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"Fred! Wake up!" shouted my brother, George. I rolled over and barely managed to open my eyes to glare at him.

"It's still bloody dark out, George," I groaned.

"I know, but we have to get working on our little…experiment. We leave for Hogwarts in two days. You know we won't be able to work on it there."

"Okay, fine, wait one second," I said. I sat up and groaned when I saw that the clock said it was 5 a.m. George was already dressed and was standing impatiently by the doorway. He looked exactly like me, which made sense because we are twins. We were both somewhat short and, like everyone else in our family, we had flaming red hair. I went to the bathroom, and then put some clothes on.

"Help me pull out the supplies," I said to my brother, as I started to reach under my bed. I grabbed one side of a plywood board and he grabbed the other. We kept our stuff on the board, which made it easier to get out it out from under the bed. After a bit of a struggle, we finally managed to get everything in the middle of the room, between our beds.

"Do you think this will work?" asked George, as he poured yellow liquid into a beaker full of blue powder. As the two things mixed, becoming a green sort of soup, they started bubbling and foaming. I knew from experience that it was about to explode.

"DUCK!" I yelled just in time. As we jumped onto our beds and grabbed pillows for shields, the whole concoction blew up. Green globs of dough-like material flew everywhere, covering the wall, the door, the beds, furniture, everything. Cautiously, George and I climbed off our beds and looked around. The place looked like a nuclear bomb had hit it. The second our mum saw it, I knew we would be in huge trouble. Thankfully, we were leaving for Hogwarts soon.

"Now what?" asked George. I shrugged and started pulling the stuff off my bed, which was a lot harder then it sounded because it stuck to everything like glue. George picked up the beaker and looked in it. He pulled out small, round purple object. It appeared to be some sort of ball. He sniffed it and smiled.

"What?" I asked. "Did it work?"

"Sure smells like it did," he said smiling.

"Yes!" I shouted. For weeks, practically since summer began, we were trying to create a type of sweet that would cause the eater to disappear and reappear anywhere within a twenty-yard radius of where he was standing. Unfortunately, you had no decision over where you appeared. So far, the only thing that would happen was that the sweet would smell horrible and have the same color as vomit. I was guessing that the thing we made today actually smelled pleasant.

"Who should we try it out on?" asked George. Just as I was about to answer, our bedroom door swung open. On the other side was our mum and she did not look happy.

"Uh oh," muttered George.

"Oh hello, Mum. Lovely day, isn't it?" I said, trying to seem as nice as I could.

"What happened here?" she asked. You could tell she was trying not to scream.

"Just an…experiment," said George. I tried to nod convincingly.

"It is 5:30 in the morning. You must have wakened the entire household! And look at this room! What is that, that stuff?" She did not succeed, and by the last sentence was yelling as quietly as she could, which would have been funny if I was not the one being yelled at.

"We were cleaning up," I told her.

"Well, good. When you are finished you are to come and de-gnome the garden. It has been weeks since you last did it." With that, she turned around and left, slamming the door.

"Great, now we won't even have time to try out the…well, what should we call it?" I asked.

"How about the Transporting Toffee?"

"Sounds good. Come on, let's get this room cleaned so we go and get the de- gnoming done." We started on opposite ends of the room and slowly picked off all the globs of stuff. Fortunately, even though it was very sticky, once you got it off something, all of the glob would come off so you weren't left with little bits that would not come off. In twenty minutes our room was as clean as it was when I woke up, which was not that clean.

George and I went downstairs and outside. Even though it was only around 6:00, Ron and Harry (who had come around the middle of summer) were flying around on their broomsticks. Harry's Firebolt made Ron's old broom look like a snail in comparison.

"Hey, guys," Ron called down, "was that you who made that explosion? It woke me and Harry up, so we decided to practice flying before a lot of Muggles got up. Hermione can sleep through anything, though. We stopped by Ginny's room and all we heard was snoring. " Hermione had come about three days before and was staying in Ginny's room.

"Yeah, it was us. You want to help us de-gnome the garden? Mum said we had to do it," said George.

"Umm…no thanks," Ron told us.

"Fine," I sighed. "Some brother. Won't even help out his older, wiser brothers, who would do anything for him."

"I know," said George, playing along. "Think of all the things we had done for him, and now he won't even help with one little thing."

"Okay, we'll help," Ron agreed. "But only if you two shut up."

"Ron!" Harry said, annoyed.

"And look," George said, "someone who we have saved from dangerous bludgers many times is being selfish and won't give us a hand."

Harry just sighed, but he flew his broom down, got off and walked over to us.

I smiled. George and I have always been good at getting people to do what we want. Not that we were mean or anything, but it was just something that came natural to us. It also had helped us out numerous times as we tended to get caught doing pranks, a lot.

With Ron and Harry to help, the de-gnoming to a lot less shorter time then we had expected. Before long, we had gotten our brooms and were flying with Ron and Harry. Around 7:30, Mum called us in for breakfast. We were going to Diagon Alley that day, so everyone had gotten up somewhat earlier then usual.

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