10 More Random Christmas Songs
(Or How Many Ways Can I Avoid Actually Studying For My Spanish Final)

1) Let It Snow – Garth Brooks

"The weather outside is frightful," Spock said to Jim who was lounging in front of the fire, not in the least concerned about the blizzard that was howling beyond the window of their cabin.

"It hardly matters, love. Come enjoy some of this popcorn," Jim coaxed with a smile, throwing another kernel in the air and effortless catching it in his mouth.

"Explain to me the purpose of popcorn," Spock requested, laying down next to Jim.

"There isn't one," Jim admitted. "But I still love eating it in front of the fire with my best friend."

"Best friend with benefits," Spock clarified, kissing his love's smiling, salty, buttery mouth.

2) Jingle Bells – Willie Nelson

"Jingle bells, jingle bells," the crew sang with much more enthusiasm than talent. Spock stood slightly apart, silently amused by the custom. The more eggnog they consumed, the louder they sang. And what did a one horse open sleigh have to do with the Earth tradition of Christmas, exactly? He'd have to remember to ask Jim when he had the chance. He'd ask him now but the Captain was the one orchestrating this sing-along. Who knew Jim could play the piano, if one could actually call what he was doing playing?

3) Pretty Paper – Roy Orbison

"Why would you not just hand the gift to me?" Spock asked when Jim extended a festively wrapped gift to him.

"Because that's not how it's done," Jim explained patiently. "You have to wrap Christmas presents. Unwrapping them is half the fun."

"What is the other half?" Spock asked, his arms still firmly folded over his chest in his most 'why are humans so utterly – human' stance.

Jim laughed at him, pulling him to sit down next to him on their loveseat. "Stop being so stubborn and open it."

"Very well," Spock agreed, taking off the paper to discover a real bound volume of his favorite Vulcan poetry. Maybe he did understand the purpose of Christmas gifts after all.

4) The First Noel – Josh Groban

"Mary knew she carried the son of God?" Spock asked as Jim put out his nativity, one of the few items he had actually brought with him from his Iowa house.

"Yeah," Jim said. "The Angel of the Lord told her."

"Why then was she not appropriately accommodated when her journey was complete? Why was the son of God born in a stable?"

"Because God wanted his son to be accepted as human. Not as a god but as a messiah," Jim explained.

"A messenger," Spock said, putting the camels in their place beside the stable, one of the figures watching over them.

"Yes. Joseph agreed to marry her even though she was having a baby not his," Jim said.

"He was an extraordinary man," Spock said.

"He was. Then when Jesus was born, the shepherds came to worship at the manger. That was the first noel - the first night of blessings."

"It's a lovely story," Spock said as he placed the beautifully delicate angel on top of the manager to look after the Christ child and his holy family.

5) Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley

"It's ridiculous that Starfleet would send you on assignment at all. But now?" Jim asked, his anger showing through.

"Christmas is not my holiday," Spock reminded him.

"But it's mine. And we requested spousal assignment. Why does it make it okay for them to assign you to this survey now? I don't want to spend Christmas without you."

"We have no power to alter their decision, t'hy'la," Spock pointed out.

"But it's Christmas," Jim complained one more time.

6) Christmas Song – Josh Groban

Chestnuts roasting, check.
Artificial snowmen in the corners, check.
Christmas songs to play during the party, check.
Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, check.
Mistletoe strategically placed around the ship, check.
Replica reindeer with bells on their harnesses, check.
Presents for the entire crew under the gigantic tree, check.
His t'hy'la in a red velvet shirt, check.

"Merry Christmas to you," Jim said as he opened the door to allow the crew to enter and begin the festivities, Spock by his side, greeting all the crew as they poured in, their voices filled with excitement.

7) It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year – Garth Brooks

"It is the most wonderful time of the year," Jim told Bones. "The happiest season of all."

"For you maybe. You're in love. You have your ship."

"You have me," Jim said with a bright smile. "Even if you're being grumpy, you'll come to the party, right? Spock will never forgive you if you don't."

"Why would he care? As long as you are there, he'll have everything you need," Bones reminded him.

"But he wants to roast marshmallows with you. And you have to read 'The Night Before Christmas.' It's your job."

"You could do it," Bones said.

"Nope. You have to. 'Kay?" Jim asked, smiling his most charming smile.

"Alright. Just cheer the hell down and I'll do it."

8) Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer – Gene Autry

"So you are telling me that the other reindeer ostracized one of their kind because of perceived differences?" Spock asked when Rudolph had played in Jim's Christmas mix.

"Yeah. He had a very shiny nose – you might even say it glowed," Jim confirmed.

"When it was determined that Rudolph and his irregularity was of value to Santa Claus, only then did the other reindeer accept him as full member of their herd?" Spock asked.

"Well, I don't think anyone thinks about reindeer herds. But that's pretty much it. The other reindeer wouldn't let Rudolph play any of their reindeer games."

"And what precisely is a reindeer game? They have no opposable thumbs. They cannot manipulate…."

"I'll take it out of my mix if you'll stop asking," Jim finally decided, stopping they rest of Spock's questions. It wasn't one of his favorite songs anyway.

9) White Christmas – Donna Summer

He rarely ever felt nostalgic. It wasn't like his home life growing up was anything to miss or to wish to recreate. But there was something undeniably wondrous about a white Christmas, the world blanketed by snow, a hush falling with the flakes. He had no desire to return to Iowa for Christmas, or any other holiday. But it never would feel quite like Christmas on board his starship. The cold, darkness of space was beautiful to him, but would never replace a world turned white with snow, not at Christmas.

10) Deck the Halls – John Denver and the Muppets

"Where do you think you will find boughs of holly?" Bones asked as he leaned closer to watch Jim finish his list for the crew party.

"No idea. You talk to Scotty about programming the holo-fire?"

"Yes," Bones agreed, reaching over to point at the list. "You get the music?"


"What is the meaning of fa-la-la-la-la-la?" Spock asked from across the table where he sat drinking his tea.

"No clue," Jim admitted. "Just one of those Christmas mysteries."

"You ever heard the song?" Bones asked.

"I have. Seems…repetitious and filled with nonsense," Spock observed.

"It would to you," Bones said with a shrug.

"Hey, guys, 'tis the season to be jolly!" Jim scolded with a laugh.

"Of course," Spock said.

"Bones? If you aren't nice to Spock, Santa won't bring you anything for Christmas," Jim warned.

"Okay. I'll be jolly, just for you."

"Preciate it. Now I need to go find some gay apparel to don so I'll be ready," Jim said happily, leaving the other two to exchange fond, amused glances at their Captain's childlike enthusiasm for his favorite holiday.