Author: Nemainofthewater

Title: Consequences

Warning: None

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognise. It all belongs to 20th century Fox and Marvel comics.

Logan's somewhat muscular (although he ought to have a session or two in the danger room. He didn't have quite the edge he'd had before he arrived at Xavier's School) form emerged from the flames, his body already miraculously healing the damage that he had sustained.

Once again he had survived a bomb thanks to instinct, speed and pure dumb luck. In fact, mostly dumb luck. And he had come out mostly unscathed.

He tossed a quick glance behind him. The former power-base was now a mere crater in the ground, albeit a rather impressive one.

And, more importantly, all the suckers, sorry, I mean soldiers, who had been in the building were incinerated.

"The bad guys should really have a conference or something and learn that bombs just blow up their own bases and men," Logan thought before turning away to rejoin Scott and the Professor who had been with him on this mission, managing to escape minutes before he did.

Logan spotted them a few meters ahead of him, heading towards the X-jet. He jogged to catch up with them, not wanting to be left here when the bad guys, providing that they hadn't been in the building when it blew up, finally showed up for the inevitable showdown.

Not that he minded fighting them. It was just he was getting tired of the monotony of the situation. Bad guy shows up, gloats about his evil plan, and tries to kill them.

It was always the same routine over and over. You'd think that they'd learn after the first sixty times or so.

But no matter what 'invincible' weapon they had, or which 'undefeatable' mutant power, it always ended one way. With his claws in their chests.

He looked up to see Scott and the Professor nearly at the jet, and caught up with a sudden burst of speed.

He walked over to them nonchalantly, trying to catch his breath, and followed them onto the jet, ignoring, much to his chagrin later, Scott's snickers.

They flew back to the school in silence, Logan desperately trying to hold on to whatever was left of his dinner.

It was only as he stepped down back onto the firm, relatively safe ground, that he noticed that something was the matter.

It started when Storm, who had been waiting on the landing pad to greet them, started to laugh softly, and it got worse when Scott descended the jet and started to laugh too. Hell, even the Professor seemed to be on the verge of chuckling.

Then he turned around, and all became clear. All too clear.

Trembling slightly, Logan raised his hand to his head and felt it gingerly. Nothing. The shiny exterior of the jet hadn't lied.

He had known that tonight had been too good to be true. Only one bomb, which he had jumped through easily.

He silently cursed. He would take a good old fashioned brawl over this any day. Hell, he'd take Stryker over this!

He looked at the jet one more time, then stomped to his room with all the dignity that he could muster.

Behind him, his so called 'team mates' and 'friends' continued to laugh. They had never thought that they'd see the great Wolverine bald!