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Once outside, I was about to mount my broom, when I noticed that Hermione and Ginny were staring at me.

"What?" I asked them.

"What's going on?" Ginny asked me.

"What do you mean?" asked George.

"Percy would never play Quidditch with you guys. Something has to be going on, so you might as well tell us before we find out on our own and tell Mum," Ginny threatened.

Just then, Fred, in my body, walked out of the house carrying a broom that looked like it belonged in a museum, it was so old.

"This was the only one I could find, Percy—I mean—Fred," he said, quickly when he noticed the two girls.

"Oh my god," Hermione started. "You two didn't."

"Wha…what do you mean?" asked Ron, nervous.

"Harry, I know you know what's going on, so you better tell me."

Harry, unsure of what to do, glanced at Fred and me. I slightly shook my head no. The fact that Ron and Harry knew was bad enough. We did not need Hermione and Ginny also knowing. Fred, though, seemed to have other plans. He took a step forward and looked as if he was about to speak. I just sighed to myself. If I did anything now, it would really look suspicious.

"Um…Hermione, Ginny, if we tell you, you cannot say anything to Mum, Dad, or anyone else," he started. "Okay?"

"Sure, but what did you guys do?" Ginny asked. Hermione just nodded her head. You could tell she knew and was not happy about it.

"Well, you see," George said, "Fred and me were making this new type of candy and it didn't really work out that well. We were showing it to Lee when Percy came up and ate it. To make a long story short, he and Fred basically switched bodies."

"What?!" Ginny cried.

"I knew it," Hermione muttered. "What are you going to do? We leave for Hogwarts tomorrow. Do you know how to fix it?"

"We were just going to make another one and then have Percy, I mean, Fred eat it again," George told her.

"We could always write to Dumbledore," she suggested. "Maybe there's something on body switching in one of my books."

"Hermione, we can't tell anyone, especially a teacher. They would just tell Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Harry pointed out.

"What about, you know, Harry, him?" Ron asked. I had no idea about what he was talking about. I looked at Fred and George but they also had looks of confusion on their face.

"Yeah, he would probably not tell anyone if I asked him not to. I'll write to him tonight."

"Who's him?" Ginny asked.

"Well, you can't tell anyone at all. No one. If you did…" Harry trailed off, shaking his head.

"We won't tell," George said. I nodded and so did Fred and Ginny.

"He's my godfather. You've heard of him. But you can't tell anyone. Also, before you say anything, just here me out."

"Harry, come on, tell us," Fred said, impatiently.

"Okay. He's…Sirius Black."

"Harry! That's not funny. Now tell us who he really is," I said.

"I'm not lying. He's really Sirius Black. You see, when my dad went to school, he had three best friends Remus Lupin, Peter Petigrew, and Sirius Black. You've all met them, or at least heard about them."

"Are you talking about Professor Lupin?" Ginny asked. Harry nodded.

"Isn't Peter Petigrew that wizard that Black killed or something?" I asked. The name sounded somewhat familiar.

"Yeah, but you've also met him," Ron said.


"Remember Scabbers? My pet rat that I used to have?"

"Whatever happened to him?" George asked. "Didn't Crookshanks eat him or something? No offense, Hermione."

"No, he escaped. He was an Animagus. You know the story better, Harry, you can continue."

"Thanks. Well, everyone thinks that Sirius was my parents' secret-keeper. You know, when Vol—I mean—You-Know-Who was at large. It turned out that at the last minute, Peter became it. He was a traitor; he told You-Know-Who, immediately sold my parents out. Sirius realized this and rushed to my house to only realize that it was too late. He then went to corner Peter. Peter blew up the whole entire street when Sirius got there, making it look as if Sirius had done it. Then he chopped off one of his fingers, and went into his rat form. Sirius was caught and put in Azkaban. Two years ago, when he escaped, he managed to get Ron, Hermione, and me alone. He told us the story, but then Snape cut in and ruined everything. Later that evening, Hermione and I were able to help Sirius escape again. That's about it. We've been keeping in touch, though."

"Wow," said Ginny.

I wasn't sure whether or not to believe. The story sounded right, but how could Sirius Black be good? How could Peter have fooled everyone, especially the Ministry of Magic? But why would Harry make it all up?

"Does anyone else know?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Harry. "I know that these people definitely know: Dumbledore, Snape, Professor Lupin, and your mum."

"Mum! How does she know?" asked Fred.

"She was there one time when he came to see me. Right after the Triwizards Tournament."

"Wow. And I thought switching bodies with my brother was weird. That doesn't even compare to finding out your godfather is an escaped, convicted criminal. Not that he really did anything, of course," George thought.

"Harry, are you sure we can trust him?" I asked, still somewhat cautious.

"Of course we can," he answered me. "Dumbledore trust's him."

"But would we say to him?" asked Ron. "Dear Sirius, hi, I just wanted to let you know that two of my brothers switched bodies and we were wondering if you could help us. By the way, please do not tell anyone about it. Sincerely, Ron and crew. Yeah, like he's really going to buy that."

"That's the only thing we can do," I said. "I do not want to be stuck like this."

"Hey! Don't think this is the way I want to spend my last day of summer vacation," retorted Fred.

"Don't start fighting," Ginny warned us. "We should send that letter now, if it will get there soon."

"Okay," said Hermione, "I'll go get a piece of paper and a quill. Be right back." She ran inside the house. Everyone else just stood there, not really talking. A few minutes later, she came back. We all crowded around the table on the porch.

"I'll write it," I said. "I have the neatest handwriting."

"Harry should write it," said Ron. "It is his godfather we are writing to."

"Fine," I sighed. It wouldn't be my fault if no one could read it.

Fortunately, Hermione had gotten several sheets of paper. Everyone was saying what to write at the same time. Harry kept on adding things and crossing them out. Finally I said that Harry should just write it and then we could fix any mistakes. That idea worked well. The finished letter was this:

Dear Sirius,

Hi, it's me Harry. Do you remember Ron's brothers Fred and Percy? Well, Fred and George were doing an experiment and it didn't quite work out. Percy accidentally ate it, causing him and Fred to switch bodies. I know it sounds weird. We decided not to write to Dumbledore because we don't want Mr. or Mrs. Weasley finding out. Do you know of any spells that could help them? If you do, thanks. Hope to see you later.



P.S. I told them about you and they all promised not tell anyone.

"There," said Harry. "I'll get Hedwig to mail it write now." He went up to Ron's room, while the rest of us continued to practice Quidditch. When he came down five minutes later, he joined in. Hermione and Ginny mainly talked and watched us. We played until Mum called us in for lunch.

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