What Child is This – Garth Brooks

He wasn't even sure he believed in the story of the birth of Jesus. He had no reason to not believe it. The stories had made him smile as a child, like it did for most Earth children, especially the part about the shepherds telling the Wise Men to follow the star to the stable where the child was born. Not that he thought gold, frankincense, and myrrh were appropriate gifts for a newborn but the pictures he had seen of the miracle birth all showed a smiling Mary and Joseph so they must have thought it was okay.

When Spock began to ask about the origins of Christmas, Jim explained it in the way he had always heard it. Spock thought it was a fascinating series of myths but surely most Earth-born people did not believe it to be fact. Most Earth-born Christians did, Jim explained. Or had at one time. And it had given them Christmas, which reminded them all that there was a greater purpose to life.

Little Drummer Boy – Josh Groban

Spock thought this song to be particularly Human in its intent and repetitive nature. Humans, he knew, found great comfort in having the most mysterious of events represented in a simple and straightforward manner. The story of the little drummer who had no gifts to provide the newly born Christ child would make those with no material goods feel as worthy as though who had provided the gold, frankincense, and myrrh. And if the Earth-born Christians were comforted by the fact that a destitute child was as welcome to the cradle of their new born Messiah as the wealthy Wise Men, then he could hardly fault their reasoning. He did request, finally, that Jim take that particular song out of his Christmas mix. He didn't feel any need to have "pa-rump-a-pum" repeating in his head any longer than it already had.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Kenny Logins

Jim didn't need any of the things listed in the song to have a Merry Christmas. His heart was light because he had the only thing he needed – Spock had confessed his love, finally. Jim had tried to tell him so many times in so many ways how he felt but Spock could not understand. When Jim finally spelled it out to him, Spock stared at him, black eyes wide and brimming – not with tears, but with happiness.

They would be together through the next year, their troubles would be out of sight, and Jim at least would be having a Merry little Christmas because he had gotten the one gift he had wanted the entire time he and Spock had served together. The shining star they hung on the Christmas tree in rec room 4 was their gift to the crew – a public declaration of the love the crew knew existed long before Spock would acknowledge it.

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear – Josh Groban

Angels were something else Jim wasn't sure he could believe existed. Because if they did, surely they would have found them by now. On the other hand, maybe angels were the mystical representations of those people in your life who made it worth living. The ones who brought you coffee on the bridge when you were in the fourth hour of your third straight shift. The ones who told you that the shields were back to maximum and the Klingons had self-destructed. The ones who informed you that the shuttle had been recovered and although those aboard were unconscious, Dr. McCoy said that they would be fine once he gave them enough oxygen to replace that which they had been without. Angels were the ones who came to your quarters at midnight to tell you that they had found Mr. Spock on the planet, and he and the landing party were unharmed and would be back aboard in the next 20 minutes as soon as Scotty had the transporters back on lone.

I Wonder as I Wander Out Under the Sky – Linda Ronstadt

The planet was beautiful – the sky clear and bright, reminiscent of Earth's blue. But the beauty hid awful secrets that they learned of only too late to save two of their crewmembers. And the solar eclipse that occurred just as they beamed down only made the situation worse. They inhabitants of the planet were suspicious and frightened of the natural phenomena that coincided with their arrival. They refused to listen to any of their reasoned arguments and Jim ordered an emergency beam out but not soon enough to save the two botanists who were speared before the transporters caught them.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - Garth Brooks.

It had been a particularly bad month aboard Enterprise. They had lost…too many crewmembers. They had limped to the Starbase, barely enough power to arrive safely. Jim knew that Starfleet was going to ream him a new one when they contacted him once they were finally docked. He was shocked when the Admirals told him that they were putting him in for commendation, along with the rest of his crew. That they had survived the attacks and still prevented galaxy wide unrest was more than praise worthy.

Rest well, the Admirals said as they signed off

My Favorite Things - Eddie Fisher

Spock. My starship. Bones even when he's cranky. Spock. Shore leave. Watching Uhura give the icy stare of fury to those crewmembers who annoy her. The end of Alpha shift when things have gone well and I know that Beta will not have too many things to worry about. Scotty when he tells me "I'm givin' it all I got." Watching Sulu and Chekov whisper over their panels like I can't see them. Telling Bones I am not coming to MedBay under any circumstances so I can listen to him mumble and threaten me. Spock.

Sleigh Ride – Neil Diamond

"There is absolutely no reason for us to avail ourselves of this mode of transport," Spock said with his version of indignation, frozen indignation as it was 28 degrees Fahrenheit in Iowa.

"It's a sleigh, Spock. It's a tradition," Jim said with a bright smile. Jim climbed onto the sleigh, holding up the cozy blankets in invitation. Spock reluctantly climbed aboard, sitting pressed closed to his t'hy'la. When Jim put the blankets over them, Spock had to admit there was something endearing about this tradition, Jim's cheeks pink from the cold as he snuggled closer to Spock.

Winter Wonderland – Garth Brooks

"You know I hate snow," Spock said for the 20th time since they had beamed down. "This is not a wonderland to me."

"Stop complaining. I love snow," Jim said, throwing a snowball at Spock which earned him a hot glare. "We need to build a snowman."

"Absolutely not. I am returning to our cabin," Spock said, hands shoved deep in his pockets, hood zipped all the way up to his chin.

"Alright," Jim conceded with a smile, walking next to Spock as they returned to the warm cabin, the fire still blazing brightly. When they were out of their wet coats and mittens and boots, they lay stretched out before the fire, Jim gazing dreamily at the dancing flames.

"Will you marry me?" Spock asked softly into Jim's still cold ear.

Jim thought he had dreamt the words until he turned to study Spock's face with the expectant expression. "Really?"


Merry Christmas Santa – Muppets

"Tell me again the purpose of dressing in artificial red and white fur head to toe?" Spock said as he helped Jim stuff another pillow into the ridiculous outfit.

"Stop trying to understand it, love. Santa is a cherished and beloved Christmas tradition on Earth. And I told you, he brings presents to good little boys and girls."

"We have no children on Enterprise," Spock pointed out.

"I know. But the crew has been very good this year and deserves presents," Jim said, putting the equally ridiculous hat on his head, joining the ridiculous fake beard he had glued on already.

"Very well."

The obvious joy that the arrival of Santa brought to the crew gathered in rec room 4 made Spock reconsider his original assessment of the tradition.

"I see that now you understand," Jim whispered into Spock's ear when they sat pressed together in the oversized chair someone had procured for Santa's arrival.

"I understand," Spock agreed, giving Jim a quick kiss on his smiling lips. "Merry Christmas, Santa."

Go Tell It On the Mountain – Garth Brooks

That's what Jim wanted to do – tell it over the hills and everywhere that Spock had proposed. Spock wanted to marry him with all his flaws and irritating habits and all-too-human personality. It had to be a Christmas miracle that Spock had asked him to marry him because Jim had begun to believe it was never going to happen. It wasn't that he thought Spock didn't love him enough. On the contrary, Spock's love was unconditional and complete. But loving Jim and marrying him were two different things. Marrying meant permanently tying himself to the one person who scared Spock more than death itself. But Spock was sure, had given Jim his promise, mentally sharing with Jim the portion of his mind that held tight to everything Jim was to him.

Yeah, he'd go tell it on a mountain just as soon as Spock released his mouth so he could talk again.