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Chapter 22

"I was joking," Jim nearly shouted but then seemed to think better of it. "Wait, does this mean I get to take care of Brainy's needs? Because if so I totally wasn't joking; in fact I volunteer to be best man and-"

The Captain of the Federation Flagship, the hero of the Nero incident, nearly bit off his own tongue in his haste to silence himself at the look Brainy was giving him. He rather go head to head against Scotty in a drinking contest then challenge at look with so much as another syllable.

With Jim sufficiently silenced, Brainy turned his attention back to Spock for he really didn't want to know the other's reactions. He imagined Phantom Girl would be collecting on some sort of bet with Timber Wolf on the matter, Triplicate Girl would be trying not to squeal with joy, Lightning Lad would be charging up to attack Spock, goodness knows why, Superman- He didn't want to imagine what Superman's reaction would be. If it was anything close to happiness for him at Spock's proposal he would have to leave his Legion ring on the table and jump out a window. Too bad they weren't on a floor high enough to do any real damage if that were to be the case.

"Spock," Brainy tried to keep himself calm but knew he was utterly failing at it. "Throughout the entire time we've known each other I never even considered the possibility I would have to say these words to you."

Coluan and half Vulcan eyes met.

"You idiot."

"I realize we do not have a romantic side to our relationship, Querl, but we are friends and would make excellent partners."

"And you think it's necessary for us to me married?"

"Not necessary but most convenient. If we were to be wed I could bring you onto the Enterprise as my spouse in order to raise the child together."

"Oh it's all just a dream come true. Let me just get the white dress I've been hiding in the back of my closet and we can run off to Las Vegas for the wedding."

"I knew it!"

"I believe he was being sarcastic Captain."

"Way to burst my bubble, Spock."

With a groan, Brainy pinched the bridge of his nose before continuing.

"I know arranged marriages are very common amongst both of our people Spock and it might seem like the logical course of action to you but I have no desire to marry anyone under some sort of obligation. It wouldn't be fair to either of us and would most likely only cause problems for the child later on."

The first officer of the Enterprise took a moment to mull this over. When he spoke again it was with his usual seriousness, but with a hint of uncertainty with it.

"What about courtship?"

"What about it?" Brainy was hesitant to ask.

"You do not want marriage based on obligation, which is perfectly understandable. I therefore suggest that we enter a trail courtship, to see if a relationship would work and if a romantic outcome is a possibility."

As Brainy simply stared at Spock, Bouncing Boy looked between them uncertainly.

"So you basically want to date Brainy? As in go to the movies and hold hands with the possibility of getting married to raise your kid together, away from Earth?"

"You basic assumption is correct Bouncing Boy but I would not be as forward as to hold Brainiac Five's hand."

"So making out is out of the question?" Jim tried not to pout but returned to being silent when Brainy sent another round of magenta daggers at him.

A sigh escaped Brainy, "I am unsure about such a proposal being a good idea."

Though Spock hesitated, glancing at his father before speaking again, there was no uncertainty with his words.

"Querl, you and I are friends. The success or failure of such a venture will not change that. Furthermore we are both intelligent, scientifically inclined, physically attracted to one another and have compatible personalities; a romantic relationship, by human standards, doesn't seem that far fetched."

It took a moment for everything Spock said to sink in. For him to realize that Spock had admitted to finding him physically attractive. He couldn't stop himself from blushing, especially since Spock did know that Brainy did indeed find him attractive in return from sensing his thoughts when the he had been affected by those spores.

He looked over at the infant, gumming on Sarek's finger oblivious to everything else around him. A miraculous child, as the elder Spock has referred to him. A child that would have been miraculous even if he, or Spock had been a woman and had conceived the child in a normal fashion seeing as Spock's DNA made him almost certainly infertile, being half human and half Vulcan.

Raising such a child definitely wouldn't be easy. It would have the genetics of two highly intelligent races and though the child would most likely never interact with Coluans over then his Coluan father, he would be fairly advanced for even Vulcan his age and would undoubtedly be tormented for his and his heritage as Brainy surmised Spock had been from the way he talked, or rather didn't talk, about his childhood.

Then there was that human spirit that would most likely shine through; stubbornness, compassion, rebelliousness, unyielding curiosity and an unsurpassed capability for love among numerous other qualities. Could two fathers from two different cultures with their own rules and restrictions about emotions and displays of affection give such a child the attention they needed?

Almost immediately, Brainy thought of the one conversation he had the honor of having with Amanda, Spock's mother. Back at the StarFleet Academy Brainy had known Spock had not spoken with his father since his rejection of the Science Academy to join StarFleet so he had been surprised when, while waiting in Spock's office for his friend to return from lecturing a class, a woman came up on the view screen claiming to be Spock's Mother.

Amanda was charming, honest almost to a fault and motherly to a person who just answered the video call so Spock wouldn't miss an important message. She smiled and talked kindly, the way she looked at him making him think she would try to hug him and brush back his hair if they weren't planets apart.

The conversation was less then five minutes, mostly about Spock and how he was doing, but Brainy probably only would have needed one to know the world was a darker place with her gone.

That's who this child needed; a woman like Amanda, not Brainy who ran from the room when he learned on his parentage.

Still, two of them would have better luck them one alone.

"I accept your proposal of trail courtship," Brainy hoped he didn't sigh, keeping his eyes on the still nameless child and missing Superman's silent scream.