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(Pikachu): Pokemon speaking there language which only there trainers could understand.

All good things must come to an end, Ash and Elena knew this better than anyone, and they've accepted it.

They knew, because of their different profession, the time they had together was very limited, painfully limited.

They love each other so much. The two of them cannot imagine a life without each other; they cannot even imagine holding another or being with another. For them, they belong in each other's arms, and they would stay there. They are at home in each other's arms, and that made them feel love in so many levels.

But still, the passion that they have for their dreams cannot be measured. Ash desired to be a Pokémon Master since he was a boy, and Elena desired to discover the past history of the world to honor the woman that gave her life. Both of them were determined to achieve their dreams, for themselves and for each other.

That is why they cannot be together, permanently. They love each other, and they are faithful to each other, but, for the sake of achieving their dreams, and for Ash, to fulfill his duty as an Aura Prince, they must go their separate ways for a while.

The week that they had together was the best week of their lives. For a span of one week, they had each other's undivided attention, and that brought them happiness beyond any comprehension.

As the week came to a close, the day were they had to separate nears once again, they did the one thing that show each other the unending love they have for each other.

The act that validated the love they have for each other.

They made love.

Lying naked together on their bed they fell into a slow, unhurried rhythm. Ash kissed Elena and squeezed her supple breasts as he thrust in and out of her.

"Ash," she panted happily. "I love you."

"I love you too Elena."

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his body pressing down on hers. She treasured the pulsing that was building in her towards a climax. This is what love feels like, she thought. This was their way of sharing the love they had for each other, the unending love and passion that they thrive on.

As she held her lover, her Ash, tightly, she cannot help but remember the feelings and emotions that she felt when she met the love of her life.

It was strange, she thought to herself. She could still remember what kind of girl she was before she met Ash. She was a shy, indecisive girl who felt alone and cut off from everyone. It is true that she has loving sisters, a loving surrogate father (Adan) and an equally loving surrogate mother, friends that shared her interest, and a father that was determine to earn her love, but for her, it wasn't enough, and that made her feel bad.

When she was young, seven years of age, she felt that her sisters, the two that used to be the most important people in her life, drift away from her. She understands why though, Sarah wanted to be known and acknowledge by everyone and she has so much thirst for knowledge, with training skills unmatched by anyone while her elder sister, Jane, could not escape the life that she entered, the life that she entered so that her siblings could have a better life.

Elena on the other hand, she did not share the interest of her elder sisters. She may be a good trainer, but she did not want to follow the footsteps of Sarah, and Jane always discourage her in following her path, with good reasons.

So Elena did the one thing that everybody that knew her mother expected from her, she became an archeologist to finish her mother's work, and she did not regret it one bit. Like her mother, she enjoyed history, she enjoyed discovering the unknown, and she enjoyed the mystery that the past offers.

She buried herself in her study, and in her work, determined to fulfill the dreams of her late mother.

The dreams of the mother became the dreams of the daughter.

And because of her relentless pursuit and determination as an archeologist, she gained friends; she gained the favor of her father, and she felt connected to her late mother.

She thought to herself that what she had was enough, and for most part, it was.

Then she met the most wonderful young man who had captured her heart the moment he had held her.

Love at first sight was very cliché, and for Elena, it was stupid to believe in such mundane and girlish thing. But that did not stop her from falling head over heels in love when she met Ash for the first time.

The first time she laid her eyes on him, something wonderful had stirred inside her heart. It was the first time she had felt such wonderful feeling, and it scared and intoxicated her. And as she spent more and more time with him, she slowly realized that those feelings mattered to her.

There love was not easy, but it was worth it. Ash changed her for the better, and she changed him for the better as well, both of them brought the best out of each other.

And they taught each other to be selfish. Both of them were very selfless, they always valued their friends and family over themselves, but when it comes to each other, they were the most selfish people in the world and both of them love that.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted when she felt herself nearing her release, and the same goes for him. She opened her eyes to look into the eyes of the man that she loves so much, the eyes of the person that was everything to her.

"I love you!" He whispered lovingly as they climax together.

"I love you," She replied with as much love and passion that she could muster.

As they recovered from their climax, the two looked at each other for a moment, before they change position and made love once again. The lovers were addicted with each other's body and taste, and they cannot help but drowned themselves in each other's love.

(Scene Change)

"Tomorrow, is our last day together, huh?" Elena muttered as she laid her head on her lover's chest, his heartbeat slowly lulling her to sleep. The two made love for ten hours straight, their bodies covered with sweat and other fluids. The two looked content as they bask in the afterglow of their intense love making. They were holding each other tight, their bodies pressing onto each other, the two of them enjoying the warmth that the other was providing.

Ash looked saddened before nodding. "This week had been amazing." Ash said as he caressed the white hair of his lover, enjoying the feeling of his fingers running through her smooth, silky hair. "You want to stay here for awhile, just the two of us?" Ash asked with a rather hopeful tone.

Elena smiled sweetly at that offer, before shaking her head ruefully. "As tempting as that is, I must decline. My crew and I still have a client to please, and you have the Sinnoh league to finish."

Ash sighed at this, disappointed but he understood it perfectly. "Once I finish the Sinnoh League that would be it for me. I'm quitting my career as a Pokémon Trainer, and focus my time spoiling you and running APWA." Ash proclaimed firmly.

Elena looked at him sadly as she cuddled closer to him. "You don't have to sacrifice your dreams for me." Elena told her but Ash merely chuckled bitterly as he held her even tighter.

"You are my dream, Elena. Having a family with you would be my greatest accomplishment." There was no hesitation, no indecisiveness, and no regret in his voice. He was serious, deadly serious.

That, alone, almost made Elena cry.

"You sometimes make me feel like I don't deserve you." Elena mumbled sadly. "Why can't I make the same level of sacrifice that you are making?"

"Because my dreams are merely childhood fantasies, your dreams are the dreams of your mother. You will fulfill her dreams by fulfilling yours." Ash stated comfortingly. Elena was against him quitting the career that he loved so much, but he cannot take it anymore. He cannot keep torturing himself by distancing himself from her.

Ash had finally reached his limits.

"You are making me feel very cruel right now."

"My apologies," Ash chuckled silently before kissing her on the forehead. "But I will not budge, my decision is final. This is my last Pokémon League, and I would go all in, no holding back, no regrets, and after this league, the two of us can finally be together."

The two of them smiled at this. Together forever sounded very pleasant for them, and the two of them were confident that they can make it happen. Together forever, if it was the two of them, then it can be a reality.

"You are so perfect, you know that." Elena grumbled, feeling blessed for having such a perfect lover. It is not the first time that she wondered what she did in her past life to deserve such a wonderful person like Ash in her life. She was like her burning sun, the light that illuminates her world. Being with him, being his lover, push her to be a better person.

"Being perfect is the only way for me to keep you." Ash stated as he intertwine his left hand with her right hand. "You deserve nothing but perfection, after all…"

No words were uttered anymore, as the two drifted into a deep slumber, content in each other's arms.

(Scene Change)

"When will I see you again?" Ash asked as he and Elena was locked in a deep and loving embrace. Behind them respectively were their friends, families, and rivals, watching this exchange with varying expressions.

Sarah gritted her teeth as Jane held her in place, with much difficulty. "I want my turn." Sarah shouted desperately, while trying to break out of Jane's tight hold.

'We all want our turn.' Jane thought, as she glanced at her sister enviously. 'But, our sister won't let us with good reasons.' Jane added, knowing that if she was in Elena's shoes, she would have locked Ash in a bedding chamber for the rest of his life so that she could have him all to herself for the rest of her life.

Tanya and Michelle were squealing silently and Karen was trying to muffle her giggles. "They look so good together." The twins commented simultaneously, happy that their friend finally found her significant other.

Karen nodded in agreement before squeezing her boyfriend's hands. "You better start working out." Karen whispered as she gave Ash a lustful look. "I mean look at Ash's arms and shoulders, they look yummy." Karen commented offhandedly, earning her an incredulous look from her brother and a panic look from her boyfriend.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, where's Justin?" Tanya asked suddenly, a mischievous grin crawling on her face.

"He would enjoy seeing this." Michelle snickered, knowing how the pervert would react to this scene.

"Michael and I gave him a 3D, we don't want him ruining this for Elena." Neil replied nonchalantly.

"Yeah, the bloke is decent enough for Elena." Michael commented with a nod.

"So you guys approve of him?" Karen asked her brother and boyfriend respectively.

"His Adan's nephew and a decent fighter, I could sleep well knowing that a person I consider a sister is in capable hands." Neil answered with a small, accepting smile.

"Both of them can kick my ass if I say anything, so I have no choice but to approve." Michael answered, earning him a whacked from his girlfriend.

Behind them, the adults were muttering to themselves.

"If you ruin this, I will kill you, Henry." Adan whispered as he clenches his fist. "I promise, if you do anything to ruin this, the last thing you will ever see is my sledgehammer slamming to your face." Adan threatened quietly.

"I will help hide your body, Henry." Natasha added with a piercing look. "Remember, I know how to perform mummification on corpses."

"You two are paranoid." Henry commented as he tried to avert his eyes from the loving exchange in front of him. The scene before him reminded him of his late wife and her best friend. 'I wonder, if Relena choose a different path, will she be alive right now, with Alex.' Henry wondered in regret as he remembered his late wife and her best friends.

In Ash's side, things were more hectic.

"I got to give it to Ash; he knows how to choose his girl." Drew commented with a small laughed as he stood between Ash's friend and the couple.

"Yeah," Barry agreed, dumbly nodding at the sight of his rival embracing a girl. Truth be told, usually, this scene would have disgusted him but, for some reason, watching Ash embrace the girl in his arms, he wasn't repulse, in fact, he was glad for his friend/rival.

"This is what you call pure love." Reggie commented, actually envious that Ash found his true love at such a young age.

"Yeah," Lance, the Johto Champion, agreed with a nod.

"Other girls have all the luck." Cynthia muttered, hiding the jealousy in her eyes. She would not deny that she has a small crush on Ash, for she admired his determination and passionate heart. The fact that he was a very handsome young man was also a major plus for her. Seeing the person she is interested in lock in an embrace with another woman was hearth wrenching for her, a sentiment shared by the other girls around her.

"This is so beautiful." Brock commented with tears in his eyes and surprisingly, his Croagunk did not attack him, instead, he nodded in agreement. Unlike his trainer, the Toxic mouth Pokémon could see the aura surrounding the two and it was pure as the heavens above. Piplup would have agreed with him but the influence of his trainer over him was clouding his eyes.

"Can you take her in your journey?" Gary asked with a humorous chuckle. "Ash won't be a scatter brain with her around." Gary stated knowingly. He did not experience being in love but seeing how his childhood friend acted around his beloved; he concluded that being around the one you love would bring the best out of people.

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" There female companions shouted in unison, and that includes Zoey. Zoey was upset that she was not able to battle Elena in the finals and was furious at the confrontation that they had the day after.

Elena stated, right to her face, that she did not have any interest in battling her and it would just be a waste of both their times. Zoey would have shrugged that comment off but the way Elena said it made her feel that she was not worth her time. She saying that while Ash is presence also fueled her aggravation towards her.

"That girl won't last a day in our adventures." Misty exclaimed indignantly while Dawn and May nodded in agreement.

"Are you guys sure about that?" Gary asked with a small smirk. "She's a decent trainer, and considering Ash's protective streak towards her, Arceus have mercy on the fool that would hurt her because Ash won't show a drop of it." Gary commented offhandedly.

"But still," Surprisingly, Max was the one who was interjected. "Watching them go all lovey-dovey is kinda disgusting." Max muttered with a shudder.

Brock patted Max on the head. "You'll understand when you're older." Brock told him, tears still flowing down his eyes. Max shook his head at this. He cannot imagine himself acting like that in the presence of a woman.

The couple was oblivious to the conversation behind them respectively. They were too lost in each other's warmth to care for the comments of their friends and families.

"When will I see you again?"

"Soon, I promise you, you will see me soon." Elena whispered lovingly. "I will not let you be with those harpies for long periods of time, I promise you." Elena added, throwing a glare to the four girls that have been eyeing her boyfriend, her lover for a long time.

"There not that bad." Ash argued weakly but he knew that it was a losing battle. This week, Ash realized that the animosity between his female friends and her lover was in an all time high, for some reason that he did not want to know.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, my love." Elena decided not to go further with the subject. She will never like her lover's female friends, she can be civil with them if necessary but she will never like them. It may be because she knew that the first chance they get, they will steal him away from her, and that is worse than death for her.

Ash smiled a bit before pressing his forehead to her, their nose touching and their tender and loving eyes stared at each other passionately. "This entire week, you made me so happy." Ash mumbled as he tried to resist the urge to kiss his lover in front of everyone.

"This week has been the best week of my life." Elena replied with a blissful smile. "Can we just elope and be done with it? We have enough to live a comfortable life for the rest of our existence." That is saying something, considering that she can now live over a hundred years.

"Don't tempt me, my love." Ash muttered before kissing her on the forehead. "One day, I will call you my wife in front of the world, just wait for two…no, I promise you, by next year, you will be my wife, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, till death do us part." Ash swore passionately and it took Elena all her strength not to cry and breakdown in front of him.

"You mean…" Elena could not finish her statement as Ash slipped a ring in her right hand.

"This is my last Pokémon League, after the Sinnoh League, I am retiring and when that happens, will you give me the honor of having you for my wife?" Ash asked in a whisper before taking several steps backward. He was now feeling wary at the various emotions that he was feelings, and the emotions that were surrounding them. He could protect both himself and Elena, but he did not want to take the chance.

Ash slowly turned his back on her. "You can give me an answer in our next meeting." Ash then proceeded to walk towards his friends and rivals. His female's friends were scowling at him while his male rivals and friends, with the exception of Max, were giving him loud wolf whistles.

Ash just shrugged at their reactions before smiling goofily at them. He used this to mask his nervousness. He was kicking himself at the way he proposed to his beloved. His original plan was to proposed to her during the next blue moon, the most beautiful full moon for him and when his Moonlight Element is at its strongest but something, deep inside of him, told him to proposed right there and then, and he followed it.

"Ash," Ash slowly turned around as he heard Elena called him and it took him all his strength not to fall down as he caught Elena, their lips locking for a kiss.

This show of passion surprised Ash and because the kiss was brief, he was not able to kiss back. Elena pulled back before burying her head on the crook Ash's neck. "Anytime next year, right?"

"I'm thinking either July or October." Ash mumbled as he wrapped his arms around her waist do to reflexes.

"I like that; I really, truly like that." Elena replied tenderly.

"So, can I take that as a yes?" Ash asked happily.

"No," Elena mumbled playfully as she lean towards Ash again. "You can consider this as a yes." Elena pressed herself against Ash as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Their lips touching ignited a small fire in each of them as they concentrated in showing their love to each other. Wrapping his arms around her, he gently took hold of the back of her head as their tongues danced with each other.

This would have been interrupted if Elena's crew did not take the following steps:

Adan piledriving Hendry to the ground, hard;

Jane locking Sarah in a tight sleeper hold;

Karen spearing Misty;

Tanya giving Dawn a backstabber;

Michelle superkicking May on the jaw;

And surprisingly, this was done because of Adan's orders, Natasha hitting Delia with a very impressive corkscrew flying forearm smash;

The only two in the crew who did not perform a wrestling move was Michael and Neil but they stood did stood beside Brock and Gary. "Are you guys going to do anything because I really, really want to hurt at least one of you?" Neil commented as before putting one hand on Gary's shoulders.

"I think I'll pass." Gary said with an uneasy tone.

"Yeah, me…" Whatever Brock was going to say was muffled thanks to the kick to sternum, courtesy of Michael before applying a hold around his neck and pulling it down to his shoulder. Brock propelled backwards before landing awkwardly to the ground do due to the force applied to the move.

Neil gave his best friend a look while Michael merely shrugged. "Come on now, my girlfriend speared somebody, the least I can do is give someone a stunner." Michael said with a sheepish tone.

"I agree," Neil said before grabbing the nearest head that his arms could reach, which happens to Barry, and drop the said person with an RKO.

(Scene Change)

After their unique brand of goodbye, Elena was sitting in the cockpit of their company's private jet, looking at her engagement ring happily. She was even humming, much to Adan's amusement.

"So that's your engagement ring, it's very pretty." Adan commented as he started the jet.

"And not to mention expensive." Natasha exclaimed as she grabbed Elena's hand to further check the quality. "This is the most perfect sapphire I have ever seen! Look at it sparkle! And the white gold. So delicately carved and engraved!" Natasha squealed.

"Yeah, and I know for a fact that he made this himself." Elena said with a small blush. "Sapphire is always his favorite gemstone."

"Another trait he got from Alex." Adan stated offhandedly.

"Are you okay leaving your fiancé with those vultures?" Natasha asked and Elena's happy expression disappeared from her face and Ash's Aura that she now has access to spiral around her.

"I don't trust them, not one bit, but I trust Ash and that is enough." Elena then smiled perversely at a random thought that appeared from nowhere.

"Elena," Adan called calmly as Natasha hid behind him. "I thought you couldn't use Aura."

Elena looked at Adan for a moment before noticing the Aura that was surrounding her. Remembering Ash's advice to her, she took out an Aura Crystal that Ash gave her and allowed it to absorb the aura surrounding her. "Sorry for that, I'm still new at this."

"Ash told us that you don't have any potential using Aura, so how did you do that?" Natasha asked curiously.

Elena smiled sheepishly while rubbing the back of her head. "Are you guys familiar with Aura Soul Union?" Elena asked the two people that were like parents to her.

"Of course we are." Natasha replied with a nod. "According to historical evidence, an Aura Soul Union is when an Aura Prince bestows a fraction of his power to his beloved which in turn will bind their lives together, in body, mind, and soul into one." Natasha answered, recalling her undergraduate thesis in the academy.

"Yes and the union must be done after…" Elena trailed; her face was now dark red as she remembered the night first night of passion she shared with Ash.

"According to historical reference, the union must be performed after the couple's first se….." Adan stopped himself from finishing that statement as he froze like a statue, followed closely by Natasha who gaped like an idiot.

Luckily, Koyuki was nearby and took the wheel from Adan's hand before pushing him to the sit besides the pilot's chair. Fortunately for them, Elena had taught Koyuki how to pilot a jet.

"Guys are you okay." Elena asked them after a minute of them not responding. "Guys, hello," Elena called as she wave her hand in front of their faces.

After five minutes, Adan spoke. "Let me get this straight." Adan mumbled slowly as he tried to compose himself. "You are telling me that you and Ash had…you guys have already… I mean." Adan cannot finish his statement at the sheer shock that he was feeling right now.

Elena, could only smile sheepishly as the blush became even darker. "Papa Dan, if you're asking whether me and Ash had already consummate our love through sex, then the answer is yes." Elena answered with a slightly embarrass tone yet there was an underlining meaning in her words. "Mind you, we both agreed to it and he was very, very good." Elena exclaimed with a blissful tone. "The number of times I…."

"I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT." Adan shouted in embarrassment. "Did you…"

"Don't worry, Ash made sure to use contraceptives, the Aura kind of contraceptives." Elena assured her surrogate father.

"How good is he?" Natasha asked suddenly, a perverted smile gracing her lips.

Elena smiled shyly and perversely at that question. "In our first time, I moan his name for eight hours straight and in our second time, I yelled his name for twelve hours, our third…."

"SHUT UP." Adan shouted, while covering his ears. "I am going to get a drink and after that, you and I are going to have a talk about premarital sex." Adan exclaimed before standing up and exiting the cockpit, grumbling about teenage hormones.

"So, how big is he?" Natasha asked after Adan was out of hearing range.

Elena chuckled at that, the blush still present. "Ten inches and his only fifteen." Elena answered before sighing blissfully. "He made me so happy in our love making. He didn't care about his own pleasure; he just made sure that I was happy." Elena added with a whisper.

Natasha smiled sadly at Elena. "Looks like that trait runs in the family." Natasha commented, catching Elena's attention. Natasha, noticing this, merely shook her head as she leaned back to her chair. "It was the best mistake I had ever made." Natasha exclaimed with a dull tone.

"Wait a second, you mean to tell me that you made love with…" Natasha decided to interrupt Elena before she could jump to the wrong conclusion.

"With Adan, yes, we had sex once and no, we did not make love, we just had sex." Natasha chuckled regretfully. "We did not even kiss during the intercourse; we just screwed each other over and over. Looking back, I think we used each other to numb the pain that we we're feeling back then." Natasha said with a solemn look in her eyes.

"What pain?" Elena asked out of curiosity. Adana and Natasha were both the strongest people she knew, emotionally. Them breaking them and surrendering to grief is unlike them.

"The pain of losing the only people you've ever love." Natasha answered her with a pain-filled smile. "You do know that I was in love with Ash's father and Adan was in love with you mother, right?"

Elena, not knowing that to say at the fact that Natasha was confining to her, nodded.

"Even after they were married, we were still in love with them. We love them so much that we followed them, just to have a glimpse on what could have been ours. Adan joined Relena and Henry in their digs and I move onto Pallet town to become Oak's apprentice so that I could be close to Alex." Natasha chuckled bitterly at this. "Looking back, it was pretty stupid of us to follow our beloveds, watching them happy in the arms of another, the pain we felt cannot be described, it was torturous, but we loved them so much that we were willing to endure that pain just to see them happy." Natasha paused, contemplating if she should tell Elena….

'No, that would not bring anything good to her.'

"To make a long story short, Alex and Relena, as usual, did the same thing together, they died together, in the same day and for the sake of you not committing murder, I will not tell you why they died." Natasha said, ending all discussion to that topic.

Elena was of course, curious about her mother's death, but she decided not to pursue that topic, yet, for the reason that her surrogate father and Natasha looked pained at the mention of the death of her mother.

"You do remember what happened to the funeral, right?" Natasha asked and Elena nodded.

"Yes, I remember, Papa Dan punch father on the face." Even though Elena was busy crying that day, she could at least remember that.

"You forgotten I've slapped a woman on the face during the funeral, but that is besides the point." Natasha commented with a grin. "Now you see, after the funeral, for a month or so, Adan and I were pretty much broken. Adan went to underground fighting to lessen his pain and I went to drinking, we were pretty much broken."Natasha smiled at the way they were acting after the funeral of their beloveds respectfully.

"After the first month, we realized that its foolish for us to throw away our lives away, knowing that they would be disappointed in us, but the pain is just so hard to contain that, the two of us ended up crying in each other's shoulder, and that sadness led to a night of passion between us. " Natasha sighed at this, remembering that night. "All the years of lusting over another person's spouse, all the years of watching the person you love being happy in the arms of another, the sadness of their deaths, it all culminated into one night in bed. We did not love each, but Adan made sure that I was receiving more in the exchange, and that lasted for a whole day. In that night, I was the most selfish woman alive" The bitterness in Natasha's voice made Elena cringe.

"You know what, I truly envy you, Elena. You were brave enough to throw caution to the wind to get the person that you love, not like me who was too much of a coward to pursue the man that I desired." Elena did not have the heart to say that it was Ash, not her, that did that.

"Did you guys try to move on?" Elena asked curiously.

"We made an attempt but, well, let's just say that having second best is not enough for us." Natasha said and Elena could not help but frown.

"So, in other words, you guys didn't try to find someone to fill the gap in your hearts?" Elena asked and Natasha merely smiled sweetly.

"If Ash, considering his responsibilities and this is a major if, if Ash died, would you be able to find a replacement for him."

"If he dies, I die, our lives are intertwine now, remember." Elena replied bluntly, not liking that question one bit. "But, if our lives are not intertwined and if, and this is impossible, but if he died, I would join him in the afterlife the very next day." Elena stated passionately.

"Till death do us part?" Natasha asked bluntly.

"Till our next 200 reincarnations." Elena answered with a smile.

Natasha shook her head at that before patting Elena's cheek. "You are a very lucky princess." Natasha commented, wanting to end the conversation.

(Scene Change)

Ash's large group was finally backed in the road, with three additions. The group of six was now a group of nine.

"Are they still angry?" Ash asked in a whisper as he glanced back at the group of girls who still refuse to look at him. Since they left Daybreak Town, Misty, May, and Dawn refuse to look at him, and it baffled him. Pikachu, on the other hand, shook his head, expecting this to happen the moment Ash revealed Elena.

"They're just trying to come in terms that you're finally dating a girl." Brock commented, wiping the tears that were falling down his eyes. He was so happy for Ash because he doesn't have to hide anymore.

But still, there was one question that Brock wanted to ask. Though he was very happy at the moment, he was still very curious. "Why are you girls with us again?" Brock asked, his eyes brimming with joy as he glanced at the three beautiful women that joined them.

He would have attempted to flirt with them if it weren't for Max and his Croagunk eyeing him like hawks.

"I'm here to make sure that he doesn't cheat on my little sister." Jane then glared at the girls behind her before looking at Ash.

Ash, seeing the look in her eyes, gave her a curt nod, knowing the message behind them. "Don't worry, I won't even dream being unfaithful to her. She has everything I want and need in a woman." Ash stated, not knowing how much pain it gave every woman in the vicinity, but if you ask him, he doesn't care.

"You guys are heading to Lake Valor, as the Sinnoh Champion, I am required to watch the event." Cynthia explained, although she was partly lying. "Seeing that you guys are in a big group and are heading in the same location, I decide to tag along, that's alright, right Ash?"

"The more, the merrier, and you won't regret it. Brock cooks a killer risotto." Ash answered, bringing his friend to the limelight, much to his delight.

Ash then turned his attention to Sarah, who has the biggest smile on her face, which slightly unnerved him. The Aura that he was feeling from her was also not helping.

Ash was almost scared to ask, but for formalities sake, he has to. "What about you, Sarah, why are you with us?"

Sarah merely smiled at him as she moved and linked her arm with his, much to his discomfort. "I'm here to grade my little sister's boyfriend, and also try to seduce you so that I can be your mistress." At Sarah's blunt and honest answer, Ash felt a chill run up his spine.

Fortunately for him, Jane reacted for him and proceeded to hit Sarah over the head before dragging her away several paces from Ash. "That's Elena's boyfriend, you twat!" Jane hissed at her younger sister, the look of disgust clearly evident in her eyes.

Sarah jerked her arm away from Jane's hold before glaring at her. "I'm not trying to take him away from her…"

"Yeah right, telling her boyfriend that you would seduce him upfront, there is no intent in stealing him away from her in that statement." The sarcasm in Jane's voice was so evident; it can actually be cut with a knife.

"I'm not, but we're sisters, sisters' share." Sarah reasoned, and Jane had to resists her urge to hit her over the head.

"Not when it comes to a man. A Woman doesn't share their man."

Sarah looked at Jane after that statement, before smirking. "My Arceus, you like him to, don't you?" Sarah accused her but Jane did not even flinch.

"Yes, I do, but he is Elena's lover, and I would be damn if I would allow my own personal interest to hurt her." What scared Jane the most was the fact that her statement was empty, very empty.

Sarah, sensing the emptiness in her words, grinned triumphantly. "You know what's scary, the fact that all three of us are in love with one man." Sarah stated as she eyed Ash with evident desired. "The three of us are sisters, when we were young; all three of us did everything together, sharing one lover between the three of us would be like when we were young." Sarah said with a soft tone, and this unnerved Jane.

Sarah was a beautiful woman, not as beautiful as Elena, but she was still an absolutely lovely woman. When they were kids, and eve during her adventures, Sarah had many suitors; some of them even had the gall to stalk her throughout her journey, but regardless of the countless men that chase after her, Sarah did not even give them a moment of her time. Even if men were not interested in her, they were still dazzled by her.

Now, here was a guy who was not interested in her, who was not dazzled with her beauty, who was not awestruck with her success.

Ash was a guy, the guy who was at Sarah's level. He was handsome in his own right, he knows how to treat a woman and make her feel like a Goddess, and he was not easily overwhelmed with success.

In all honesty, Jane would say, in any day, that Ash and Sarah were very compatible together. They would even make a very beautiful couple.

But it was not to be.

Ash was head over heels in love with Elena and vice-versa, and that would never change, and Jane had accepted that fact.

Jane had accepted that her youngest sister has the perfect lover.

Jane also accepted that Elena will never let him go.

Jane also accepted to whoever she ends up would be nothing if compare to him.

And that was the bitterest pill that she could ever swallow.

Pikachu, who was watching everybody on the shoulders of his partner, cannot help but be unease. Something was telling him that things would be more combustible in the days to come.

(Scene Change)

"I'm guessing that you're going to accept my offer?" Ash inquired quietly as he and the group was having dinner.

Night descended upon the group rather quickly, and the tension was still suffocating. Misty, May, and Dawn were still ignoring Ash, and he did not even show that he cared, much to the disappointment of the girls.

The tension in the group was so intense that even Max was slightly frazzled, and was not able to completely show his excitement at the fact that two champion caliber trainers were travelling with the group.

Brock was at cloud nine as he served his food to three stunning women, yet even he could feel the hostility that her female friends were showing Ash. How Ash ignored the hostility so perfectly was beyond him?

Cynthia, who was also feeling the tension, could not help but feel sorry for the girl, as well as find them pitiful, as cruel as it may be. She felt sorry for them because of the fact that the person they love was with another person, and she finds them pitiful because they weren't able to take advantage of the opportunity to take him for themselves.

Ash travelled with them for long periods of time, surely that was enough for them to tell and express to Ash their feelings, but they cowered out and allowed somebody brave enough to claim him.

Cynthia admired and respect Elena for that, albeit begrudgingly.

Sarah, she just doesn't care, in fact, she finds the current circumstances to be her liking. She knew that if she lost Ash to someone else, then she would never have a chance to be with him anymore. But if she lost him to Elena, she can at least coerce Elena to share him.

Sarah, in the name of love, would settle for second place, she would settle to be a mistress.

Jane, she doesn't care either, and was merely having a hush conversation with Ash.

"Yeah, I'll accept." Jane answered quietly. "It's better than seeing that in a 24 hour basis."

"If you take my offer, there will be no turning back. You will be suck into my world, and believe me; my world is much harsher than the world you are currently living." Ash warned her sincerely. Since he learned how to use Aura, a brand new reality opened up to him, and he saw the dark side of the world that he did not wish anyone to experience.

"You worry too much. Trust me, whatever this world can throw at me, I can handle." Jane said with confidence, but Ash could not help but feel pity for her and self-loathing for himself.

He hated himself that he was going to drag the elder sister of his lover to his world, the world filled with darkness.

But it was either this, or the Legends would kill her for her crimes, and he refuse to have that in his conscious.

"Will start tonight then." Ash told her firmly. "Training you how to use Aura would probably take me a year."

"You sound confident."

"I was able to reach the pinnacle of Aura in less than two years, teaching you how to be Knight or a Sage in a year is child's play." Ash assured her, and to be frank, he was very confident with his skills. "Will start with the basics tonight, knowing you, you'll probably get the first step down."

Jane was about to ask what the first step is, but was interrupted when she was hit by a potato.

"Hey, don't seduce our sister's boyfriend, you shameless flirt." Sarah taunted Jane with a rather humorous tone, yet it has a slight edge in it. She did not like how close Jane was to Ash, regardless if it was not compromising.

Jane's eye twitched as she glared at Sarah. "I'm not like you, you trash for brain. I'm doing my job as an elder sister, and interrogating him about his intentions with regards to Elena."

Ash found this humorous. Jane knew full well what his intentions are with regards to Elena. He was hell bent in marrying her and having a family with her.

"Yeah right, what do you of think of this genius anyway, an idiot?"

"Yes, kumquat,"

And again, much to the amusement everyone, Sarah and Jane was again arguing.

Ash had to control himself from laughing. It was hilarious that the infamous Hunter J could act like in the presence of her family. It was comforting to know that Jane was not as ruthless and evil like she portrayed herself to be…

"Ash," Somebody from the group called, causing the said person to turn his attention to the person who called him, which happens to be Misty.

Ash looked at her intently, studying her aura, and after a while, he let out a sigh. "Okay, why are you three upset with me?" Ash asked the question that has been irritating him since the day began. He hasn't confronted his friends about this because he was happy to finally have his relationship with Elena in the open, but it was time to have the tension over with.

"That girl is really your girlfriend?" May asked sullenly, forcing herself to say the g-word.

"Yes, and I am very happy." Ash told them bluntly, not noticing how much his words were affecting them, and because it involves Elena, and he will not bring himself to care.

That is the reason why he was able to say his next words honestly and frankly, without the care in the world. "I love her, I love her very much."

For the three girls that Ash travelled with, that was like a stabbed in the heart.

"But are you okay with this arrangement, Ash. I mean, long range relationship tends to be shallow." Dawn stated knowingly, her mother suffering from the same kind of relationship for almost a decade.

"I was able to stay in touch with all of my friends. Keeping this relationship with Elena would be a piece of cake." Ash stated calmly. He and Elena, they've been having long distances relationship for over three years now, and this year would be the last if Ash has any say to it.

"Ash, staying contact with your friends, and maintaining a relationship is two different things." Misty commented, hoping to at least plant a seed of doubt in Ash's heart.

"I know that Misty, but this is Elena and I. We can do anything together." Ash said with a fond tone. "Nothing is impossible for the two of us."

"Why her?" Dawn asked suddenly, all the attention suddenly being diverted to her. "Why do you adore that girl so much?" Dawn asked, trying and failing to hide her jealousy.

"Why do you guys want to know?" Ash asked sharply.

"Because that was the first time they ever saw you treat a girl so…" Max shudder a bit as the memories of Ash treating Elena so lovingly surface in his mind. "…I don't even have the words to describe how mushy you treated that girl."

"It's called courting and flirting, Max." Ash corrected his young friend exasperatedly. "You'll understand someday when you find somebody that you know you can love." Ash assured him with a smile, and Max could only grimace.

The thought of him treating a girl like that made Max want to hurl. "No chance," Max whispered defiantly.

Pikachu chuckled at Max's reaction. How the little power house miss the days when his partner acted like that.

"Ash, please answer the question." Misty demanded softly as Ash's attention once again turned his attention back to them.

"Do you guys really want to know?"

"YES!" The three girls answered resoundingly.

Ash smiled at them before closing his eyes. "You see, when I look at Elena, I can see myself having a life and a family with her." Ash confessed to them with a sincere tone and smile. "And that is one of the many reason why I fell in love with her."

There was a silence the enveloped the group after that confession as everybody stared at Ash.

"A family?" Jane inquired, surprised that somebody so young would even think of that word.

"Aren't you too young to even consider that?" Cynthia inquired, startled that a person as young as Ash would even say the word when looking at a woman. Usually, men of Ash's age would usually focus on physical appearance, not something of that magnitude.

"My dad died when I was five, and my mother raised me singlehandedly after his death. I never experience having a father in my childhood." Only Elena had seen the mature side of Ash, and as his friends first time seeing him act like this, they were slightly overwhelmed. "My dream in the future is to raise a family of my own, as a great father that my dad wasn't able to be."

Ash smiled brightly one more time. "Elena would make a wonderful wife and mother, I know it since the first time I saw her…" At that memory, Ash chuckled. "Maybe that's the reason why I was drawn to her."