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White Lies


"Now that's a lie." Cal Lightman's eyebrow arched as he stared at his daughter. "Tell me the truth Emily, you were the one who set this up, weren't ya."

Emily Lightman smiled a dominative smile and shrugged. "Doesn't matter, does it Dad? And stop doing that. I hate it when you do that."

"Well, I hate it when you start interfering in my love life. Besides, as your father I will read you if I like."

Turning to face him, the determined teenager stuck out her tongue while scrunching up her face, "This is what I am going to do from now on. Every time you try to read me, I am going to make a face." Again her face contorted in a comic parody of what was considered normal expression. "Look, this one is called O.M. my dad be more annoying." With jaw slack, mouth open, and eyes wide, she tilted her head and let it roll back onto her shoulder.

Pointing, Lightman gave her an annoyed but bemused smile. "That's lovely. Really it is. You look like your head has gone all wobbly or something."

Emily smiled. "Thank you. I am glad you like it."

"I do, I really do luv, but it doesn't change the fact you are deflecting from the real issue. You set me up on a date. A blind date."


"I don't like blind dates."

"You are going to like this one."

"How you know? I might take one look at her and run off or something. I might think she is a hideous cow. You always hate the women I go out with…"

"Sleep with," interrupted Emily.

"Yeah that too. How do I know you haven't set me up with some spinster who smells like cats or an ex-nun or something? I tell you my darling daughter, this is parental cruelty. This wha you going to do to me when I am old and senile? You gonna call old school marms and say ' oi, me dad is hard up, give him some pity'?"

Ignoring his tirade, Emily handed her father his jacket smiled as . "Just be nice. Don't talk too much and don't annoy her by figuring out what she is thinking before she says it. Trust me, you will love her."

"Love her?" he turned and stared intently at his daughter. "If that is your mum knocking at the door, you have had it."

With a laugh, Emily opened the door to a smiling Gillian Foster. "Okay, I'm here. What's up? Why the urgent call to come over?"

Stepping back Emily held out her hand towards her father. "Nothing, it's just Dad is taking you out."

"What?" asked the two adults in unison.

With the smugness only an adolescent could possess the teenager grinned at the opened mouthed, shocked looks of man and woman in front of her. "It's about time you two finally got together. Here." Stuffing a small packet in her father's hand she started shoving both he and Foster out the door. "Your reservations are in forty minutes and everything is arranged. Just follow the directions on the paper. Oh and I almost forgot. Here's some condoms. Safety first. Night." And with a final nod she closed and locked the door on two astonished faces who were not quite certain how they had been ushered outside.

"The cheek" roared Lightman. "I swear Foster, how did my daughter get so cheeky?"

"You said it, she's your daughter," Taking the piece of paper, Gillian looked at it. "Nice. She's got taste too. Look, not only has she made us dinner reservations, there is a room reserved for us at the Roosevelt as well."

"Hence the condoms."

Gillian blushed, "Yeah, the condoms."

With an embarrassed shrug Lightman slipped the small box into his jacket pocket. "So Foster, wha we do. Disappoint the kid, break down the door and throttle the life from her or what?"

Gillian considered. "Tempting, though this is a very nice restaurant and according to our instructions, dinner has been paid for so either we forfeit months of her allowance or we go."

"I give her too much. Allowance. We will see about allowance."

"Oh Cal." Gillian took his arm and started walking his off the porch. "She's a teenager. Let's just go."

"Alright, my money anyway might as well enjoy it. Dinner it is." He stopped. "Did she pay for the room too?"

"Looks like it, but…"Gillian blushed.

Eyeing her Cal grinned. "Yeah, dinner."


Holding open her car door for her, Cal Lightman helped Gillian into her car much to the delight of the teenager watching them from the windows.

Author's note: I have not written in a long time. Hope this isn't total crap. Depending on if anyone likes it, I will do another bit of them at dinner.