Chapter 4; the plan

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Arisia woke up to a silent room. Vegta still slept in her arms. " He must have been more traumatized then i thought." She pulled the blankets off of herself and tucked them around vegeta.

'i have to find a way out of here with vegeta. if i leave him here alone he'll kill him. That's it i've got to go back to vegeta-sae'

She got dressed in a tight black body suit with the saiyan symbol over her heart. She pulled on tight white leather boots with a steel toe that went up to the knee and white gloves with cut fingers that went up to the elbow. She put a choker on that had the saiyan symbol hanging from it. ( For those that don't know the saiyan symbol is like an anchor on top of a stack of 2 ovals and below that the bottom of an anchor. and i'm not kidding that's akiras work.)

She walked down the hall to find herself in front of radditz room. "Radditz."

" Yes my queen?"

" Change of plans, i need you to watch over the prince very carefully. Don't let him out o f your sight for a moment, especially if Friezas there!!!"

" Yes my queen but why are you being so couscous?"

" I've got my reasons. I've got to talk to the king. If Rieza even comes near prince Vegeta feel free to kill him!" She stormed off to the launch deck.

Radittz stood behind wide eyed. " What?" He ran off to her room to watch Vegeta. ' if she said it was important enough to disturb the king, it must be important.'

Arisia continued her journey to the launch deck. 'the only choice i have is to tell them. I have to or he'll kill both of us anyway!' she tried convincing herself she was doing what was best for her son.

She came to the launch deck only to be stopped by guards.

"Stop right there. you're not authorized to leave this ship."

" I'm going back now get out of my way!" She pushed through the two brutly guards. behind them stood way to many for her to fight.

" Surrender monkey you can't beat us all."

" I told you, get out of my way, i'm going back!!" Her hand came forward firing a purple blast. She ran straight through them knocking them from side to side

They quickly regrouped and tackled her, piling on top of her to keep her from leaving. "I told ou to move!!" Rage consumed her whole. she powered up knocking them all to the side.

She got up and ran once more now covered in blood from the scratches she'd received. " Damn bastards." She said as she launched off.

' i'll tell the king what he's done and then we'll rid ourselves of him once and for all!' all she could think about was revenge for what he did to her ad her son.

She saw flash back play over and over in her minds eye.


Arisia was sitting in the delivery room with tiny vegeta in her arms. He was very tired and fused only slightly as she sang to him. " Ki mi ro, ki mi ro, i ishi day do, koko doo dayku ta day day do. ki mi ro ki mi ro she eshe day do.

She stroked his long tail that wrapped around his body to comfort him. she had several pregnancies; the first 3 females the next a male; all miscarriages, except the first. She was forced to give her up because she was not a male heir.

" Finally i've done it." She pulled out his tiny hand and allowed him to wraped his hand around her finger. She rewrapped him and the vision started to fade into another.

the visions were now of when he would call her to the throne room just to hit her or rape her.

But the worst ones were of when he would dig his nails into her son giving him large scars.

She could still hear his screams; from the time he was an infant being scared for life or now as the tyrant would beat and rape him.


" There will be a war and we will win." She said to the darkness.

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