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As the sun's early morning rays slipped through the curtains, a certain blonde ninja awoke. Rubbing his eyes to rid them of sleep, Naruto then tried to get off the bed, only to find he couldn't.

'What the heck?' he looked down to see the obstruction and found Shion's head on his chest and her arms wrapped tightly around his torso. She was snoring lightly and some drool was running down her mouth. A chuckle escaped his lips.

'She looks so peaceful.' thought Naruto as he decided to lay back down and just relax. He ran his fingers through her frizzy hair as images of last night replayed themselves in his mind. He could only muster up one thought.

'That was AMAZING!!!!!!!'

Just then, he felt Shion lift her head. Looking down at her, he saw her rubbing her eyes gently while giving a quiet yawn. She looked at him with a dazed look in her eyes. His 'good morning' got lodged in his throat as he was stunned by her cuteness. Its level was over NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shion puckered her lips and scooted closer to Naruto. He looked at her, seeing the saliva still on her lips and her messed up hair. He grinned as he couldn't think of a more beautiful sight to wake up to. He kissed her with passion, saliva and all.

Shion let out a content sigh as she rested her head back on Naruto's chest. Her fingers were lightly tracing out his abs.

"Last night was awesome." she stated simply. Naruto's kiss on her forehead told her he agreed.

With a grunt, Shion got off the bed and slipped into her slippers. As she walked towards the bathroom, Naruto noticed her limping.

"Are you okay?" he asked in a concerned voice. Shion gave him a smile.

"I'm a little sore but I'll be okay. You should take a shower after I'm done alright?" replied Shion. Satisfied with his nod, she got a towel and headed into the bathroom.

15 minutes later

Steam poured out as Shion opened the door. She had nothing but a towel on and stood right in front of the bed, looking at Naruto. His approving gaze made her blush.

"Your turn." she said in a slightly teasing voice. He jumped off the bed and grabbed the robe and towel she gave him and started to walk towards the bathroom. He stopped a few feet from his destination and turned around. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and went inside, not noticing her blush darken. Shion rung her bell and two minutes later a servant knocked on her door. After telling her to come in, the servant asked Shion what she needed.

"Tell the chefs to start making breakfast and I want you to notify our guests and me to come down when it's ready." The servant nodded and left. Shion walked into her closet and started looking for a robe.

20 minutes later

"Ah, that was great!" exclaimed Naruto as he came out the bathroom. He saw Shion sitting on the edge of the bed in a purple robe. She seemed to have been waiting for him.

Shion saw that the robe was a little loose and dirty thoughts came into her mind. She imagined herself just ripping his robe off and......

She immediately wiped the trickle of blood that was dripping from her nose and stood up.

"You look very handsome in that robe Naruto." stated Shion as she linked her fingers with his. He grinned and blushed very lightly.

"Thank you. You don't look to bad in that robe either." now it was Shion's time to blush and hers was much more noticeable.

"So, what do you wanna do now?" asked Naruto with a mischievous glint in his eye. Shion understood immediately.

"Oh, I don't know. Do you have any ideas?" her eyes held the same glint. Naruto chuckled and as he was about to kiss Shion, a knock on the door was heard.

"Lady Shion, breakfast is ready." said the same servant as before. Shion huffed in annoyance at being interrupted. Naruto's ears perked up at the hearing the word 'breakfast'.

"Alright. Thank you." answered Shion.

"C'mon, lets go eat! I'm starved!" exclaimed Naruto as he made his way towards the door, holding hands with Shion. She nodded, even though he didn't see and let him lead her. She was simply happy with being close to him.

"You think they'll have ramen?" asked Naruto in a hopeful voice. Shion giggled, knowing he wouldn't like her answer.

"Nope. Having too much ramen isn't good for you. You will just have to be satisfied with bacon, eggs, juice and other stuff." Naruto's pout was short-lived as the aroma of scrambled eggs, bacon, juice and other stuff invaded his nostrils. Wiping drool off his mouth, he replied.

"Well, I guess I can do without some ramen this time." Shion laughed outright. Just then, Naruto turned towards her and gave her a quick kiss on the neck. She bit her lip to keep from moaning from the sudden action.

"I mean, after making love to my future wife, I'm starving. I could eat pretty much anything." Shion shivered as his breath heated up her cool skin. Naruto chuckled at seeing her flustered state.

Shion instantly recovered when Naruto moved away from her neck. She didn't meet his gaze as she turned her head away from him, sporting a blush. A small smile crept onto her face as she replayed back his words.

'That's right. We're engaged now.' thought Shion. She then felt a tug on her hand. Looking up, she saw that Naruto was pulling her into the doorway that lead to the dining room.

Walking inside, the couple was greeted by the other ninja and Kozu. They were all seated and waiting for them to arrive so that breakfast could begin. Naruto waved wildly to his teammates and Kozu with his unoccupied hand as he and Shion sat down next to each other.

Kakashi and Kozu smiled. Neji just nodded and Lee returned the wild waving. Sakura though, besides a very faint smile, remained motionless.

Kakashi, being the elite Jonin that he was, immediately noticed Shion's limp.

'So, he really went through with it huh? Oh, I'm so proud! And Jiraiya will be to!' he quickly wiped the lone tear from his eye before anyone could see it.

"Good morning you two! So, how was last night?" asked Kozu. He did well in hiding his perverted smile. Naruto and Shion immediately blushed, with Naruto rubbing the back of his head.

"Oh c'mon Kozu! Don't ask them that!" Kakashi glared at Kozu but he was grinning underneath his mask, which Kozu saw.

"Naruto is most youthful!" yelled out Lee. Neji sighed and rubbed his temples, trying to rid himself of the migraine that always came with Lee's constant bantering.

Sakura felt sick. She noticed them holding hands. She noticed the way Shion was beaming and sitting close to Naruto. The worst part was, he didn't mind! He was supposed to love her! How could he let some spoiled priestess come in and do as she pleases to him!? She grit her teeth to keep from screaming as she saw Shion kiss him on the cheek.

"Well, to answer your question Kozu, it was great!" exclaimed Naruto, pumping his fist in the air. Everyone's gaze shifted to Shion. Sakura looking at her intently. Shion didn't look at them but she did nod. She then turned to Naruto, smiling.

"Yes, it was amazing." she stated simply. Naruto chuckled sheepishly and scratched his cheek.

"Well, now that Lady Shion is here, let's eat!" suggested Kozu. With a holler of happiness from Naruto, and nodding from everybody else, breakfast started.

As everyone was eating and conversing, Sakura paid attention to only Naruto and Shion. Watching her feed him some bacon and him readily accepting it made her heart ache. Before she could stop herself, in her mind, she imagined herself there feeding Naruto instead of Shion. The thought made Sakura smile.

She shook her head to rid her of that thought. But, it did nothing to lessen the pain she was feeling. Yesterday night, she couldn't even get to sleep as her mind kept drifting back to what Naruto and Shion were doing in bed.

She wanted to believe that they did nothing, but watching how they acted around each other, she couldn't. Maybe with someone immediately makes you feel more comfortable around them. She wouldn't know since she was a virgin still.....unlike Naruto.

Sakura mentally sighed.

'I can't believe it but....I hope that Naruto still likes me.' She mentally sighed again as she thought about all the times Naruto hung around her like a pet dog. She took advantage of him. The thought that someone liked her so much made her feel better about herself and she always hit him and told him to go away so she could have time with her 'precious Sasuke'.

The thought that he might like someone else though never crossed her mind. Now that it looked to be true, it was too painful. Sakura shook her head to purge herself of those thoughts.

'No, he likes me still.' She looked up at Naruto and Shion again, not even noticing that she looked down at her lap when she was thinking. The smile that he gave her when his eyes met hers reinforced this idea.

'Yep. He definitely still li-' her thoughts were cut short as Sakura saw Naruto feed Shion some of his scrambled eggs.

The look on Shion's face showed her surprise. She didn't think that Naruto would feed her some of his food. She was only feeding him some of hers because she promised herself she would do anything to win his heart.

Naruto himself didn't know why he offered up some of his eggs. Maybe it was because Shion kept giving him some of her food and he felt like he should return the favor. Don't get him wrong, Naruto definitely enjoyed being fed by her. It made him happy. But he also wanted to make her happy. The urge to do so was strong. In fact, it was probably one of the strongest urges he felt in a long time.

For good measure, he gave her a quick peck on the lips to rid them of the little bits of egg that were there.

"You had some egg on you." said Naruto in a teasing manner. Shion looked at her lap, her bangs covering her face. Even though she proclaimed her love for him and did the nasty nasty with him, he could still make her feel embarrassed. Embarrassed but happy, evident by the small smile that no one could see.

The pain Sakura felt came back full force. Sure, watching Shion kiss him pissed her off and made her sad. But, Naruto kissing her made her feel horrible. Sakura shut her eyes.

'Why am I so bothered by this?! Naruto has to still like me. He ha-'

"Sakura, are you okay?" asked Kakashi. While talking with Kozu, he noticed Sakura shut her eyes and her face scrunch up as if she was in pain.

"Huh? Y-Yeah, I'm fine Kakashi-sensei." replied Sakura in a quiet tone.

"Is there something wrong Sakura?" questioned Naruto as he jumped up while looking at her. The pink haired medic ninja looked up at him. She smiled, knowing he was concerned about her.

"I'm fine Naruto. Honestly." With a smile and nod, Naruto sat back down.

"You didn't have to jump up you know." berated Shion. Naruto's sheepish grin told her he knew.

Another 10 minutes of eating and talking and breakfast was over. As everyone got up, Shion spoke into Naruto's ear. He nodded before raising his hand.

"Everyone! Shion and I have an announcement to make!" everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at the pair. Clearing his throat, Naruto began to speak.

"Well, yesterday night Shion and I talked. As I'm sure everyone here knows, she asked me to help her make a baby." Sakura frowned, not wanting to be reminded of the promise.

"After telling Shion about my dream to become Hokage, she had a change of heart. She told me that having a child and trying to become Hokage would be very difficult to do, especially since I would like to see my child. So, she asked me to promise her something else."

At hearing this, everyone's eyebrows rose in curiosity. Shion gave a nod before starting where Naruto left off.

"Yes, I asked him to promise me something new. You see, even though I tried not to, I fell in love with Naruto." said Shion as she wrapped her arm around his, a smile that could do Gai proud on her face. Sakura's face paled.

'What?! She....she loves him?! Then, does he....?' Sakura looked at Naruto, hoping he wouldn't say that he loved Shion back. To her disappointment, he said nothing; grinning his signature grin.

"Because of my feelings towards him, I asked him to promise me something else. I....well I asked him to marry me when he becomes Hokage." finished Shion quickly. A nervous smile was placed on her face.


The occupants of the room stood their, gaping at the two teens, arms still linked together. Shaking out of his stupor, Kozu asked the question on everyone's mind.


Letting out an uneasy chuckle, Naruto spoke.

"Umm....Shion asked me to marry her when I became Hokage." stated Naruto simply. Kozu yet again asked the next question on everyone's mind.

"Why?" Shion decided to answer this time.

"Oh because, since I accepted my feelings for Naruto, I know I would be miserable and lonely if he was not here with me if I were to have his child. So, I proposed this promise to him. Kozu, you know that if he does become Hokage and marries me then Demon Country and Konoha would be allies. Not only would it strengthen our country but also that would mean that I could live with him, have a child, and not worry about being alone anymore." replied Shion with a dreamy sigh. She began to imagine how her life would be once she was married. A cough interrupted her from starting to.

Clearing his throat, Kakashi spoke.

"Okay, a few questions. One, Naruto, did you agree to this promise?" with a smile, Naruto nodded his head yes. Kakashi's eyes widened in surprise.

"Not to question your intelligence Naruto but you do know that you just promised to marry someone right? You promised to marry someone once you get to a position that you might not even get." Kakashi emphasized get to try and make Naruto realize what he promised.

Naruto shook his head.

"I know Kakashi-sensei. But, I'll never give up! Even if it takes 128 years, I will still become Hokage! Believe it!" exclaimed Naruto, pointing right at his sensei.

Kakashi smiled underneath his mask. Truth be told, he himself thought that with a few more years on him, Naruto could definitely become the best Hokage ever. He had matured vastly and his determination and ability to get people to like him would without a doubt benefit the village greatly. Kakashi had even started to see more of his own sensei in Naruto. It also didn't hurt to be liked and thought of as a son by the current Hokage either.

"Alright Naruto, I believe you. Next question then. What about your feelings? Shion has said that she loves you but what do you feel towards her? I hope you aren't accepting this promise just to make her happy as that would be incredibly stupid in my opinion. As my student, I just want you to be happy." Naruto grinned at Kakashi.

"Thanks sensei. And to answer your question," Naruto paused as he looked at Shion, who was watching him, "to be honest, I like her a lot. She makes me happy and I feel that if we were to spend more time with each other, then.....I could actually love her." tears were starting to form in Shion's eyes as she tightened her grip on his arm.

"I see." Kakashi eye smiled at the pair.

"Then I hope everything works out for you guys." said the perverted jounin. Everyone else nodded in agreement. Everyone accept one.

Sakura's vision started to become cloudy as the tears came. She didn't nothing to stop it this time as she just couldn't take it anymore. Not only did he like Shion now but he was going to marry her too?! She felt like her heart had been ripped open from her chest. Sakura suddenly felt very alone.

When his eyes met her green ones, she ran. She couldn't stand the sight of seeing him right now. The last thing she heard before she got down the stairs was Naruto calling her name.

As Sakura made her way outside into the garden, crying all the way, she tripped. Landing with a thud, she tried desperately to get back up. Her arms buckled under her weight and she just decided to lay there in the grass and cry.

'What is wrong with me? Do I honestly like Naruto?' while these thoughts were swimming around in her head, Naruto finally caught sight of her.

"Sakura!" he screamed as he ran up to her. Hearing him call her name, she suddenly found new strength and got up off the ground in a hurry. Naruto, sensing that she was going to run, grabbed her wrist.

"Let go of me!!!" screamed Sakura as she tried to break free of his grasp, tears spilling down her cheeks.

"No! Not until you tell me what's wrong!" fired back Naruto as he grabbed her other wrist. Sakura, knowing that running now was futile, gave up.

"Nothing is wrong with me! Just go back to your WIFE and leave me ALONE!!!!!!!" screamed Sakura. Naruto instantly froze. Sakura took this as an advantage and broke free of his hold on her.

"Sakura please, tell me what's wrong." pleaded Naruto, who was holding out his hand to her. The look of concern on his face just made her cry harder.

"Stop acting like you care about me!"

"What?! Are you crazy? I do care about you!" by now, Sakura was starting to get pissed.

"If you care about me, then why do you like SHION?!" hollered Sakura. Her voice sounded hoarse and her tears kept coming. Hearing what she said, Naruto had to take a few seconds to think.

"Sakura, are you telling me you don't like Shion?" Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing.

'He still doesn't get it?!'

"No you idiot! I like YOU!!!" Naruto's eyes widened as his mouth hung open. Sakura, the diehard Sasuke fan girl, his crush since the academy days, the girl who always rejected him, liked him?

"What? Since when?!"

"I don't know, it's just that yesterday night I couldn't stop thinking about what you and Shion were doing and it drove me crazy. Do you know how bad my heart hurt when I saw you kiss her? When you told everyone that you were going to marry her? Naruto, I never noticed until now but I really really like you. Please, don't marry her, be with me...please." Sakura was no longer crying now. Her shoulders were slumped, showing her depressed state. The pleading look in her eyes almost made him reconsider.


Naruto still felt something for Sakura, definitely. But, after everything that happened between him and Shion, he felt that what he felt for her was brotherly love now.

"Sakura, I'm sorry. I can't do that and you know it." her eyes immediately narrowed, anger present.

"Is that how you are?! After FUCKING someone else you forget all about me huh?!" the flood of tears came once again.

"If that's how it is then fine!" Sakura's hands reached for the collar of her shirt and in one clean pull, her shirt was off. Naruto's blood ran cold as he saw Sakura there, looking at him with tears in her eyes, wearing only a white bra.

"Have me Naruto! Have me right here please! So you can forget about Shion and we can be together. I...I just want to be with you!" all the strength left her body as her legs collapsed under her. Laying on her bent legs, Sakura continued her weeping.

"Sakura," started Naruto. He had never seen her so distraught since the time Sasuke left. Feeling that he needed to console her, he wrapped her in a hug. She immediately wrapped her arms around his torso, her head on his chest. He gently petted her hair while speaking.

"I will always love you like a sister. Please, stop crying. Look at yourself. This isn't the Sakura I know. The Sakura I knew would hit me on the head for being an idiot and heal all my wounds while lecturing me about staying safe. She would help me bring back our friend so squad 7 can be together again. I'm sorry Sakura but I don't have those feelings for you anymore. Sure, you might think that me liking Shion would be a little to fast but that's what makes it even more amazing. The fact that I could like her after liking you since the academy days is really out there. I don't think you like me Sakura. I think that your just scared to lose me like Sasuke." Sakura said nothing. Instead, she decided to just listen to Naruto.

"You don't have to worry about losing me too. I promise." hearing that brought a smile to her face.

"Don't think I forgot about the promise to bring back Sasuke either. I will and you will be right there to help me. Then, you can finally be with him. Okay?" feeling her nod, Naruto released the hug and stood up, helping Sakura get to her feet.

"C'mon, let's go inside and get you a shirt." Sakura blushed, completely embarressed that she ripped her shirt and told Naruto to have her. As they were walking, everything that Naruto said played back in her head.

'Maybe he is right. Maybe I only got jealous because I was afraid he was going to leave like Sasuke.' Sakura looked up at him in awe, wondering when he became so insightful and mature. She smiled as her gaze returned back to looking at the ground.

'He loves me like a sister huh? Well, I guess that could work.'

Arriving back into the dining room, Sakura started to explain to everyone what happened. That is, until Lee passed out due to blood loss at seeing her bra. After putting on a shirt and waking him up, she continued telling everyone the events of what happened after she ran and why she ran.

Sakura was incredibly embarressed and apologized to Shion profusely. Said person forgave her, telling her that it was okay and that she hoped they could become good friends. Sakura's smile told her that she liked that idea.

The rest of the day went by quickly, with Naruto, Lee, and Neji training for most of the day. Sakura and Shion went shopping and Kakashi and Kozu talked about Icha Icha. After showering and dinner, Kakshi called everyone into the living room. Kakashi told everyone that they would head back to Konoha after Taruho's memorial service tomorrow so it was best that everyone get some sleep. Naruto whined, wanting to train some more, even after showering and eating. After being told no by his sensei, he grudgingly made his way to his room like everyone else. That is, until Shion grabbed his sleeve.

"Since you are leaving tomorrow and we might not see each other for awhile, is there anything you want to do before you leave?" the too innocent look on her face was missed by Naruto, who gave her a clueless look.

"Umm, besides training some more, not really. Is there something you had in mind? Oh! Is it training?!" asked Naruto, excited that he might be able to get some more training in before sleeping.

Shion's face had a mischiveous smile on it.

"Oh yes. This training will most likely take you all night and morning. It will surely give you a workout." Inside her head, Shion laughed maniaclly. Though she was still kind of sore, her horniness won out.

'Crap, I think I might be a nympho.'

"So, where do we train?" asked Naruto, itching to get started. Shion smiled sweetly at him.

"In my room." An "eep!" escaped her mouth as he picked her up bridal style and ran towards her bedroom.

That night, Naruto trained again, and again, and again....

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