Prussia doesn't like the other nations very much, he never has, and now he has even less in common with them. His brother is the exception, no matter how it drives Prussia crazy to see him act like an infatuated schoolgirl with Italy.

It makes Russia laugh when Prussia claims to hate him too, because Prussia always picks up the phone to chat when he calls. Not to mention that Prussia keeps in touch with his Russian friends as he promised. Some of them are now in a position to put the pieces together and realize what he actually is.

"One of my neighbors has been very annoying lately," Russia says. "Want to come along, for old time's sake?"

"Maybe," Prussia says but Russia can hear the longing in his voice.

"I'll send someone to pick you up. Vladimir says he looks forward to see you again too."

Prussia smiles to himself, it does sound fun. Then he calls Germany and says he's not going to come and see the Olympics with him as promised. He has some other things he needs to do.



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