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My heart will go on

Chapter 13

"New land"

The Statue of Liberty was a symbol of New York. It was huge and it made people feel a bit small. However Merlin and Arthur, who survived the Titanic's disaster, looked up at it with a great hope.

They and the other people were in the area of the harbour. There was a silence everywhere. Everybody was shocked by what had happened. It was so hard to believe.

People didn't know what to do or where to go. They could only wait for some kind of help that had to come finally.

There was raining but Merlin and Arthur didn't care about it. They survived and only that mattered.

"Arthur?" the dark haired boy whispered to his lover after a long while of silence between them. The blonde looked up at Merlin with question in his blue eyes. "What with your stepsister?" The artist dared to ask. He had been fighting with himself a longer while but finally he decided to ask blonde about it.

"I don't know," Arthur answered quietly. Merlin noticed the sorrow in his lover's eyes. "I hope she's safe."

"I'm sure she is," the artist tried to comfort him.

The blonde smiled lightly. It was good to have someone like Merlin by his side. "Thank you," Arthur whispered. "I don't know what I would without you."

"Me as well," the raven haired boy admitted.

They went silent again. The drops of rain made them feel free. Merlin liked the touch of water that he couldn't drown in.

Some people started moving as the sun appeared in the sky. They woke up from the sad reflection.

Suddenly Arthur heard some female voice. It sounded so familiar. He lifted his head up and gazed around. It was not easy to find the source of that voice.

"What's wrong?" Merlin asked him worryingly. "Arthur?"

The blonde didn't listen to him then. Abruptly he saw her. He couldn't be wrong. The long black hair and pale skin. The woman must have felt that someone was watching her because she turned around. Their eyes met.

Merlin followed Arthur's gaze and saw her as well.

"Morgana..." the blonde said, standing up slowly.

The woman smiled softly and started going towards them, almost running. "Arthur..." she said happily. "You're alive." The stepsiblings hugged. "I was so scared."

"Me too," Arthur admitted.

They let go of each other. "I've found Merlin," Arthur said proudly.

Morgana looked at the other boy. He was like a male version of her. She smiled softly at him and shook his hand. "I'm so glad to see you, mister Emrys."

"Merlin," the boy said. "Call me Merlin. I don't like that formal titles," he admitted honestly.

The woman shook his hand more enthusiastically. "So do I. Call me Morgana." She looked at her stepbrother. "Now I really understand why you've lost your mind for Merlin," the woman said not carrying about Arthur's blush. "He's so cute and charming." This time Merlin flushed. "Anyway... what are you going to do now?"

"Be together," Arthur simply answered.

Morgana smirked. "I already know that... you were ready to die for him... it means a lot. I just wonder what you're going to do together. How are you going to live?"

"We'll see and take what the world will give us," Merlin said quietly.

"Exactly," Arthur confirmed. "We'll go somewhere where my father won't find us."

"So you're going to leave me..." Morgana sighed. "But I understand. Uther would do anything to break your relationship. Because it's a relationship, right?"

"Right," the blonde answered. He almost forgot how irritating she could be. "Won't you tell anybody that you met me? I think that it would be easier... Let them think that I died or went away without any farewell. At least for now..."

"As you wish," Morgana agreed. "But you have to promise me something." She looked very seriously.

"What is it?" the blonde asked slowly. He wasn't sure what was in his stepsister's mind. The old, good experience told him that it could be a bit dangerous.

"Nothing bad," she assured him but Arthur raised his right eyebrow in a very doubting way. "Really..." Morgana rolled her eyes. "I just want you to promise me that you'll be writing letters to me. That's it. Or if you want you can send that letters at Gwen's address so Uther will not find out. We can trust Gwen. She won't tell anyone. I'm sure that."

The blonde smirk. "Is it my imagination or you want to have another reason to paying Guinevere more visits?"

"Clotpole," the women said. "That's completely off the point. I don't need to have reasons to meet Gwen. She's my dearest friend and..."

"Dearest..." Arthur said. "Exactly."

"Shut up." Morgana couldn't stand it any longer. She looked at Merlin. "I don't know how you're going to live with him. I fed up with him!" She smiled at the raven haired boy. "However I'm glad that you'll set me free. Finally I'll be able to find much time for my personal life. And I'll share that time with anybody I'd like to." Woman threw a meaningful look at her stepbrother. "And I'll be despising other people's words."

"I'm not judging you, Morgana," Arthur told her. "It was just a little suggestion."

"If Gwen heard that..." She started. "I don't even want to think what she would do."

"And I don't want to know what you would do to her if you could," the blonde said before he could stopped himself.

The dark haired woman became even paler before she blushed deeply in the end. Morgana liked Gwen. That was true. She loved the moments when they were only alone. She always had shivers when that girl brushed her hair. But it didn't mean that Arthur could say what he did. "That's enough," Morgana told him a bit harshly. "I just asked you to send me the letters and I want to hear the answer and answer only."

Arthur noticed that his stepsister was hurt. He thought that he had said too much. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have..." Morgana glanced at him carefully. "And of course... I'll be writing to you."

"Good," the woman said. "You're sometimes so heartless."

Merlin was silent this whole time. He didn't have a sister or brother. He didn't know how the relations between siblings went. The boy was a bit shocked. He didn't know that Gwen but Morgana seemed to be very fond of her.

The blonde took the woman's hand into his palm. "But you know that I really care about you, don't you?" he asked. "I couldn't have better sister."

Morgana beamed. "Maybe you're not so bad," she said and looked at Merlin. "Perhaps you'll be able to stand him."

"Perhaps," the boy finally said something.

The woman laughed. "I see that my brother we'll be in good hands. I hope you'll be able to temper him."

"Temper me?" Arthur frowned. "I don't need to be tempered!"

"You think that..." Morgana and Merlin said in the same moment.

"You want to change me?" the blonde asked Merlin. "I thought that you like me the way as I am!"

"I love you the way as you are..." the boy assured him. "I was just kidding! Moreover... I love your temperament when we..." Merlin looked at Morgana.

"Stop now..." she suggested. "I don't really want to know any details."

The men flushed a bit.

"Anyway..." the woman became suddenly a bit serious. "I think that there's time for me... for us to say goodbye." She smiled sadly. "I'm going to come back to England as soon as possible. I'm not sure what is with uncle. Someone told me that he's alive but I haven't seen him yet. If you don't want to meet him, you should be very careful."

"Thank you, Morgana," Arthur told her. "We'll go somewhere and we'll start living again." He held Merlin's hand. "I hope that one day we'll be able to meet again," he said to his stepsister.

"I'm sure that." Morgana kissed Arthur's cheek. "Goodbye."



Merlin and Arthur were staying on the cold sand, admiring the beauty of the lake in front of them. They had got some money as a compensation and could finally find the land that they had dreamt about.

"It's a private area." The men heard female voice. They turned around and saw an older lady.

"I'm sorry," Arthur said. "We didn't know. We're going away."

"That's not necessary," the woman assured him, smiling. "You can be my guests. It all belongs to me." She sighed. "I'd like to talk to somebody."

Merlin and Arthur shared one look. They were not sure if they could do that.

"I'm not biting," the lady told them. "Besides you look tired. Follow me..."

The man agreed and went after her. The woman's house was quite big. It looked as if she was living there alone. She invited them to the living room and after a moment she came back there with a tray and cups of tea.

"My name is Elizabeth Willow," she introduced herself.

Merlin looked at Arthur and the blonde understood that it was their turn. "I'm Arthur Pendragon and it's my friend Merlin Emrys."

The woman smiled. "Nice to meet you. I'm so glad that I've met you." She went silent for a moment. "Would you like to listen the story of my life?" Elizabeth asked them suddenly.

The boys nodded politely. She wanted to talk to someone and she was so nice. Besides her story could be quite interesting.

"Forty three years ago, when I was seventeen, my life have changed forever. My parents forced me to marry much older, rich man." She sighed. "He was in his early forties and for me, young girl, was horrible. But it wasn't the worst thing..." The woman looked at the window. It must have been very painful for her. "I was in love with a young boy who worked for my father. But we couldn't be together. He was poor. I didn't care about it but for my parents money were something the most important. So I didn't even tell them about my feelings towards Tom."

"Did he love you too?" Merlin asked shyly.

Elizabeth glanced at him. "Yes," she answered. "My husband... he was using me... forcing me to do things that I didn't want to. He married me only because I was pretty. I sometimes thought that I was his toy for bed and nothing else. But my parents were over the moon. They got status and money... You have no idea how much I was happy when my husband died after twenty years of our marriage. Finally I was free... He left me that house and the grounds... I've lived alone since his death. But loneliness was better than living by his side."

"What with Tom?" Arthur asked her. "Couldn't you find him? Or did he have his own family already?"

"I was looking for him a long time... after an year I found out that he had fallen ill and died... We couldn't be together on the earth. But I know that one day we'll meet again." The lady smiled sadly. "It's my story. You're the first people who's heard everything... I had to tell somebody."

"Why did you choose us?" Merlin looked at her carefully.

"Because you came here... I have this house cleaned every week by one girl from the village. She's the only one who's coming here. But she's not a person who can listen. Fortunately, you are." Elizabeth stood up and came up to the window. "I hope that you'll stay here... you seemed to like the lake..."

The men looked at each other. They weren't sure if it was a good idea. The woman was an older lady and they wanted to be together. Merlin and Arthur didn't want to pretend that they were just friends.

"We..." the blonde hesitated. "I'm not sure if..."

The woman turned around and faced the boys. "I don't care that you're in love with each other," she assured them. Merlin and Arthur were really shocked. Elizabeth smiled. "It's so obvious. I watched you a while before I told you that it's a private area."

"You don't condemn us?" the dark haired youth couldn't believe.

"In my life I've understood one thing. Love doesn't choose... You are happy together and that's important."

"So you want us to stay here with you?" Arthur asked her.

"Yes. I don't want to be alone... I need some companionship... Besides someone should take this house when I die. I think that you would be happier here than I was."

"When you die?" The blonde frowned.

"I feel that my days are coming to an end," she said but looked quite happy. "I can't wait for that moment. I will be able to see my Tom again."

The men stayed with the lady. She asked them to call her aunt Lizzie. Tom had called her this way and she loved that deminutive.

The woman died after one year. She didn't fall ill or something like that. Aunt Lizzie just fell asleep and didn't wake up any more. Her dead face was smiling. Merlin and Arthur were sure that she was finally happy.

"What are you doing?" The dark haired man asked his lover one day.

"I'm writing letter to Morgana. She must be angry. I haven't written for ages." Arthur sighed. "Besides I'm not sure what should I write. Any idea, Merlin?"

The boy looked at the unwritten piece of paper. "You could at least write dear Morgana," Merlin told him.

Arthur just rolled his eyes. However he wrote down his stepsister's name. "What now?" he asked.

"Remind her how much you love me," Merlin suggested. "And that you miss her."

"I don't miss her," Arthur denied.

"Yes, you do." The boy sighed. "You should invite her here."

"No way! I don't want her to ruin my world!"

"Then invite Gwen as well. Morgana will have her best friend by her side and will be happier. It's a big house. Besides you will be able to check if you were right teasing her about that girl or not."

Arthur looked into his lover's eyes. "You're brilliant." He kissed him in the mouth and said: "You know... that letter can wait till the morning. Bed! Now!"

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