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Warnings: SLASH MerlinxArthur

What about? AU Merlin. This is a bit "Titanic" style. That strange idea came to me when I was watching "Titanic" week ago. Arthur is a young rich man who is on the Titanic with his step sister Morgana and his uncle Henry. He can't stand all the pressure and wants to kill himself. Then he meets young artist - Merlin. Then their lives change forever.

English is not my mother language. I'm sorry for some mistakes.

My heart will go on

Chapter 1

"On the bow"

Titanic was wafting across the ocean. There was a night. Millions of stars were shining from the pure sky. Breeze was very enjoyable. It cooled people down. It was perfect.

Merlin Emrys, young dark haired painter who was looking for his place in the world, laid on the bench. He was a lucky man. He had won a ticket on a voyage of dreams on the greatest ship that had been ever made. Young man was going to the America. He didn't really know why. He had just won that ticket and decided. Emrys always followed his heart and this time it said him to go and don't care. Well... to be honest, he never really cared. He felt free.

That night Merlin was looking at the stars. As an artist, he was waiting for an inspiration. He had a time.

Then he heard something. Someone ran near him very fast. Too fast. It was strange. Merlin sat down and looked at that person. He or she, Emrys was not sure then, was quite far from him by now. Young man didn't think too much and ran after that person.

It was a blond man. Definitely the rich one. Merlin was sure that he had seen him before. But it didn't matter then. That man acted as if he wanted to kill himself. He stood on the bow and wanted to jump into the cold, ocean water.

"Stop!" Merlin said.

That man turned his head. He was a bit shocked. He didn't suppose that someone would see him.

"Don't come up here!" The blond man yelled.

"Calm down. You don't really want to do this." Merlin tried to sound friendly.

"You don't understand." The rich one said.

"Then try to explain me." Emrys made a few little steps. "But you don't really want to do this."

"You don't know me." His voice was trembling.

Merlin held his hand.

"Let me help you," he said."I'm Merlin Emrys, by the way." Maybe it was not the most important thing to say in that moment but he had to talk with that blond man.

Rich man looked into Merlin's eyes. They were the same. They both had beautiful, pure blue eyes. Emrys was not sure what helped. Maybe there were exactly that eyes, but the other man nodded slowly and let the dark haired stranger help him.

When he was safe again he said:

"Thank you." However he didn't dare to look into that blue eyes again. He felt guilty.

"What's your name?" Merlin asked.

The blond one hesitated. Eventually he decided that mister Emrys deserved to know it.

"Arthur," he said. "Arthur Pendragon. And yes... from that Pendragons."

"Nice to meet you." Merlin smiled. Young Pendragon felt strange warmth in his heart when he saw that amazing smile. He had never seen something even a bit similar to this.

"Will you...?"

"No." Merlin answered before Arthur could finish his question. "I will not tell anyone."

Arthur was impressed. That dark haired man understood more than anyone could suppose.

"Thank you," he said again. "You must..." Pendragon hesitated. "You must think that such a person like me, don't know what are problems."

"I'm not here to judge you."

Arthur looked into his eyes. Somehow he found in them peace and consolation.

"Do you want to talk with someone?" Merlin asked.

"With a stranger?"

"I am not stranger any more. I just saved your life."

"Really? Did someone else notice it?" Young Pendragon said.

"Prat." That sounded the Merlin's answer.

"Mister Emrys! How dare you speak to me this way?" Arthur asked and laughed. He really enjoyed the dark haired man's company.

"Excuse me," Merlin said. "You are Mister Prat."

They laughed together.

"Anyway... why did you want to do this?" The dark haired man asked suddenly.

Arthur looked at the sky.

"I had my reasons," he said.

"I understand that you don't want to say it. You don't know me and... well... this is not what you'd like that other people knew about you. However... if you tell me, maybe I'll be able to help you or something...

"You've already helped me," Arthur said. "I'm glad I met you." He sighed hardly. "I admit that it was a very bad idea but... I couldn't stand all those things any more."

"What things?" Merlin asked. "Of course if you can tell me. I don't want you to do what you don't really want to do."

Blond man smiled sadly.

"That's it," he said.

"What is it?" Emrys asked frowning.

Arthur bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes for a moment. The other man saw that it was not easy for him.

"Everyone wants me to do something what I don't want to do," he said quietly.

"Can't you refuse?"

Pendragon laughed sadly.

"I'm afraid I can't."

"Why? It is your life. You have the right to choose."

"First of all, I am Arthur, son of the great and bloody Uther Pendragon. I have to do the things that he thinks they're right. It is my bloody duty."

Merlin hesitated and after a while he said:

"He's your father. He loves you for sure. You just can't let him decide all the time. How old are you?" He said.


"It was a rhetorical question," Merlin said. "However, I'm nineteen as well."

"Fine." Arthur looked at the moon. "About my father... he doesn't like when someone tells him no. Besides he can't listen."

"Sad." Emrys sighed.

"What is your father like?" Arthur asked suddenly. He wanted to go on with that conversation. There was something about that Merlin. He couldn't put his fingers on it. He was different. Penragon had never met someone like him before.

"I don't remember my father," Merlin said sadly. "He died when I was four."

"I'm sorry," Pendragon said lowing his gaze. "Well... I've never seen my mother. She died just after my birth."

"I'm sorry."

Arthur smiled sadly.

"And what with your mother?" He asked.

"She's everything for me," Merlin admitted. "However I'm not the best son. I don't see her very often. I've chosen the life of the wanderer."

"You live your life. You do something what I'm dreaming about."

"You can always try to do the same," Emrys said.

"It's too late. Funny... I had never talked with anybody this way... Even with my stepsister. You know... I care about her more than I care about my father."

"Don't say it's too late."

"But it is." Arthur said firmly. "Do you have any idea why am I going to America?"

Merlin looked at him carefully.

"To marry the woman that my father chose for me."

"You don't love her, do you?" The dark haired man asked.

Arthur smirked.

"I barely know her."

"Was it the reason that you wanted to jump?"

Pedragon nodded slowly.

"But you were right," he said after a moment. "I didn't really want to do this."

"What did you want to do then?" Merlin asked seriously.

Arthur Pendragon wanted to answer. He really did. But something didn't let him. It was his stepsister's voice.

"Arthur! Here you are! Oh..." She looked at the Merlin. "You're not alone here." The woman looked strangely at them both.

They realised that they were sitting on the deck in such a odd place.

Pendragon stood up.

"Well... this is mister Merlin Emrys," he said. "We were talking."

"I can see..." she said.

"And this is my stepsister: miss Morgana Le Fay."

"Nice to meet you," Merlin said making handshake with her. "Miss Le Fay," he added after a while.

"Anyway..." Morgana turned to her brother. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you think that I should ask you that question?" Arthur said.

"I'm looking for you," she said. "Uncle is a bit disappointed and angry. You had something to do, didn't you?"

"For the heaven's sake, Morgana, you're right! And I've already thought that you're getting crazy because your dear friend Gwen couldn't go with you."

Morgana rose her eyebrow.

"Well... I can see that you finally found someone to talk with," she said. "You're not going to bore me any more," she added smirking. "If you don't mind, I'll go now. It's a bit cold here. And... better go to the uncle. It's my good advise." Woman turned on her heel and went ahead.

"Wait!" Arthur shouted. "I go with you."

He looked last time at Merlin.

"Sorry," he said smiling sheepishly. "And thank you." Then Pendragon ran after his stepsister.

Merlin was looking at him until he disappeared in the darkness. Emrys nictated several times, smiled and came back to his cabin.

It was definitely strange day.

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