Next time, we won't let ourselves get hurt like this. We'll remain strong and we won't cry ourselves to sleep at night. Next time, things will be different.
Don't worry. I won't let anyone get to you again – like you won't let anyone get to me again.
It's over. We've survived and we're still here, talking to each other.

I'll cry for you and you'll cry for me, and we'll cry for each other. We'll hold each other and support each other, we won't let each other go. We'll be there for each other.

And after that, we will be stronger. We both will be stronger. We lived through another disaster, another nightmare, but we've come out, and we'll be stronger. We will show them what they get for messing with us. We'll show them how we could crush them if we wanted to.

Because they're weak, and we're not. They are the ones who use their power. Yes, we cry, we break down, we get hurt, but after that, we've added another layer to our shield, another weapon to our defence. The only thing they can do is look at us and wonder. See what they're missing. Try to get us back, but we won't let them – because we remember what happened last time. And we've grown stronger and broke through their protection, and we know what it is like now.

And we'll stay here and be with each other until we see someone, we meet someone on the street and it starts all over again.

It's the cycle of life. Pain is part of it. This hurt, what we are feeling right now, is a common feeling. It's part of life.


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