Chapter 1

Cynder watched the three small eggs sitting on the plinth in the room Spyro's friend Sparx had christened "the Creepy Dragon Room", with a worried look on her face. They were hers and they were late in hatching. As she watched Spyro came up behind her and gently nuzzled her neck.

'They'll be fine,' he murmured in her ear. 'Just give them time and they will hatch.'

She smiled sadly. 'I hope you're right,' she said, turning and putting her cheek against his.

Suddenly, a sharp sound split the air. They turned to see the black egg give a little shiver as a crack appeared in its side. Cynder clutched Spyro's tail with hers in surprise. The egg exploded into thousands of shards of black shell, and a tiny dragoness with red eyes and a black body sat on the plinth, shivering and then, spotting Cynder, opening her tiny black wings with a delicate red membrane, opened her mouth and cried for food.

As she did this, the blue egg was slowly rocking back and forth, eventually toppling over and breaking to show a tiny blue dragon with curious markings on his legs and back, in the shape of a star. The point on his tail was like a large shuriken star. His eyes were a harsh, ice-blue. He sat up, shaking his head, curled up and promptly fell asleep.

The red egg soon broke to reveal a dark red dragoness with large wings and a thin orange membrane, bright green eyes like her mother, and a short temper.

'They're beautiful,' breathed Cynder.

'They're the first dragons to be born since the last Year of the Dragon,' a baritone voice said from behind the young couple. They turned and found the Earth Guardian and Elder Terrador looking at them.

'What should we call them?' asked Spyro.

Cynder smiled. 'I think this one,' touching the black and red dragoness, 'should be called … Lunar, in honour of the time she was born,' said Cynder, looking out the window at the full moon. She smiled at Spyro. You can name the blue one and we'll name the red one together.'

Spyro nodded. 'That's fair. Ummm... He should be called… Mithura.' Cynder smiled again and nodded.

'I think we should call the red one Tyraidor,' said Cynder. Spyro beamed, nuzzling her affectionately.

'How do you come up with these names?' he asked her. She only laughed in reply.

Terrador cleared his throat. 'They will need to start training in the next few years,' he growled. The young couple looked at him, then at each other, smiling.

Lunar and Tyraidor began to scuffle on the plinth, nipping each other on the legs and neck and nearly knocking their brother off the plinth. He glared at them out of the corner of his eye and spat an ice-shard at them.

Terrador stepped forward. 'Well, now we know what element he is. Hand him over to Cyril as soon as-'

'Give them time to grow older before the training begins. At LEAST six months old,' Cynder berated him.

'All right, all right,' he growled. 'Just hand them over to the correct Guardian when you see fit.'

'We will,' Spyro agreed. 'We promise.'

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