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Rukia walked down the hallway of the Shinigami Academy not making eye contact with anyone as they stared at her. It was something she had gotten used to through the years and wasn't that bothered by it anymore.

She quickly made her way down to the training area and pulled the door open to see her only two friends sparring against each other. A soft smile spread across her face as she stepped inside and took a seat off to the side to watch Renji against Ichigo.

She watched as sweat poured off both of them and their haori opened slightly revealed their toned chests. It would be enough to drive any girl insane, even her if she hadn't known them for as long as she had.

She had grown up with Renji and had been close with him. She knew he could be hot-headed at times, especially when he found out she had been adopted by the Kuchiki family. During then he refused to talk to her, thinking she would become like everyone else. It was during that time she had felt alone in her life. Her adopted family had rarely talked to her or met with her. It was to be decided after she graduated, she would be placed in a division immediately.

It had been Ichigo who had snapped Renji out of his attitude towards Rukia and made him realize just because she was adopted by a noble family didn't mean she was a different person. She was still their friend and nothing was ever going to change that.

Neither of them met Ichigo until they arrived at the academy. He had never told them of how he had been chosen to come to the academy, only that he used to live in the 72nd district of the Rukongai. He rarely spoke of his life before coming to the academy and both of his friends assumed it had not been pleasant and neither of them asked. Over the years they had became close friends and helped each other improve on technique's the other had been poor at. Unfortunately for Ichigo lacked raietsu control when he first arrived and still did. It would often cause their instructors to get aggravated with him.

She smiled softly as she watched Ichigo knock Renji's sword away and forced him to yield. She could see the annoyance in his face for being beaten again by the orange haired boy. The two were the ultimate rivals, both trying to succeed over the other. Ichigo would always seem to come up on top. The only thing that neither of them could succeed in which she always gloated over was their lack of kido skill.

"That's now four to zero?" Ichigo mocked Renji who glared at him. Another thing she had noticed through the years was at how fast a fight would break out between her two friends. Occasionally she would get involved or be one on one against one of them, but the two always seemed to be going at it every day.

"Shut up." Renji sneered at him before he looked over at Rukia and wondered how long she had been sitting there.

"Let's see you do the same tomorrow. All the captains are supposed to be present." Rukia stated catching Ichigo's attention. He gave a small smile and saluted her.

There had been much tension over the past few weeks due to graduation. Many were hoping to be chosen by a captain to be in their division. Some, like Renji, had been practicing non-stop trying to work on different technique's to take down his opponents. There was nothing he wanted more than to show all the rich snobs that even a poor kid from the 78th district could get a seat without having money.

Others like Ichigo, which were few, were not worried. He was confident in his abilities and if he was given a seat he was given a seat. He was practically hoping for the 11th division where all the top fighters were. He couldn't think of anywhere else that could help him improve his fighting style. Of course he knew if he wanted to get into a division he had to learn kido better and control his raietsu. He doubted many captains would want to take the time to train him on that when majority of the students already knew how.

"Well I already know Renji's going to the 4th division." Ichigo smirked at his red haired friend who glared at him. Rukia only shook her head.

"I don't even know any healing technique's how could I end up there, idiot." Renji shot back with his fists to the side.

"No, you won't be picked to join them, I'll be putting you there." Ichigo told him and watched as Renji began to open his mouth to shoot back another snide remark.

"That's enough." Rukia told them and grabbed both of them by their ears. She swore they were worse than kids. Of course, they were left to her to discipline. She ignored their ramblings of 'let go' and 'damnit that hurts, midget!' and dragged them out of the training room. It was already late and they needed to get back to their rooms. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.

She glanced to the side as they walked next to her down the hallways. Something about being with them made her feel safe. No one dared to stare at her or call her 'the princess' as long as they were near. Both were well known around the academy and had no problems with challenging anyone who dared to harm one of their friends.

Tomorrow was going to be very scary, maybe not for them, but for her. She didn't know where they would end up. She didn't want to be separated from them, but at least they didn't have the same pressure as she did.

The Kuchiki family was expecting a lot from her and if she failed…well she didn't know if she could face Byakuya. The only time she had ever spoken to him was during their first meeting. He did not introduce himself or greet her in anyway, he simply told her to 'come', like she was a dog. He would not look or speak with her. When at the mansion she was to eat by herself, though she mostly ate with the servants just for company.

It was going to be scary for her. She prayed that she would be given a seat, but most of all, with one of her best friends.

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