What would happen if New Moon essentially never happened? Jacob never fell for Bella while Edward was away, well, no farther then best friends. When Charlie accepts to house a cross-country exchange student from Maine, will Jacob fall for this beautiful, Indian descent girl himself? Will she strain their friendship? How will he deal with not being able to tell him?

Follows the basic plot line of New Moon & on but not from Bella's view, but they are all still vampires and werewolves and everything. Hope you enjoy. Oh, right. I don't own this, even though I would rather own this than my own life. But because killing people is illegal, I guess I'll have to settle for fan fictions. (: love you guys.

Chapter One

I stepped off the plane and the cold air rushed through the exit gate. I was so glad I had landed safely, it had been my first time on a plane, and well, I was prone to over reacting. "I can't wait," I muttered under my breath to myself. I was at first excited to leave Maine, anywhere that wasn't cold. I guess she thought it would be hilarious to send me to the coldest, wettest place in the continental US. I glanced down at the slip in my hand with the name and description of the person I was supposed to meet. I looked around for a girl with auburn hair and about 5"6 tall. I looked around after grabbing my bags and saw a girl holding a piece of paper saying "Hannah." I walked over to her and set down my bags and held my hand out, "Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm staying with you for the Spring Semester?"

She shook my hand weekly, "Yeah, yeah. This way." I picked up my bag and sauntered off towards the truck. Were people here always this quiet and sad? I blame the weather. I laughed to myself at the thought of everybody in a big town like Forks couldn't be depressed. If they were, why would they send students here? Even though I was full of questions for this girl, Bella, I didn't think she was quite in the mood to answer them. The forty minute car ride would probably be better served in silence. I plugged my earphones in and drowned myself in the melodies of Linkin Park.

I must have fallen asleep because Bella gently shook my shoulder to wake me up when we were in front of the house. I slowly shook my head and saw the snow freshly piled on the ground. For the middle of March [remember Edwards is back] I was almost blue. There was a strange boy grabbing my bags out of the back. He was tall and dark skinned, kind of like me. I am Abenaki, a type of Indian from the Maine region. Well, at least part of me was. I didn't live on a reservation, but my dad did as a kid. Some major rebellion and he completely swore off the whole Native American thing. But that didn't change me; I had always been interested in the different legions, especially the werewolf ones. Even though they aren't true, they were still interesting.

"Hey, I'm Jacob, Bella's friend." He smiled a million dollar smile. Bella walked inside without us.

"Hi, I'm Hannah, the new one," I smiled back. He seemed real nice.

"By the way, Bella's in a tough spot right now, just ignore her for a little bit and she'll come around. But the main reason I'm here, besides to lead you out of trouble, is that your enrolment in Forks high school has been declined due to the fact they have their quota of students. So, the reservation school has opened their arms to you. I guess it's not exactly what you wanted but-"

I cut him off, "It's exactly what I wanted. It's perfect. Even more the better because I don't get the vibe that Bella is excited I'm back." I laughed it off, "Let me take some of those," I offered.

"Nope, it's no problem."

"They must weigh a hundred pounds!" I exclaimed.

"It's really nothing, I promise." He led me up the steps and into the small, red house. We walked into a kitchen and Bella's father motioned silently for me to sit down at the table. Jacob went into a room, set my bags down, and came back out, "I gotta head out, but it was nice to meet you Hannah, I'll pick you up for school tomorrow, 7:30. Okay?"

"Yeah," I laughed.

"Bye bells," he hugged her, "Just make a decision, okay?" He whispered in her ear, but everyone could hear. Obviously, this wasn't a surprised for anyone. Jake left and closed the door behind him.

"Well," Her dad said glancing at the clock that read seven pm, "Did you eat yet?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I did but thanks," I smiled.

"That's okay, we did too. We can get to the real deal now, Hannah." He smiled, "Rules are simple, You can call me Charlie, curfew is 10:30 week days and 12 on the weekends. Schoolwork is a priority, and just please keep me informed if anything happens. You'll eventually have your own room, hopefully next weekend, but for this week you'll stay in Bella's room. And I am sure," He slurred his words out, "She will be an excellent hostess."

"Of course," she smiled painfully. The doorbell rang, "I'll get it!" She soundly perked up. I could hear mumbling in the other room then they walked in, "Hey, Hannah, this is Edward." She introduced me to this boy. He was something special to her, but I couldn't tell what made him so special. He was average looking, average hair, and an average voice. But there was something electric there that kept them together.

"Hi," I outreached my hand, "I'm Hannah." He reached out and shook my hand.

His hand was extremely cold to the touch, I jumped back. There was definitely something different about him.

"Sorry," He muttered, "Nice to meet you Hannah."

"So Dad," Bella started, "I know Hannah just got here but Edward wanted to take me to go see Rosalie and Emmett because they were home from college this weekend. I'll be back by ten, promise." She smiled a patient smile.

"Are you sure you couldn't take Hannah with you?" He pleaded.

"No," I stated before Bella could object, "I'd rather stay, you know, I'm a little jetlagged from the plane ride. Maybe another time." I winked at Bella and her smiled back, mouthing thank you.

They left and I went into my temporary room. It was a nice size I guess. There was a small cot off to the side where my things were set down. There was a piece of paper on top with a note scrawled on it.

If Bella's busy tonight, give me a call and I can show you around Forks and La Push if you want? I am really glad you came, you have no idea.

Jacob, (:

How could he be so glad? He didn't even know me that well. Although I felt like there could eventually be something more then friendship between us, I wouldn't let it happen. I was only here five months, not long enough to date someone. There was just something in the way of a pull between us, it was weird, but I liked it. In that weird way, I think I might like him. Is that possible? Liking someone within the first hundred words you say to them? Oh well, I was bored and needed something to do.

I picked up my cell from the bottom of my bag and dialed the number he left after his name. "Hello?" I asked,

"Hey this is Jacob, who's this?"


"Wait! This is Hannah, now I remember. Are you ready to take me up on my offer?" He chuckled.

"Yeah, well, I got nothing else to do tonight. Can you drive?" I asked him.

"Well, not legally, but we just won't tell Charlie that." I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Yeah, give me ten minutes and I'll pick you up at your house, bye," He sounded excited, truthfully. All my doubts about this flew away at that moment; this was going to be good.