Chapter 3

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Gillian Foster ran her hand through her hair and internally sighed. What am I doing, she thought as she watched her partner and friend hop on the bed and bounce.

"Lovely," he smiled with a wink at her. "Nice spring action."

The smile appeared on her lips before she could stop it and then the hesitation set in. Her eye scanned the room desperate for anything to settle on other than that damned bed. "Cal, I… I am not certain we should do this."

"Do what?"

Again the unconscious and unwanted smile slipped in as she glanced at his boyish grin. Turning her back to him quickly, Gillian made an intense study of the flyers and hotel catalogue which lay haphazardly on the desk. I will not do this, She chastised herself. I will not go to bed with him. She startled as two hands with long sensual fingers took hold of her open arms and turned her slowly around. Before she could speak an objection, lips met hers in an tender and endearing enticement. With eyes fluttering closed, Gillian allowed herself to be wrapped the kiss. Somehow the hands sliding across her back pulling her closely to a warm, beckoning body faltered her resolve.

"Gill" husked Lightman as he pulled her closer. Subconsciously Gillian's mind registered with her shoes they were the same height. There was no awkward reaching up or tilt of the head. The kiss was dead on even which magnified the intensity of it.

"Cal," she breathed when he finally pulled away. "Please."

With a laugh he moved to kiss her again. "Begging already Foster?" He caught her lips with his. "We haven't even started yet." He deepened the kiss, making her knees buckle. Somehow they had moved to the bed and Lightman slowly lowering her onto it. His weighed pressed on top of her as his mouth explored hers. How long they kissed Gillian was uncertain, but as the intensity rose and hands took on lives of their own, Foster knew it was time to stop or crossover the other side of the line. Cal's mouth was doing splendid things with her breast when she finally managed to push him away.

"Stop Cal, Stop."

Flushed with arousal, he looked up into her eyes. "Sorry sorry love. Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry." His head dipped back to her breast, his lips and tongue running over them. "Let me kiss it and make it better."

Again Gillian felt herself slipping into the amazing feeling of his embrace but sense also overtook her. "STOP." She pushed hard against his chest, sending him toppling off her.

Confused Cal sat up. "Gil?"

Scrambling around her, Foster looked for her bra and quickly put it on and reached for her blouse. "I'm sorry Cal, I really am."

He sat in a state of shock, his shirt front open and trouser buttons undone. "What I do luv? Gill don't leave! Wait, what did I do wrong?"

Unable to speak, Foster picked up her shoes and purse with tears in her eyes and rushed from the room before Lightman could rise from the bed.