ricardo argued as they entered the VIP room that was occupied by Mr. Goodshow and one member of the Sinnoh Elite Four and the Sinnoh Champion as well as the Johto Champion. "If I remember correctly, I have a wife and a daughter." Ricardo reminded her, a smile forming on his lips at the thought of his beloved family.

"How did you convince your wife to marry you again, because I cannot even imagine how you could have a decent love life, or a decent family?" Thought she tried to ignore him for most of their force partnership, she cannot help but notice that he has a very happy family, regardless if he spends 24/7 in his office for the majority of the month.

Ricardo chuckled at this as he took his sit. "I, unlike you, know when to quit and when to fight." Ricardo answered her with a casual tone.

Via scoffed at that, knowing what Ricardo was referring to. "I love him, and nothing you say can change that fact." Via proclaimed.

Ricardo didn't ask any questions after that. He knew that their young master, the man who gave them a life, already has someone in his life; still, even though she knows that, she refuses to give up. Some would say that certain trait was admirable, for him and for the young mistress, that trait of her is an eyesore and so damn annoying. Hell, the only reason why the young mistress has yet to fire her is because her skills in the Stock Market and in negotiation is so good that losing her would cause Ash's company millions or even billions, something that Elena cannot have in her conscious. Her love for Ash surpasses her deep and undying hatred towards Via, something that she and Via have in common.

"By the way, where is young master?" Via asked quietly as the Pokémon Contest began. Via and Ricardo tried ignored the random ramblings of the MC.

"He is taking care of some personal business." Ricardo answered swiftly. Via did not know Ash's life as an Aura Prince, unlike him, and he was hell bent of making sure that it stays that way.

Via's eyes darken at that. "Does that mean that witch is with him?" Via asked as she gritted her teeth in anger. She still cannot accept the fact that she lost the most wonderful Prince to that white haired brat.

Ricardo allowed himself to smile as he leaned on his chair. He cannot wait for Elena to perform. "It is quite amusing what the young mistress would do just to prove her love for the young master." Ricardo muttered as he made himself comfortable in his chair. "I do wonder how come the young master has problems with his already perfect love life."

(Scene Change)

Jane, or J to those who hates her, cannot believe how wonderful her sister's life had become in the last three years. Her sister was currently dating a man that can be consider a prince, the said prince was treating her like a Goddess every time they are together, and not to mention, her sister was the co-owner of one of the most successful company in the five regions, which means she's pretty much loaded and set for life.

"I hate it when Ricardo goes overboard." Elena sighed as Koyuki poured her and Jane a glass of wine. The two were currently inside of a private room, filled with expensive drinks and high class food. There was also a large TV in the room, which Elena uses to watch her two rivals performance. "To think, my Ash wasted his valuable time teaching those two how to become adequate in their careers." Elena grumbled under her breath, annoyance evident in her voice.

Jane was startled by this; she had never seen her sister hate someone so much, although, she did understand her hatred towards that woman that works for her and Ash. That woman needs to learn how to not touch someone who doesn't belong to her. "You know, if you want, I can get rid of those annoyances." Jane offered with an understanding tone.

"Don't bother," Elena grumbled before a fond smile grace her lips. "I love him; I love Ash so much that I can endure fending off all of those who admire him." Elena commented with a determine tone.

Jane actually snorted at that. "Come on now sis, I already know that." She replied with an amused tone. "But still, you're a woman and having to watch so many girls fighting for your man, it must be painful." Jane said solemnly while Elena chuckle bitterly.

"It is painful; believe it or not, it is painful to watch girls fighting over my beloved like he is some kind of prize to be won." Elena then drank her wine glass empty before continuing. "I know that he cannot help the way he acts towards other people and he is rather irresistible, he possesses all the traits a woman would love to see in a man. He is handsome, noble, smart…" Elena began to list all of the lovable traits that her Ash possesses much to Jane's discomfort.

After a minute of hearing all those compliments that her sister was giving her boyfriend, Jane desperately covered her sister's mouth with one of her hands. "Ok, I get it, I get it, your guy is amazing, no need to rub it in." Jane groaned much to Elena's amusement. "But you still hadn't answered my question, how could you stomach those girls eyeing your man, and while you're at it, can you tell me how you could sleep at night when the person that you love so much is so far away from you with a girl travelling with him?" Elena's smile faltered a bit as she gave her sister a very sincere glance.

"Did I ever tell you the time when I almost lost my chance of being his lover?" Elena asked, earning her the complete attention of her sister, who thought that her sister and her boyfriend were already deeply in love when they first lay their eyes at each other. "I spend six months of my first vacation spending as much time with him as possible, mind you, those times I spent with him were few and not that long, but still, those times I spent falling in love with him are memories that would be forever be engrave in my heart and memories." Elena began fondly.

"Every time I look in his eyes, I can see a life, a happy life with him. Every time I'm with him, he treats me like a Goddess; you have no idea how happy I am in those six months." A sad expression crossed her face as she fought back the tears that threaten to fall. "In my last days with him, I almost throw my opportunity away." That startled Jane a bit, she almost thrown away the most ideal man in the planet. This she has to hear.

"When my vacation nears its end, I became afraid, I was afraid that he would forget me, I was afraid of losing the bond that we made, I was afraid at the thought of him being with another woman. I've realize that I have already fallen for him, how hard, I didn't know, but I did know one thing, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him, and I almost ruined it." Elena then thought of the day that she had almost lost the current paradise that she was currently enjoying. "A week before my return, at the end of the Hoenn League, I slept in the same bed WITH Ash. He was embracing me (Jane almost fell off her chair when she heard that before screaming "YOU WHAT" and was promptly ignored), having him hold me so close was an amazing experience but it was almost a nightmare for me. All my fears surging through my body as the warmth that Ash's embrace was giving me. I love my job and I was foolish to think that I love my profession more than I love Ash, I was stupid enough to think that because of our different profession that we cannot be together." Elena, to her sister's surprise, threw the wine glass at the wall, shattering the glass on impact.

"Because of my foolishness and my lack of courage, I almost lost my paradise." Elena shivered in dread at that. "I ran and ran like a coward for days, I ran from Ash, and you have no idea how much I hurt myself and him by doing that. I broke his heart and I shattered mine, I left him without even saying so much as a goodbye. By doing that, I should have earned his hatred." Elena then suddenly smiled. "The eve before my schedule arrival in South Light, I visited the first place where I and Ash met, the place where our eyes first met." Elena closed her eyes as a tear fell from the corner of her eyes before retelling the story of their first kiss to her eager sister.


Elena didn't know why she ended up here, the very place that she and Ash first meet, but she couldn't bring herself to care.

"This is where Ash saved me." Elena whispered as she gazed at the lake where she and Ash first met. She didn't noticed someone walking behind her until the said person was a mere feet away from her.

"You know, I don't know whether to be glad to see you or slap you for leaving without even saying a simple goodbye." A familiar tone exclaimed as Elena's eyes widen as she look behind her only to see Ash smiling at her, tears slowly falling from his eyes. "Do you have any idea how tired Koyuki is for tracking your Aura all the way from Hoenn? Trust me, it isn't easy." Ash stated humorously but Elena could clearly see the sadness in his eyes.

"Ash…" That was all Elena could say before Ash pulled her into a deep kiss. Elena instantly went numbed as all her senses vanished before feeling pleasure she never felt before surged throughout her body. Ash, seeing that she had yet to push him off her, deepened the kiss by wrapping both of his arms around her waist and pulling her closer to him. That was all Elena could take as she wrapped her arms around Ash's head, deepening the kiss even more.

The two kiss for what seems like hours as the need for air finally overcame them and force them to part. The two gazed at each other, both having identical blushes on their face, their hold on each other not even wavering for a second.

Ash was to first to recover as he spoke to her with a tender tone. "One, don't ever leave me in bed ever again, two, if you're going to say goodbye, give me a favor and don't and lastly," Ash gave her a chaste kiss on the lips as he gazed at her eyes lovingly. "I love you, I love you so much so please don't ever say goodbye and don't you ever leave me." Ash told her and at that time, time itself stopped as the world around them vanished.

(End of Flashback)

"At that time, I've realize something. I've realize that I found love, that all my fears, doubts and concerns faded away just by him being beside me, and that no matter what the world holds, nothing will matter so long that I have him by my side." Elena said with a blissful smile. "As for the fear of losing him, I have long abandoned that thought. Ash and I share a bond so special, so deep, so sincere, and so intimate that it is impossible for someone or something to break it. I share that special and unbreakable bond with him alone." Elena said proudly before standing up.

"Those girls that travelled with him, they think that they know him better, they think that they deserve him and they think that they could take him away from me but they are sadly mistaken. It's time for me to shatter those dreams and to show them that there is only one woman that can be with Ash, and that woman is me." Elena stated with conviction as she walked pass her sister, Koyuki and Pikachu following her.

Coincidentally, her name was called just in time for Ash's arrival in the arena.

(Scene Change) (Elena P.O.V)

I took a couple of deep breaths, regardless of my unwavering confidence when I confronted those two nitwits; I never had participated in a Pokémon Contest before. Sure, I know how a Pokémon Contest works, my genius of a sister had force me to watch some of her performances which were all brilliant.

"I had got to thank her someday for that." I mumbled under my breath as Koyuki looked excited besides me while my beloved's Pikachu look at me in concern. "What?" I asked the little powerhouse on my shoulder with a bewildered look.

"(Who are you going to use)?" Pikachu asked me in a whisper. "(If you're going to base it on experience, I'm the better choice because I have been entered in a couple of contest before, but if you want to use a wide range of dazzling moves, I suggest you use Koyuki)." I chuckled at this as the platform below me began to rise.

"I'll use Koyuki." I told Pikachu as I patted my 'daughter' in the head. "Last I check, she perfected a move that Ash taught her just a month ago, I want to see if it could be use in a battle." I smiled at that thought, I know that my performance might not be as beautiful as those season Coordinators who had entered this kind of competition more than a hundred times but I know that with that move, I can at least enter the battle round. That opportunity is all I need to get my hands on those two.

"Ladies and gentlemen," My musing was cut short when I heard the voice of the MC, Nurse Joy. It's time. "Please welcome, the last contestant for the day, Elena Koshi." When my name was announced in the arena and as I appeared in the field, I was startled when I heard a loud ovation. This experience was new to me because I was never the popular one. My sister, Sarah, is used to the spotlight, being a genius in this profession while the less said about my other sister's profession the better.

I could hear Pikachu groaning in my shoulder. "(If Ash is present right now, he would murder every male in this arena)." I find that easy to believe as I could feel the leers that the men in the arena were giving me. The Kimono that I am wearing may not be revealing but it does show my figure to the leering eyes of the public. My only solace of revealing myself like this is the fact that I can finally beat two out of three girls that has been crushing on my lover for a long time.

"Let's get this over with. Koyuki take the field." I commanded as elegantly as I can. Koyuki nodded as she jumped onto the field. I could hear the screams of the crowd, it seems that they expect a lot of things from me because of the victory I had over the Sinnoh and Kanto Champion with Ash. Well, they are lucky that Koyuki and I never disappoints. "Koyuki, let's start this off with Aura Crystal." I ordered quietly so that only Koyuki and Pikachu could hear me.

Koyuki smirked as her entire body illuminated with white Aura, much to the awe of the crowd. For me and for Ash, this is a normal occurrence so I merely watch my beloved Koyuki perform the technique that she had been working on for three months.

The bright glow of white light lasted for only fifteen seconds as the enormous burst of white light was compress into a sphere. Koyuki, instead of throwing the crystal-like sphere, shoved it to the ground beneath her. I smiled as the crowd became silent, they did not expect my Koyuki to waste such a beautiful Aura Sphere. I would have laughed, that sphere was not an Aura Sphere.

The field shook a bit; much to the crowd's surprised. I smirked as I took a single step back. "Do it," I whispered under my breath. As I said those words, five gigantic pillars of white-colored crystals rose from the ground. The pillars were at least 5 meters high, and I would bet all the money on my bank account that Ash made for me behind my bank (Last I check, the total cash in my bank account is 45,788,976,491) that the crystals that Koyuki made with her Aura is the finest quality crystals most of the people present here had ever seen.

Too bad I have to shatter those beautiful crystals for my performance. "Koyuki, shatter the crystals." I commanded with a waved of my hand. Koyuki smiled as she clapped her paws. The effect was instantaneous as the five crystal pillars shattered into dust. While the crystal dusts are supposedly too small to be seen normally, they reflect light in such a way as to appear as white colored rose petals. The countless rose petals began to fly everywhere, covering the entire arena in a breathless display of elegance and beauty.

"A-A-A-Amazing, ladies and gentlemen, can you believe this?" I can her Nurse Joy asked in a disbelieving tone. "Five beautiful crystals suddenly rose from the ground, and-and-and...; I cannot find any words to describe this magnificent sight." She exclaimed as she touched one of the white rose petals that came near her, I shook my head as her hand merely phase through the rose petal. Only Aura Practitioners could touch those petals.

I recalled Koyuki and turned my back on the crowd. I am already finished with my performance; I have no more to show for my appeal. As I head to the locker room, the crowd erupted with a loud applaud and an even louder cheer, but I did not care for that. The only applaud I care about was coming from the person across me, hidden behind a thin layer of Moonlight Element, which is in the form a mirror.

Normally I can't see him but because of our special bond, even if he uses his strongest mirror now, I can see him.

As I step out of the crowd's sight, I felt strong arms around me and the face of the most beautiful man I know appeared in front of me, the sound of something shattering was in the background.

Ash smiled at me as Pikachu jumped off my shoulder. Just in time because Ash capture my lips into a deep kiss. As passion took over my body, I cannot help but think that I am currently the luckiest woman in the world.

(Scene Change)

"Now that, that was good." Max mumbled in awe as he tried to touch the white rose-petals that were scattered all around.

"It's not that good." Misty muttered darkly as she tried to swat the white rose petals that were touching her.

"I don't know what you were watching, Misty, but that was the best performance I've ever seen in a Pokémon Contest, ever and I have seen a lot of performances." Gary commented, impress and awestruck at Elena's performance, completely ignoring that hateful glare that Misty was giving him.

"How did she do that, summoning crystals with Aura?" Brock asked suddenly, amazement written all over his face.

"We don't know." Karen answered, impressed at her best friends performance."But damn, that was so cool." Karen commented and Michael and Neil nodded in agreement.

Sarah looked curious before smiling. "Those crystals that Koyuki summoned were Aura Crystals, right?" Sarah guessed as she gazed at Adan expectantly.

Natasha, who analyzed those crystals from a far, nodded slowly. "I think so but I need samples to really make sure." Natasha muttered in excitement.

"We already have samples, remember." Adan whispered to his long time colleague.

"We already know there Aura Crystals, considering the person who gave it to us is a certified Aura Prince. That, on the other hand, is intriguing. If our research is correct, there has been no Pokémon capable of creating Aura Crystals in recorded history." Natasha said with an interested tone.

"What's an Aura Crystal?" Max asked eavesdropping on their conversation.

Natasha looked at Max for a moment before smiling. "Aura Crystal is the pinnacle weapon of Aura Practitioners. According to records that we have gathered through the years, Aura Crystal is the preferred weapon of every high level Aura Practitioners, better than any weapon crafted in the olden days. The main purpose of Aura Crystal is that they are the catalyst for Aura Practitioners to summon there elemental affinity." Natasha explained carefully.

Gary and Brock suddenly had a look of realization dawning on their face. "How powerful are these Aura Elements?" Brock asked in an uneasy tone.

"According to records, the Aura Elements of Aura Knights and Aura Sages can be compared to the power output of minor legends; on the other hand, the Aura Elements of an Aura Prince is comparable to the power of Legends like Lugia, Rayquaza, Ho-oh, etc." Natasha answered and both Gary and Brock paled at that.

"How powerful is Ash then?" Gary wondered, loud enough for Adan to hear.

"I asked Elena that question, I didn't get a clear answer but according to her, Ash is capable of leveling a mountain without even trying." Adan answered quietly. "Personally, I don't believe it but, historical records don't lie and there are records stating that Aura Princes are capable of demolishing small islands at the highest output of their power." Adan exclaimed silently, remembering his thesis during his final year in college. Those were the days.

Gary and Brock glanced at each other at that. "Do you think those text are exaggerating?" Gary asked Brock as a hand suddenly patted their shoulder.

"Unfortunately, no, those texts are not exaggerating." A familiar voice stated as he appeared a sit behind them. "Apparently, last I check, I'm good enough to be Arceus' sparring partner in a daily basis." Ash told them as he took the vacant sit besides Brock.

"ASHY," Sarah shouted in enthusiasm as she tried to give him a hug but stopped when she felt something pinning her to the ground. It was not a physical or psychic force, two forces that she had experience before, but something else, something more terrifying. She may not show it, but eternally, she was slightly intrigued and terrified by the unknown force that was preventing her from showing her admiration to the only male that was actually worth a damn.

"So how did May and Dawn fair?" Ash asked in curiosity but there was a certain edge in his voice.

"They did well; May used her Glaceon while Dawn used her Buneary." Brock informed him, noticing that Ash was a bit off, which was unusually because every time he's with Elena, he is usually in a good mood.

"Cool, and looks like Elena will have her wish." Ash said with a fond smile as he glanced at the match-up. Elena, Dawn, and May were all in the final sixteen, together with several faces that he recognized. The first match is Elena against Dawn. "Now this is going to be interesting, I wonder how long Dawn will last. Any bets?" Ash commented with a small chuckle.

"WHAT?" Misty asked in near outrage. "You mean to tell me that you have more confidence in that girl's ability than your friends."

"Yes," The bluntness of Ash's reply caught her off guard. "May and Dawn, even you, I witness you guys grow to become wonderful trainers and coordinators, but I know Elena, more so than any of you here. Considering Elena's skills, she can run circles around most of the trainers I've seen in my journey and that include you, Brock, Gary, most of my rivals, and half the gym leaders I fought with throughout my careers." Ash stated firmly, an excited smile plastered on his lips.

"That pretty much defines Elena's talents." Sarah agreed with a proud smile.

Adan smiled a bit before leaning close to his nephew. "Aren't you supposed to be in Elena's corner?" Adan inquired silently.

"I wish but Elena told me to watch together with the crowd. She said I should show neutrality." Ash muttered in annoyance. "Like that is a possibility for me when it comes to her." Ash added with a small chuckle.

(Scene Change)

Elena and Dawn stared at each other in their respective sides of the field. Elena had a calm yet confident smile on her face while Dawn was growling at her.

"Get ready to lose." Dawn declared as grasped one of her poke ball tightly.

Elena shook her head before glancing at her two favorite Pokémons. "Koyuki, Pikachu, I am not going to use you two, so sit back and relax." Elena told them while playing with a poke ball.

"(You're going to use her)?" Pikachu asked as he and Koyuki took a couple of steps back.

"Yes," Was Elena's answered as she went into a trance like state, an emotionless smile suddenly adorning her beautiful face.

(Scene Change)

"Next time you guys ask where I picked up that Psycho smile when I'm battling all out, think of that smile on Elena's face right now." Ash said suddenly as he shook in excitement. "Without all my experience, Elena is better than me in battling and that smile, the beautiful yet terrifying smile is the proof of it."

(Scene Change)

There are several things that would force Dawn to shiver and cower in fear. Ash's Psycho smile when he battles in a way that is so unlike him is one and the new addition of those things that would frighten her to the core was that smile on that girl's face. It was emotionless yet it felt like she was being eyed, measured by some kind of demon. Those pale blue eyes that Ash was so fond off were similar to the eyes of a hunter, a hungry hunter who was now ready to devour a prey. Those eyes, those eyes frightened Dawn.

Elena's sudden change unnerved her so much that she did not heard Nurse Joy's announcement to begin until her opponent threw a Poke ball towards the field. She mirrored that movement, not bothering to do her usual style of calling for her Pokémons.

In her side of the field, her Mamoswine stood proudly, ready to battle.

In her opponents side of the field, and this surprised her as well as the crowd, was a rainbow colored Milotic. It was breathtakingly beautiful.

"Wow, I've never seen such a beautiful Pokémon in my life." Nurse Joy shouted through her microphone, completely mesmerized by the colorful Milotic.

(Scene Change)

In the stands, Sarah was giddy, and a giddy Sarah is a dangerous Sarah.

"Okay, why didn't I know of that Pokémons existence and Elena's ownership of it?" Sarah asked as a dark aura of death suddenly surrounded her, and Ash was impressed. It took him three months to summon that kind of aura around him.

Those who knew her shifted in their sits a bit while those who felt her Aura became terrified for some unknown reason. Ash, taking pity on them, answered her. "I gave it to her." Ash answered, and at those words, everyone look at him. "That Milotic's name is Pluvia, I gave it to her during the Twinleaf festival. Ask Brock and Gary, or Uncle and Natasha, they will confirm it." Ash added as Sarah suddenly appeared mere inches from his face, a cute pout plastered on her face. That made Ash uneasy as he slowly pushed her away.

"Why do you give that girl special treatment, Ash?" Misty asked through gritted teeth.

Ash spared his first female companion a critical eye, his face not giving off any emotion. "Do you really want me to answer that, Misty?" Ash asked her with a sharp tone.

Misty did not waste her breath in answering. She knew that Ash already knows her answer. 'I hate her.' Misty thought with a glare.

(Scene Change)

Elena could only watch in satisfaction as most of the people present were at awe at her Milotic, one of Ash's gifts to her. "Hey, Dawn, shall we end this. We only have five minutes and you already waster ten seconds gawking at my Pluvia." Elena taunted as Dawn was brought back to reality, already growling at Elena.

"Mamoswine, Take Down." Dawn ordered as the twin tusk Pokemon charged at Pluvia, a golden Aura wrapping itself around him.

Elena shook her head; a straightforward attack would only work against her if the opponent has sufficient speed and force. "Pluvia, Surf." Pluvia nodded as she summoned a wave of water. Using the wave of water, Pluvia quickly maneuvered gracefully around her opponent before blasting him with a well aimed Dragon Pulse. With Pluvia's graceful movement and a quick fire of a strong attack, Dawn lost a significant amount of points.

Dawn noticed that and quickly took things seriously. "Mamoswine, Ice Armor." Dawn ordered as an Ice Shard formed between Mamoswine's tusks. The twin tusk Pokemon quickly swallowed the Ice Shard, causing ice spikes to burst on his back. Elena's lack of movement to that move caused her a few points.

"Now, Hidden Power," Light blue circles spiral around the tusks of Mamoswine before being fired towards Pluvia.

"Pluvia, fly," Elena ordered casually, Pluvia used Surf once again to propel her to the sky, avoiding the attack. "Water Pulse, then Ice Beam." Pluvia opened her mouth and fired a sphere of water towards Mamoswine before firing a beam of ice at the Water Pulse, creating a massive Ice Ball.

"Mamoswine, Ancient Power," Dawn ordered frantically. Mamoswine fired a silver ball towards the Ice ball, cancelling the attack but the shrapnel of the ice ball rain down on Mamoswine, causing him minor damage.

"Surf and Ice Beam," Elena commanded casually. Pluvia did as that as she once again summoned a waved of water. This time, Pluvia descended down from the sky, covering Mamoswine in a sheet of water before firing an Ice Beam. The Ice Beam did its job as Mamoswine was now covered in a large block of ice. Before Dawn could let out an order, Elena snapped her fingers. Pluvia instantly fired a Hyper Beam at the immobilized Pokémon, shattering the Ice that was containing him. The beam was able to directly hit Mamoswine and the debris of ice also added to the damaged that the twin tusk Pokémon received, thus, resulting in a knock out.

There was a loud buzzing sound as Pluvia floated 10cm from the ground while Dawn was busy tending to his fallen Pokémon. "(One minute, three seconds, she lasted that long)." Pikachu informed her as Elena returned Pluvia to her Poke ball.

(Scene Change)

"She trained Pluvia well." Ash observed with a grin.

"Can't believe you give her that beautiful Milotic." Misty muttered under her breath.

Ash sighed again before smiling. "If I'm going to be honest with you, Koyuki and Pluvia is not the only Pokémon I've gave her. Remember my Gengar, she trained her for me, in exchange of me teaching Koyuki some Aura techniques." Ash told the group with a small smile.

Karen could not help but looked Ash in a funny manner. "You know, can you just marry Elena and be done with it."Karen muttered, earning her a look from her brother and boyfriend. "What?" Karen asked, startled by the looks that she was receiving.

"Elena's too young to think of marriage." Neil told his little sister.

Karen cannot help but snort at that. "Have you been seeing what I have been seeing this week?" Karen asked her brother with an exasperated tone. "This guy (point at Ash) and Elena are meant to be together, only morons like Justin and that girl (pointing at Misty) and the rest of her lot won't admit it." Karen exclaimed silently as Ash smiled at her in appreciation. At least he won over his lover's best friend.

(Scene Change)

The next seven battles went on without a hitch and the final eight was decided quickly. The second round was set, and the first battle was Elena against, and she cannot believe her luck, Drew.

"I'm sorry if I am not your ideal opponent." Drew apologies with a small bow his signature rose absent from his hands. He wasn't dumb enough to try and flirt with Elena, regardless of how beautiful she is; he respected Ash too much for him to do that.

Elena waved him off before sighing. "Regardless, let's just battle it out." Elena said as she threw her Poke ball towards the field, releasing her Scizor.

Drew nodded as he called out his Flygon. The two Pokemons instantly took the skies as they wait for the battle to begin.

Drew wasn't blind; he knew that Elena would have loved to battle May right now to settle her claim for Ash. The problem is, he was not a person to throw a contest away. 'Sorry girl, but I can't let you advance.' Drew thought as the buzzer signaling the start of the contest battle echoed in the arena.

"Sorry for this, Flygon, Sandstom then Aerial Ace." Drew ordered as his Flygon flap its wings, sending a tornado of sand towards Scizor. It then flew towards the tornado of sand, creating a sand dragon that was now flying towards its opponent.

Elena was not fazed. "Counter Shield," Elena ordered as her Scizor put its crab-like claws on its chest, before spinning rapidly, causing a dome of sand to surround it protectively. The two ground base attack was absorbed by the more powerful move, in this case, Scizor's counter shield, stunning Flygon and Drew for a moment.

Elena capitalized at that moment. "X-Scissor." An X shape projectile was suddenly fire from the dome of sand, hitting Flygon on the head. The attack did not have enough to damage Drew's Flygon significantly but the swift execution of the move was enough to rip a large amount of Drew's points.

"Pretty boy, here is some advised, wind-base attacks will get devour by a vacuum-base defensive move." Elena informed Drew casually. "By the way, Scizor, Razor Wind." A crescent shape wind blade was shot towards Flygon, blowing the Sandstorm that protected Scizor away.

"This girl should have been a trainer or a coordinator." Drew commented quietly. "Flygon dodge then counter." Flygon was able to dodge the fast moving projectile with a simple maneuver before unleashing a Flamethrower towards Scizor.

"Razor Wind," Elena ordered calmly. Scizor's claws glowed bright white as it swung its claw in a rising manner, instantly redirecting the flames away before taking full control of it. "Trivia, wind has the ability to redirect sand, clouds, dust, flames, and lightning." Elena exclaimed loudly as Scizor threw the flames back at Flygon. Again, Flygon avoided the attack but that elegant display cause Drew some points.

Drew groaned inwardly as he noticed his points rapidly decreasing while Elena's points were untouched. "I'm getting beat by an amateur." Drew muttered, slightly impress by Elena's skills. "That's it, time to take it up a notch, Flygon, charge in with Steel Wing." Drew ordered smoothly. His Flygon's wings glowed bright white as it flew towards Scizor with amazing speed.

"Scizor, use Metal Claw to catch Flygon." Elena ordered, a hundred scenarios running inside her head. Scizor's claws were suddenly surrounded by a silver light as it caught the flying dragon easily.

Drew was counting on that.

"Flygon, use Flamethrower at that distance." Drew ordered as Flygon opened its mouth to unleash a torrent of flames. Unfortunately for him, Elena was prepared for that.

"Protect," That single commanded was enough for Scizor to know what its mistress was thinking. Before the Flamethrower could be unleashed, it summoned a green force field on its right claw before shoving it on Flygon's mouth. The flames that Flygon was building suddenly exploded on its face. The result was horrendous as Flygon was shrouded with flames that were burning its body. Elena decided to put it out of its misery.

"Scizor, Hyper Beam." Elena ordered as she casually motion for her Scizor to end the match. Her Scizor nodded as it aim one of its claws at Flygon and fired a massive red beam at the burning dragon. The Hyper Beam extinguished the flames as well as slam Flygon to the grown, knocking it unconscious.

The battle was over at the time of two minutes, thirteen seconds.

(Scene Change)

"That girl is tough." Drew commented as he walked inside of the locker room, loosening his tuxedo before collapsing on a chair. "That was the worst beating I've received since that battle I had with Solidad when I was a kid." Drew commented with a dry chuckle.

"SHUT UP," Dawn yelled from her corner as she watch May battled Kenny. "How could you let that girl beat you?" Dawn hissed in irritation.

Drew did not want to deal with a jealous girl but, out of respect for Ash and for that girl, who defeated him, decided to just endure the whining of a silly girl. "Hey, you got beaten by her too and, unlike you, I lasted longer and I know how to deal with defeat." Drew said with a tired tone, yet a small smile was plastered on his face.

"But losing against an amateur, have you no shame?"

Drew narrowed his eyes a bit before shaking his head. "That girl is no amateur; you should know that as well. Calmly and flawlessly, she beat us with such grace that it makes me wonder why she didn't follow her sister's footsteps."

"A fluke, that victory over me was a fluke." Dawn muttered, grinding her teeth in anger. She cannot accept the fact that she was defeated so easily by that aggravating woman.

Drew let out a dejected sigh as he buried his face on the palm of his hand. "You like Ash too, huh." Dawn was taken back at that, and that was all Drew needed to confirm his suspicions. "Seriously, that guy, he is too irresistible for his own damn good, taking all the good looking girls. Even I'm not that good or cruel." Drew muttered under his breath as he leaned on his chair.

There was an intense silence between them as Drew gave Dawn a sharp look. "Give up on him, Dawn, he's way out of your league, it's not even funny." Drew exclaimed quietly as Dawn's glare became sharper.

"You have no right to say that." Dawn replied coolly.

"Your right about that and I really don't care if you go around acting like a fool around him, but out of pity, let me tell you this. It's clear as day, Ash is already taken and denying it is futile." Drew stated with a tired tone. He continued before Dawn could interrupt him. "You know, that girl that kick our asses, I've seen her for the first time a couple of days ago and I battled her today, and by that battle alone I can say this, Ash is damn lucky to have her, I can honestly say that I'm jealous of him." And with those words, Drew walk towards the exit, leaving a very angry and confused Dawn. As he stepped out of the room, he was surprise to see Ash leaning on a wall besides the door.

"Ash?" Drew mumbled under his breath before collapsing to the ground, a terrifying force suddenly forcing him to his knees.

"So, you figured it out, why am I not surprise." Ash said with a voice that sent shivers down Drew's spine. "Tell me, what gave it away?" Ash asked as politely as possible.

Drew didn't know why but it felt like the pressure that was pinning him to the ground became even heavier, yet, he was still able to answer Ash. "You treat that girl like she's your world, and she is possessive of you that she would actually enter something that is out of her expertise. That is what gave it away for me." Drew answered nervously before being slammed to the wall by some kind of force.

"Can I trust you to keep it a secret or do you want to die young?" Ash asked with a very malicious tone.

"I'll keep it a secret." Drew instantly answered as the invincible force that held him against his will suddenly vanish.

"Very good, I will let you live but if you say anything, I will bury you myself." Ash said casually as he walked past him.

Drew on the other hand tried to calm his breathing. What that hell happened?

(Scene Change)

Elena cannot help but smile in joy as she eyed her target with glee. "Finally, I can finally get this troublesome thing over with."

"Get ready to lose." Was May's only reply.

Elena chuckled at that as she played with her poke ball. "Before we begin, let me ask you something, do you hate me because Ash gives me special treatment, or because he actually sees me as a girl?" Elena asked seriously causing Pikachu to let out a sigh of exasperation. Elena's possessiveness was one of her few flaws.

May glared at her as she threw her Poke ball towards the field. "I don't need to answer you." May hissed in anger as her Blaziken stood in front of her.

"I see, very well then. Let's just have a battle." Elena said casually as she summoned one of her favorite Pokémon, her Metagross.

"Are joking me, fighting my Blaziken with a steel type is suicide." May taunted with a superior smirk.

Elena was not fazed by that. "I only use Steel-type Pokémon, helps with the excavation." Elena casually stated.

The sound of the buzzer instantly alerted the two that their battle had now begun. "Blaziken, Overheat," May ordered as her Blaziken's body suddenly glowed light crimson before firing a devastating blast of fire.

"Psychic," Elena ordered as her Metagross slammed one of its legs to the ground, causing an enormous boulder to rise up in front of him. The large boulder exploded but it was able to block the powerful fire-base attack. "Now, use Hammer Arm," Metagross' legs glowed bright white as it once again slammed it to the ground, causing the ground to shatter and debris of rock to fly towards Blaziken.

"Dodge then use Fire Spin." Blaziken was able to dodge the debris with such amazing agility and by May's order, unleash spiraling flames towards Metagross.

"Block it with Psychic." Another boulder rose from the ground, only this time, the boulder was able to properly defend Metagross without shattering.

"Shatter that boulder with Focus Punch, now." May ordered as her Blaziken charged in towards the large boulder, one of Blaziken's fist glowing bright blue. With a single blow, the boulder shattered into pieces and caused the debris to rain down on Metagross.

Before the debris could hit Elena's Metagross, they were reduced to dust as a dome of light blue aura suddenly surrounded everything within forty yards radius of Metagross. "Petrify Blaziken," Elena ordered coolly as the dusts that were surrounding her Metagross flew towards the floating Blaziken, who was unfortunate enough to be within the range of the powerful Psychic. The dusts combined to form one, boulder size, spherical prison that covered Blaziken from every angle.

"Blaziken, try to escape, Overheat." May shouted but it was useless, the prison was preventing Blaziken from hearing anyone.

"I hate to do this, but, I have to end this battle in this manner. Metagross, Funeral." Elena ordered as she snapped her fingers. Metagross' eyes glowed maliciously as the spherical prison collapsed around Blaziken's body before crumbling to the ground. Blaziken fell to the ground, already unconscious.

Elena returned Metagross to its Poke ball before walking towards the locker room. As she exited the crowds' eyes, she smiles as she saw Ash waiting for her. Pikachu instantly jumped off her shoulder and jumped on Ash's shoulder.

"That was overkill." Ash commented with a small smile.

"I didn't use Empoleon and Salamence that alone is enough." Elena replied with a shrugged. "You told me not to break them; you didn't say anything about crushing them." Elena added as Ash wrapped his arms around her frame.

"Are you going to finish seeing this through or could I interest you in a comfortable bed?" Ash asked, already knowing her answer.

"Are you included in that offer?" Elena asked with a purr.

"Why of course, watching you battle is quite a turn on." Ash answered as he sexually nibbled on her ear.

Elena blush slightly before nodding. "I accomplished my goals, there is no point continuing this." Elena said as the two was slowly being absorbed by a large mirror.

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