The Important Things

"Ludwig… Luuuudwiiig…"

Feliciano poked the German's shoulder with an air of annoyance. How could he be sleeping through something as important as this?

"Ludwig, wake up!"

"…wha?" Feliciano's face brightened. Finally Ludwig had-

"Go back to sleep Feliciano. We'll talk about it in the morning."

The Italian's hands balled into tiny fists as he pouted. Why did Ludwig never listen to him? It would be too late by morning! Taking a deep breath he shifted onto his knees and leaned over the blonde's head.


In two seconds flat Ludwig was up and pulling on his clothes. It took him a full minute to realize that there was no alarm, and to turn back and look at him, "Feliciano…" he started, just a bit menacingly.

But Feliciano didn't notice at all, "Hi Ludwig! I'm glad your up because I have something important to show you!" Sliding off the bed he began pulling on his own clothes, "Keep getting dressed, okay? And when you're done we can see it together."


"Hey, Feli-"




"We're standing in front of my door in the middle of the night. What exactly are we waiting for?"

"Okay, okay. I'll show you now. But first," he grabbed onto Ludwig's arm, "You have to close your eyes."

With an exasperated sigh Ludwig did as he was told. Before opening the door Feliciano waved a hand in front of his face just to check, then swung the great oaken portal open and dragged Ludwig out.

"Alright open your eyes………. Now!"

Feliciano watched in anticipation as the other's eyes slowly opened and took in the scenery around them. He thought it was most beautiful thing in the world, but he wanted to see how Ludwig would react.

"Feliciano… what are we looking at?"

The brunet's face fell but his smile was immediately replaced. Ludwig wasn't one to understand these things anyway. He always needed them explained to him, which was weird in a good kind of way. Reaching up he planted a kiss of Ludwig's cheek, "Look around you, Ludwig!" he whispered into his ear, "It's the first snow of the year."