A/N: Takes Place in the Midst of "The Dog Did It and "Or Did He." - Will make more sense when read in that context.
All three take place in Season 2 - Tagged to "Dog Tags"

"Abby; come on; let's get you home; you need to eat and get some sleep." Tony told her as soon as Gibbs handed him the responsibility of taking care of her. She was still crying hard from Sara's verbal attack. And while Gibbs' concentration was now on getting things back to normal for Tim's visits; bossman obviously wasn't dropping the ball with either Abby or Sara. He was simply but with trust; as Tony could plainly read in the man's eyes; handing the ladies to Tony and Ducky; respectively. Tony knew; hell everyone knew; Gibbs didn't do things like this without complete trust in whoever he was expecting do watch over someone else. Seeing the lengths bossman was willing to go to take care of everyone; Tony couldn't help but be more impressed than normal with his boss; who; most people thought to be so heartless. Gibbs; heartless? Yeah, right!

Abby had woodenly walked with Tony; heavily leaning on him the entire way to the car. The only change in her along the way was the lessening of her crying. All the way to his apartment; she steadily forced herself to calm down. By the time they'd reached his place; she was calm and ready for some food. He had silently refused to take her to her own apartment; her coffin; afraid to let her stay by herself. Abby had been so out of focus; she hadn't even noticed where they were headed. Tony had called for delivery when they'd still been ten minutes out from his apartment. When the food arrived; and what else would it have been; but pizza; they were ready to tear into it

After they had shorn off the worst of their hunger; Tony broke the silence. "Abby, talk to me."

"Is she right?" Abby's voice was soft; obvious stuck somewhere between guilty and disbelieving herself capable of what she'd just been accused of.

"Abby, I..." Tony did not want to be the one to do this.

"Tony! Is.. Sara. Right?" Abby demanded.

"Well, yeah. Abby, she is." Tony admitted; unable to lie to her. "Well, I don't know about the 'broken heart' stuff; but you do only treat him nice when it works for you; or when he gets hurt."

"Why the hell, didn't any of you tell me? Why didn't any of you make me see what I was too blind to see for myself? How could you all let me do this? How could Tim let me do this?"

"Abby! Last time I checked; you were a big girl. Besides; any wrong word said to you, gets us in trouble with Gibbs. You're his golden child; remember?" Tony reminded her dryly.


"Abby; if we had sucker punched you the way Sara just did; Gibbs would have handed us our own asses on a silver platter; in a heart beat! Even Tim." Tony tried to explain the best way he could. "Besides, we all know what a softie, Tim is; you really think he could ever talk to you the way Sara just did? Matter of fact; if big brother ever finds out little sister did this; even on his own behalf; it's a pretty safe bet; he's gonna be super pissed at her."

"Probably not, Tony. Relieved, will be more like it." Abby admitted grudgingly. "But..." Abby attempted to justify the rest of it.

"No, No buts, Abby; even in smaller conversations; you don't listen near as well as you bulldoze. We have tried; just in smaller doses. Apparently, only the overdose size works on you." Tony jokingly tried to explain.

"Tony! That's not funny!" Abby exclaimed.

"Sorry, Abbs; but it did make it easy for you to get the point, didn't it?" Tony both defended his point and pointed out.

"Yeah. I guess it did." Abby admitted. "I'm, so sorry, Tony. I know the whole team is probably pissed at me."

"You're probably right. I know I was. But, I'm not anymore." Tony admitted. "Besides; most of us accept heartfelt apologies pretty well." Tony reminded her. "And I accept your apology. But; I for one; don't wear a halo; either; apparently."

"What are you talking about?" Abby demanded.

"Come on, Abby; the whole damn Agency knows how bad I treat him. And I know for a fact that everyone knows about the "When Dogs Attack CD I put in his computer right after he was attacked!" Tony exlaimed.

"Yeah. that one got around pretty quick. But, Tony; Tim's used to your ways." Abby tried to defend him against his own recriminations.

"Doesn't make 'em right. And he's not as immune as he puts out. Matter of fact; he's pretty upset about it. That cd scared the hell out of him; and after being attacked just before that; well, it was just inexcusable. Not to mention; probably the reason his body shut down on him when no one was there to take care of him!" Tony continued verbally beating up on himself.

"Tony, how do you know how he felt?" Abby asked in concern.

"A little birdie told me." was the only answer the man would give.

"Tony!" Abby obviously wouldn't stop until she got the truth.

"Abby, I can't tell you. Gibbs swore me to secrecy." Tony explained.

"Gibbs told you? How would he know?"

"No, Gibbs didn't tell me." Tony's tone was exasperated.

"Tony! I pinkie swear I won't tell anyone; but you're not making sense and I really need to know what's going on, here!" Abby exlaimed.

"Doesn't matter, Abby. I made Gibbs a promise. I don't break my promises. Especially to Gibbs." Tony stated emphatically.

"Fine!" the goth gave in.

"Abby; the bottom line here; is Probie. We all need to get over ourselves and stop treating him like crap just because he sits back and takes it. There's a sensitive person under that 'nothing bothers me' exterior. He only acts tough because he thinks he's supposed to; for me; for Gibbs; even for you."

"Wow!. Tony; we have to fix our messes with him."

This big brother and little sister had mended their small rift. The harder repairs were ahead for both of them and undoubtedly; would take much more work.

"Yeah, Abby. Lots of fence mending to be done around here. I for one; am just thankful we'll get the chance." Tony admitted; getting to his feet; wanting her to get some sleep.

"Me, too." Abby agreed as she hugged him; before settling down for the night.

Thanks, Boss. Tony thought; It was nice to have this chance to listen and be heard; for Tim's sake.