Vegetas nightmare

Chapter 1; the first time he hurt him.

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Vegeta stood before Frieza, reporting back after 'correcting an error' as Frieza put it.

" That was faster then I thought it would take you my little ouji."

" They were weaklings." Vegeta gave a smug look. " Next time I would like a harder job, lord Frieza."

" You should watch what you wish for young ouji, you might get it. If you don't watch it you'll go against an opponent too strong for you and get hurt. You other two may leave but i would like you to stay Vegeta."

Nappa and Raditz, who had been at the prince side, looked at each other and then to their prince.

Vegeta looked up at Frieza, his tiny eyes showed fear of what was to happen. " Nappa, Radditz, leave me."

" My prince.." Nappa objected.

" Leave me!" Nappa and Raditz stood, bowed and left the room.

" Zarbon leave me with our tiny ouji."

"Oh, lord Frieza. you sure?"

" Are you questioning me?!"

" No lord Frieza!" Zarbon ran from the room, glancing over his shoulder at Vegeta, smiling evilly.

Before the young Vegeta could even turn around he was thrown across the room and landed against the far wall, " Owe." He whimpered out through gritted teeth. He heard steady foot steps coming towards him. " No!"

" Yes young ouji. maybe next time you'll remember not to get so smug or maybe you like this." He lashed down onto his small body with his tail. there was a loud crack and a brief cry of pain as one of Vegetas ribs broke.

" No more please!" Vegeta called out, eyes still clenched.

" You said you wanted a better fight ouji, I'll giving one." He kicked Vegeta in the side sending him sprawling across the cold floor. He walked over again lashing out with his armored tail, this time hitting the young ouji on his back.

" Ahhhh!" Vegeta screamed as the blow hit. " Daddy!" He cried through gritted teeth. " Where are you?" Tears from the pain ran down his face. His tail twitched, catching Friezas attention.

" I wonder what that tail of your would look like inside out, or maybe just the inside."

" NO!STOP!" Vegeta thrashed wildly but to no avail.

Holding the thrashing ouji down with a foot, Frieza wrapped his hand around Vegetas tiny, furry tail. Frieza dug his nail into it, breaking the skin and cutting the muscle underneath, drawing blood.. the blood stained Friezas pinkish-white skin.

Vegeta could feel the blood trickling out of his tail. "NO! NOT MY TAIL! AHHH!" He screamed as he felt Frieza yank, hard enough to hurt but not as hard as he could have.

" Quiet yourself ouji! I'm tired of h hearing your pitiful cries!" Vegeta continued to whimper as more tears streamed down his ace. " I said QUIET!!" He yanked as hard as he could, snapping his tail off at the base.

" OOOOWWWWEEEE!!!!" Vegeta screamed as the area where his tail used to be filled with blood.

" oops guess you'll have to re grow it." He chuckled throwing his tail to the ground.

Vegeta got to his hands and knees and crawled away still whimpering. He crawled into the corner, rolling into a ball, crying against his legs. " No more please." He begged, drenching the front part of his pants legs, the back already filled with blood from his detached tail.

" Sorry my young ouji, it's not over." He wrapped his tail around the princes neck.

" NO! No anything but that. Please!!" Vegeta gasped. " Kill me but don't.." He was cut off by Friezas hand over his mouth.

" Ssshhh my ouji. It won't take long." He then ripped off Vegetas blood soaked clothes and raped him. he put himself into him, causing the young ouji to bleed. Friezas hand muffled the screams of pain that Vegeta made from the invasion on his own body.

Finally Frieza climaxed and moved away from Vegeta. Vegeta rolled onto his side curling up trying to hide himself. He felt as if this was his fault.

" Please no more..No more" He murmured before passing out. He woke in a room alone. He was still stripped of his clothes, the room was dark and he sat alone in a corner.

" Is anyone there?" He curled up trying to cover his body.

" Poor little ouji." An English accent answered back. " Now you'll know not to act in such a way next time."

" No! What are you doing here? I want Nappa and Radditz NOW."

" Awe poor little rat." Each word dripped with sarcasm. " Frieza felt that you still haven't learned your lesson, so he sent me to finish the job. It's about time you woke up."

" Leave me alone." He whimpered. " I just want to go home."

" Vegeta don't you get it? You're not going home! There is no home for you any longer. your going to be on this ship for the rest of your life, but if your attitude doesn't change, you won't be here long." He tossed some clothes to him and ordered him to get dressed.

Vegeta did as he was told, besides in Friezas ship it was always cold and right now he felt so ashamed, like what happened was his fault. " Now what?" He said almost in tears.

" Boy, children. Now we train." Vegetas eyes flew open. his body ached and he wouldn't last a minute against Zarbon!

" No. No fighting." Vegeta said. He was still clearly traumatized by what Frieza did to him before and his body shook from the pain still running through his body.

" Sorry you have no choice." He blasted Vegeta against the wall again. Vegeta slunk down to the ground leaving an impression of his tiny body on the wall. A small crimson river finding it's way down the corner of his mouth.

Vegeta sat on the floor, his head down. He didn't move or even make a sound but his entire body shook from pain and fright, so Zarbon knew he was still alive.

" Zarbon, that's enough. you don't want to kill the poor boy, do you?" Friezas voice came across both scouters.

" No lord Frieza." Zarbon responded.

" Vegeta I know you can hear me too. Have you learned your lesson yet?"

Vegeta tried not, but gave into giving him the sick plesure of hearing him cry. "I'll take that as a yes." He laughed.

" Lord Frieza what do you want me to do with him."

" Take him to his room to recover. Make sure those other monkeys don't see you Zarbon, I don't want a rebellion."

" Yes lord Frieza." Zarbon tapped off his scouter and picked up a now unconscious Vegeta. " I never get to have fun." Zarbon complained as he covered Vegeta with a cloth.

Zarbon walked down the hall , couscous looking for Nappa and Radditz. When he reached Vegetas room he opened the door and walked in. He place Vegeta on the bed and slapped him twice.

Vegeta stirred and opened his eyes to see Zarbon. He jumped up and huuried into the corner of his bed against the wall. " What are you doing here?! Go away!!" He screamed.

" Shut up brat i can't hurt you right now." He walked out of the room but still Vegeta huddled in his corner.

" Vegeta!" A woman with shiny, straight, black hair, that ended about the chin area came running in. She came to Vegeta and hugged him, running her hand through his hair in a comforting way.

" Mom..He...He." Vegeta hiccupped through tears resting his head on her shoulder.

" Ssshhh, I know, I know. Rest now, my baby." She hummed a familiar tune to him. He soon stopped crying and fell asleep in her arms, dreaming uneasily about what Frieza had done to him.

Arisia (Vegetas mother) laid him down on the bed, pulling the blanket over him. "Sleep well my son." She whispered, kissing him lightly on the forehead. " I didn't know he would do such a thing to you. I'm sorry." She left the room locking the door to try to keep Zarbon and the others out.

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Next chapter: Nightmare comes true; Vegeta has a bad dream or is it a reality? What will happen after he learns why this all happened? Will he try to stop Frieza? Will he succeed? Find out next time on Vegetas nightmare.