My first Cross over story. Its not my best work but something I felt I had to write.

It all seemed to go in slow motion: Her captor holding the axe close to her head, the glass shattering, bullet fire, her captor dead on the floor and Callan entering her field of vision. This was one hell of a day and she was glad it would soon be over. There was just one thing that she wanted, no needed to do, but that would come all in good time.

Abby had been a little disappointed that Gibbs hadn't been the one to rescue her, not that she wasn't happy to have been rescued, far from it she was very happy to have been saved. Gibbs had said he would always be there for her and look after her and when she had needed him the most he wasn't there. Perhaps he would be waiting outside the building for her. Her eyes had scanned every where and he wasn't there, trying to hide her disappointment she thanked Callan and Hanna with sincerity in her voice. After all they had just rescued here from hell.

Callan and Hanna escorted Abby inside the NCIS LA field office. She smiled, she knew he was there she could feel him there, watching her but she couldn't she him, not yet anyway. She hated it when he did that. Kensi gave her a quick update as they made their way through the bull pen.

Callan turned to Abby and said "You solved 15 murders in as many hours. How's that feel?"
"Almost as good as being alive" she replied giving him a typical Abby hug and kiss on the cheek.
"Hey I lowered him down" said Sam.
"And you did it perfectly"

Hetty appeared behind her saying "Your post incident medical evaluation is not optional Abby, they're waiting for you. Go Go"

"I'm sorry but there is something way more important than that that I have to do first"
"What could possibly be more..."
"Me" echoed the dulcet tones of one Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the upper levels.

Abby ran up the stairs at full speed. "Gibbs I knew you'd be here I just knew it!" She ran in to him so hard the he almost dropped the Caf-Pow cup he had hiding behind his back. "Don't suppose you want this?" He asked shaking the cup in front of her. "Gibbs! You bought me Caf-Pow! I didn't think they sold it around here, were did you find it? Oh never mind give it here, please?" "Well that depends on who you know Abbs", Gibbs said to her throwing a little wink in Hettys directions.

"I tried to get here sooner Abbs" Gibbs said with sadness in his voice. He had promised himself a long time ago that he would look after her. She had become the most important thing in his live recently and he was not going to let her go, even if he had to make a fool out of himself to do it.

"Don't apologise Gibbs, it's a sign of weakness" "Not to those you love Abbs" Abby couldn't quite believe what she had heard; she knew Gibbs loved her as a friend but could he love her like she loved him? "Do you mean it Gibbs, I mean I know you never say anything you don't mean but, do mean love like friends or Love like more than friends?" "Abby you're rambling again." Gibbs then leaned over and whispered something in her ear, something that was for her ears only, something that he should have told here a long time ago. Something that made Abby smile the biggest smile of her life. The LA team could only look on and wonder what the hell he had said to make Abby smile like that.

They walked down the stairs towards the bull pen together.

"Agent Gibbs, it's been a long time." Hetty said.
"Yes it has. Only ever make it over this way if it's very important."
"I assume you will be taking care of Ms Sciuto? You do know she has a medical to attend."
"Would I let you down Hetty? I'll get Ducky to do it when we get home."
"That will be fine."
"Let's go home Abbs" he said wrapping and arm around her waist as they turned and headed for the exit.
"YAY! Oh there is SO much I have to tell the team. And I am so not leaving my lab again."
"Never Abbs?" he said with a smirk on his face.
"Well maybe to go home or maybe a date, but I want an escort." she sais smilling at him
"Will I do Abbs?"
"Always Gibbs, always" she said leaning even closer into his side.

As soon as they were out the building Gibbs placed a quick kiss on her cheek and escorted her to his car. Hetty and the team went to the door to wave goodbye.

"Oh, Jethro lets make number 5 the last shall we."
"I was planning to Hetty. Until next time"

Gibbs and Abby drove away to the LA team waving.
"Number 5 Hetty? What's that supposed to me?"
"That Mr Callan, is none of your concern"