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It was 6:23 am when Elle arrived at the BAU. It was a brisk morning, and she was exhausted. Not enough sleep from the last case they just handled but she had to deal with it. As she stepped outta the elevator outside the bullpen, she saw JJ rushing outta Hotchner's office with a stack full of folders.

"Heyy Jayje, you got that ok?" Elle asked, seeing JJ almost tilting off balance.

"Fine Thanks, Elle, this ones a big one" JJ said quickly, scooting off down the hallway to her office.

Elle smiled at JJ because she seemed shaky and unsterdy this morning unlike the usual calm and collective Media Liassion she usually was.

She kept on making her way to her desk. Finally, she sat down and heaved a sigh of relief, but it quickly went away when she heard the voice of one sarcastic man, who she had no patience for. Derek Morgan.

"Go Away Derek" Elle said, smirk appearing.

"Awh Come On Elle, No little Smart comment to go with that" Derek said, winking.

"Not In Less giving you a smart comment, means you shut up" Elle said , sneakily.

"Got me there, so where's the little blond girl?" Derek said, looking around.

"Wich one?" Elle said, sitting up.

"Right here" JJ said, going fast as lightening through the bullpen, to the case room.

They all followed at a slower pace and took a seat around the circle table, Garcia there as well.

"6 days ago, Claire Haines, John Haines and their oldest child Zachary Hains age 7 were brutally Colorado State Police think that the Attacker made both John and Zachary watch Claire get raped, then 3 days ago the same thing happened but to the Garner's, then just this morning the same thing happened, but to the Brook's" JJ said, iffy about how she announced the information.

"What aren't you telling us" Aaron asked, raising an eyebrow, he knew she was keeping something.

"Each one of those families, had a son who was 7, and a little girl who was 4 but the weird thing is the 4 year old girls are missing!"

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