I held on to the keys so tight then the door slammed shut I turned around there he was Kain staring at me. "I'm sorry Scarlet I didn't mean to leave you!" "I know!" I said. He came over to my and kissed me his lips tasted of the wind the salty Irish Sea. I whished I could be back with him but I couldn't. "Look at me Scarlet!" He said cupping his hands around my face. "Will you come back just for me please I miss you so much!" "You were the one who left me!" I said angrily. "No I didn't leave you I never left you Scarlet!" I stared crying "You left me for no reason!! " I said. "Shush….shush…shush… no I didn't!" He said. "Yes you did Kain can't you see that!" I said. I stood by the window and stared outside at the busy South London rush mothers getting there kids home fathers getting home from work all going back to there perfect little families. Then I felt something I turned around it was Kain "Look I love you so much but I had to leave you because of my uncle and everything but it's aright now Scar!" He said. "How did you get here?" I asked. "Your dad and his wife I mean your sister are cute but not as cute as you!" "She's not my sister!" I said. "Okay whatever but I'm back now!" He picked up the hazel branch and tucked behind my ear. I brushed it away. "Look Kain I left that all behind!" I said. "Okay well I'll just go and leave you!" He said. Then he left the room. "WAIT!!!" I shouted. "What do you want know you want to be on your own!" "Open your arms!" I said. He did and I ran into them and started to cry again. "Shush….Shush….Shush!" He said into my hair. He kissed into my hair. I looked at him "Kain?" "Yeah promise you won't leave me ever again!" I said. "Never ever!" Kain said. Then he looked at my face and kissed it. I could smell the mint, the sea the wind everything. He put the hazel branch back behind my ear. "Kain I love you!" "I love you to Scarlet!" we stayed entwined in each others arms saving every minute that we had.