Tada! : D

"Stupid -mumble mumble- Alice. Stop... ringing! -mumble- alarm!"

Blankets pull, and I opened one eye when something jostles me.


Bella sounded like she was literally still sleeping.

"Oh. Um. … Bella? It's nice to meet you too? … Yes m'am. … I will. … Yes, I promise. … Ok, you too."



"What just happened?"

"Your mother! And I picked up the phone! I didn't mean to! And I just- And then she- She's so nice."

"Yep, it's disarming isn't it? Snows me every time. So what have we agreed to now?"

"I just- I didn't mean to! I was asleep, and the ringing, and-"

She was starting to flail so I pulled her under the blankets with me and cuddled her tight.

"This is our cave. Everything's ok in here. Your only jobs are breathing. And cuddling. You get it?"

She nodded until I was worried about her neck and then buried her face against me. After her breathing calmed down she wrapped herself around me like a spider monkey. Seriously, every limb! I wonder if I could just walk around all day like this... Ok- weird in public maybe, but around the house? It had merit.

"She said I was suppose to remind you about brunch. And that I have to come. And she can't wait to meet me! Oh my god! Emmett!"

"Shhhh, shhhhh, you're fine. Let's go back to breathing and cuddles for a sec." I rubbed circles on her back until she stopped threatening to hyperventilate.

"Do you have something against brunch? A prior traumatic event? A phobia of pancakes?"

"Well... no."

"Then I promise this will be all good. My mom is an amazing cook, and my family is super nice. Well, except Edward, who's nice but retarded. Maybe I can get mom to lock him in the attic until we're done?" The plan had merit.

"Emmett! Well... maybe. We'll see how demented he is. Maybe he has a morning class?"

"Yeah right, nobody in their right mind would miss Mom's brunch! Although sometimes I do get forgetful, hence the call."

"But. But- Meet your parents? Really? Just because I accidentally answered your phone, and your mom is wiley doesn't mean-"

"I want you to."



"Oh. Really?"


"You're sure? Isn't this suppose to be important?"

"Yes and yes."



Bella looked kind of dazed as we scavenged coffee and hopped in the shower.

"Bella? Is this too much? It isn't for me, but you can tell me if it is for you, and I'll understand." I'll pretend like I understand at least, and if I cry a little we're in the shower so I've got camouflage...

"Oh- No! It's not. I-" Instead of finishing she threw herself into my arms and kissed me like her life depended on it, and when she pulled back I could still see the tears in her eyes under the water. "I just love you so stupidly much, and my brain is screaming about it all being too fast and such, such, such a bad idea, but it's just this tiny voice and it's pushed all the way to the back by how incredibly happy I am, and how my heart swells every time I touch you, and how I never want this weekend to end!"

"I never want it to end either, I never want to stop touching you, hell, I was thinking about just carrying you around with me all the time this morning, my little monkey." We both laughed at my idiocy, until I was distracted by all the wet slippery flesh sliding against mine as she threw her head back and her breasts bounced.

"Little monkey, huh?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah. In the cave. Spider monkey." The water was rolling down her curves and I wanted to catch it on my tongue.

"Let's see if this little monkey can climb..." Arms sliding up my arms, around my neck, as I brace myself against the wall her legs slide up my legs, and she's shimmying all that wet deliciousness up up up. She's got her legs wrapped around my waist, and her arms around my neck, and those perfect glistening breasts are right in my face. Jesus. She's so proud of herself she gives a little bounce and a squeal, and then it's different noises because I'm lapping up all that water with broad strokes of my tongue. She tastes so good, before I know it, before I've thought about it, I've got her pressed against the wall and I'm sliding, sliding, sliding all over that wet pink perfection.

"Oh god, Emmett, please! Ohhhh!"

I push in, and I'm home. She's looking right into my eyes, and we can't get any closer but I never want to be farther apart.

"I love you. I love you so much, Bella. You can't ever leave. This is home now. This is perfect. We shouldn't ever let it end. Please!"






And then we're boneless on the floor of the shower, trying to catch our breath, and I pull her farther into my lap because I don't want any part of her touching the cold floor. Or maybe I don't want any part of her touching anything but me. Jealous of the floor now, are we? Maybe... Shut up.

And right when I think it's a miracle the hot water hasn't run out yet, it does.

"Fuck, that's cold!" And I'm grabbing her up and dashing out probably much faster than is wise in a shower, but we're good, and I snatch towels on my way and we crash back into my bed. Maybe she'd like to play the floor is hot lava game? For the rest of our lives? Well, I guess we'd get hungry. How about the ground outside my house is hot lava? Whipped! Nah, I'm just a planner. I'll figure it out.

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