Hello, everyone, and welcome to Sophomores, Freshmen, and a Love Story! First off, if you haven't read the prequel, Seniors, Freshmen, and a Learning Experience, I recommend you do so. Not because I want to shamelessly promote my own work, but because chances are, you will have no clue what's going on in this story if you don't first read the prequel. Unless you're the type that enjoys being confused. If that's you, then by all means, read on!

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"Following the prequel, three teens by the names of Yami, Bakura and Marik go off to college to pursue their own individual dreams, leaving behind their significant others, Yuugi, Ryou, and Malik. While Malik and Yuugi also make advancements in their futures, Ryou is left behind without a clue as to what his future holds. But, as you will find is typical, disasters and obstacles lurk around every curve. With love and life, things are never simply black and white."


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Friday, Ahknemkhanen Estate, Early Morning

Just as the sun came fully up over the horizon, Yami slammed the trunk of his car down and heaved a tired sigh. He had just finished jamming all of his suitcases into his sleek, black, sports utility vehicle. Turning to Yuugi, who was standing on the sidewalk next to Yami's parents, he gave the small teen a weary smile. Yuugi managed to give his boyfriend a smile back, biting down hard on his bottom lip to keep it from trembling. "I guess that's everything," Yami stated simply, for lack of anything better to say. He took a hesitant step towards his family.

Yuugi let out a quiet whimper, releasing some of the pain behind his tortured eyes, and threw himself forward at his boyfriend, grabbing onto the older teen's jacket collar and burying his face in the folds of the cloth. Yami's arms quickly wrapped around the younger teen to catch him, and he mumbled words of comfort as he rocked back and forth, blinking away unshed tears of his own.

"I'm so sorry, Yami," Yuugi repeated over and over hysterically.

"For what?" he asked curiously, placing a kiss on top of Yuugi's head. He breathed in the scent of the younger teen's shampoo, letting the scent calm his frazzled nerves.

"I should be happy for you. You're going off to college, and it really is a wonderful thing! I just can't help but hate it!" he wailed, snapping his head up to look at Yami while frantically wiping the tear stains off of his cheeks.

"I don't want to leave you, Yuugi," Yami confessed sincerely, "But I have to. Promise me that you won't forget to write me letters and call me whenever you can."

They clung to each other there by the curb, watched by Yami's parents. Mr. Ahknemkhanen's face was in its usual smooth, emotionless expression, but Yami's mother looked oddly sympathetic. She gazed at her son and Yuugi in a way that could almost be considered motherly. Even so, she stood resolutely aside her husband, not daring to voice her emotions. Instead, she rolled up her sleeve and glanced at her watch. Noting the time, she cleared her throat. "Atem," she began, "It's time for you to get going."

"I understand," Yami replied, staring deep into Yuugi's eyes. The younger teen's expression nearly broke his heart. Without another word, he pecked Yuugi quickly on the lips and untangled their limbs. Striding around to the driver's side of the car, he got in quickly and slammed the door shut.

Yuugi walked back to the curb, dragging his feet on the pavement. He resumed his place next to Mrs. Ahknemkhanen and waved slowly as Yami drove down the road towards the sunrise. He didn't stop waving until the vehicle was but a pinprick on the horizon. A few seconds later, it vanished from sight completely. He was gone.

Saturday, Domino City Airport, Morning

A lonesome sigh, lost in the thick crowd of people around him, passed Malik's slightly parted lips. He pressed his fingertips to the glass wall of the airport, staring almost lifelessly at the jet that would be taking Marik away from him. It was in moments like this that he found himself wondering why he didn't accept Marik's invitation to go with him to America. Quickly noticing that he was brooding, the teen stepped away from the glass and turned to face the crowd, hoping their bustle and noise would distract him, if only for a moment.

Then, the crowd seemed almost to part as Marik strode towards him, followed at a distance by several men carrying his suitcases. He was wearing a freshly laundered Domino High football jersey and ripped jeans. Malik noted that his boyfriend could pull that outfit off, even though he was to be riding in a sleek, private jet. Marik could pull off whatever he pleased anymore, it seemed. Shaking his head to clear his scattered thoughts, Malik waited patiently for Marik to reach him. When he did, the taller blond enveloped him in a strong embrace. Malik delicately wound his arms around Marik's neck and brought the older teen's head down to meet his. He pressed his lips gently to the others, only to have them parted quickly as Marik slipped his tongue in. Rocking his hips back and forward slightly, Malik absently threaded a hand through Marik's hair as they said their passionate goodbye.

"You know," Marik began musingly as they parted momentarily, "There's still time to change your mind."

"Don't tempt me," Malik countered back playfully, leaning his head up again and silencing all other comments from Marik.

Behind him, someone cleared their throat loudly. Marik turned his head to gaze at the interrupter through half-lidded eyes. "You really ought to get that checked," he commented.

"Sir, your jet is ready to take off," the man said, running his hands down his suit in a nervous gesture, as if to smooth out any creases or wrinkles.

Marik squeezed Malik one last time before kissing him lovingly on the forehead. "Try not to have too much fun without me, alright? And if a stranger offers you a ride, only go with him if he has candy."

Without further comment, Marik untangled his limbs from Malik's, turned, and followed the man in the suit over into the crowd, and they were gone. Malik resolutely turned his attention back to the window and watched mutely as the airplanes came and went on and off of the tarmac. Not so much as a whimper escaped his lips a few moments later as he saw the familiar Tokoshie family jet take off into the cloudless, blue sky.

Domino City Airport, Night

As the weather forecast had promised, the rain poured out of the sky violently, pounding against the glass wall of the airport. Ryou and Bakura stared out at the tarmac together, each lost in their own thoughts. Their fingers were tangled together between them tightly. Bakura's flight was delayed until the storm let up, according to the forecast, the next morning. Rather than leaving and coming back, the two were determined to wait out the storm together.

Together. What a curious word. Ryou found himself thinking this as he watched the onslaught of water hitting the glass forcefully. Bakura insisted that his leaving wouldn't change a thing, that they would still be together. But they wouldn't still be together. They would be an ocean apart. Ryou glanced up at Bakura with a hint of bitterness in his warm, brown eyes. Instead of settling on the school that had accepted him right there in Japan, the older teen had changed his mind, deciding on a branch of the same prestigious school over in America. The deciding factor, Ryou had surmised, was that it was a mere thirty minutes by car from the college Marik was accepted to. Ryou knew that he should be happy for his boyfriend, but he almost couldn't take being second to Marik in Bakura's world.

Bakura stirred Ryou out of his thoughts with a kiss to his temple. "Tired?" he asked, noticing the way the smaller teen's eyelids were fluttering.

"Not really," Ryou said quietly, stifling a yawn.

"Sure you're not," Bakura agreed sarcastically, guiding Ryou over to the row of chairs in front of the window, sitting down, and pulling him up onto his lap. The smaller teen let his head fall onto Bakura's shoulder, noticing absentmindedly how incredibly comfortable it was. Bakura ran his hands up and down Ryou's back, through his hair, and over his shoulders in a comforting gesture. It had been a stressful day for the teen. First, he worried over the weather report, hoping that the pilot of the Necrophades' private jet wouldn't want to take off regardless of the conditions. Then, he worried about what Bakura had packed, going over the list of essentials again and again until Bakura had to lock him in the closet to get him to calm down. When they were leaving for the airport, Ryou worried about the road conditions due to the storm. He had spent nearly the entire time at the airport worrying about what his parents were going to say when he didn't show up at home until the next morning. Bakura had finally let him use his cell phone to call his parents. Even when they assured him it was fine, Ryou still couldn't calm down. He had paced the floor ceaselessly until Bakura made him stand still by his side.

An attendant came up to them with two fluffy blankets in her arms. Bakura ignored the woman as she set them down on the chair next to him, and he glared at her as she began to say something. The teen then let his gaze drift down to Ryou, who was finally peaceful and sound asleep.

Sunday, Mutou Household, Morning

The simple gray alarm clock on Yuugi's nightstand began its shrill call, and he groaned tiredly. Nevertheless, he sat up and rubbed at his bleary eyes with a curled hand. Shutting off his alarm tiredly, Yuugi swung his legs off of the bed and stood up slowly. He had to help with the game shop today, and that unfortunately included waking up early to open said game shop. Stripping out of his pajamas, Yuugi grabbed a pair of light wash jeans off of the floor and pulled them on. He next picked up a t-shirt and turned to look at himself in the full-length mirror hanging on his closet door. The small teen chuckled to himself as he ran his index finger over the slight discoloration on the skin over his collarbone. Yami could get very possessive at times. "Yami," Yuugi murmured longingly, pulling his t-shirt on.

Leaving his bedroom, the teen tiptoed down the hallway, careful not to wake his grandfather. Sugoroku was feeling under the weather and needed his rest. Yuugi was extremely concerned about his grandfather and had offered to call the doctor multiple times, but each time, Sugoroku had refused help. The man was stubborn, if anything.

Down in the kitchen, there was a package wrapped up in red crepe paper and tied with a white ribbon. Yuugi blinked twice, unsure of what he was seeing. Next to the package was a plain white card. Picking up the card, the teen read it and found out that all it had on it was his name. Turning back to the package, Yuugi examined it more closely. It was rectangular in shape and not very impressive looking. When he picked it up, Yuugi found out that it was too heavy for him to carry! Dropping it back onto the table with an audible bang, he pulled the delicate ribbon off and tore the crepe paper. It was a book. A very large cookbook, to be precise. Yuugi's face lit up with pure delight. On the inside cover was a message. "Stay busy while I'm away. -Yami".

Sunday, Ishtar Household, Morning

Isis put down the receiver of the phone with a soft sigh. She had just finished settling matters with the principal of Domino High. Due to Malik's arrangements over in Germany, they had to come up with an alternative plan for his normal education. That alternate plan was cyber schooling. "Just perfect," Isis said to herself somewhat glumly, "Where am I going to get a laptop for Malik?"

"Isis?" Malik asked curiously, coming down the staircase. All he had caught out of his sister's spoken thought was his own name. "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing," Isis stated calmly, though her mind was in a turmoil. It had been almost too much of a strain on their finances to come up with the money for a plane ticket as well as sufficient funds for his stay over in Germany. She would also somehow manage the cost of cyber schooling, but poor Isis was lost as to how the already tight budget would allow for a decent computer for her brother. "Would you go get the mail, please?" she asked, voice wavering slightly as she bit down on her thumbnail.

Malik obeyed his sister's request silently. Pushing open the heavy, wooden front door with his shoulder, the troublesome door always required a bit of extra force to open, the teen walked down the path through their front yard to the curb. Opening up the battered mailbox, he peered inside quickly before snatching the pile of letters inside. Gently shutting the lid to the rusted box, he hurried back inside. "Isis!" he called out, "I have the mail."

"Thank you, Brother," Isis thanked Malik, taking the envelopes out of the boy's hand. She flipped through the stack of papers, glancing at the return addresses as she flicked by them. There, at the very end of the pile, was a letter addressed to Malik. "Here," Isis said, handing Malik his mail.

The teen scanned the front of the envelope. He rarely ever got mail, not even letters from his brother. "It's from Marik!" he announced happily, if not a bit bewilderedly. Tearing the letter open, all he found was a slip of paper. "Isis, what-" he stopped, eyes growing wide in disbelief. It was a check.

Sunday, Bakura Household, Morning

Ryou yawned, pouring himself a cup of coffee from the coffeepot on the kitchen counter. His parents had left an hour ago for church, whereas he had just woken up. 'Yes, sleeping in is quite a bonus for renouncing one's religion,' Ryou thought to himself as he sipped the strong liquid, swallowing it with some difficulty. His eyes roamed the kitchen, searching for something he could eat for breakfast. It was not as if he was hungry or anything. No, he just knew that he ought to be eating more. Ryou had dropped an alarming amount of weight over the past few weeks, and he wasn't sure what the cause of it was. He hadn't confided his concerns in Bakura, as he usually did. With his boyfriend going away to college, the last thing Ryou wanted was to have the older teen worrying about him. The teen felt a cough tickling his throat, so he set his coffee mug down. What he thought was a light cough quickly turned into a painful one that, in the back of his mind, reminded the teen of the attack he had that night at the party nearly a year ago. His body convusled painfully as he gasped for air desperately, clutching at his throat.

After it had finally passed, the teen tried to gather his bearings. He had slumped onto the cold kitchen tile with an iron grip on the counter top. In the throes of his coughing fit, he had knocked his mug onto the floor, spilling the scalding hot liquid all over the place. Shakily picking himself up off of the floor, Ryou rubbed at his face tiredly before heading to the closet to find a mop.


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