Call Me Call Me
Session 1: Sweet Jane

I close my eyes and I keep seeing things
Rainbow waterfalls
Sunny liquid dreams

The Merlion was at least moderately clean, which was more than he could say for most of
the bars in this somewhat pathetic excuse for a city called Temasek. He ordered a drink,
although his reason for being here was not to drown his sorrows as the person sitting in
the stool next to him was currently doing.

How a place like this had ever managed to afford a grand piano, he had no idea. But
nevertheless, one stood at the far end of the bar in all its shabby glory. From it
emanated notes of bittersweet sadness, carried from the gentle dance of a pair of hands
touching upon its keys. The owner of the hands was a black haired damsel with emerald eyes
that seemed to laugh as they cried. Her ebony hair, barely brushing her shoulders, was
adorned only with a single white headband. She wore a long lacy white dress that seemed
too sweet for her, yet was just the right kind of icing to frost her melancholy song.

He downed his drink and mustered up the courage to move towards a seat near the piano.
Lost in her own ballad, the Mary Jane in a white dress did not even notice him. The soft
notes came to an inconclusive conclusion, and the musician reached for her pack of
cigarettes and placed one in her perfectly made-up lips. In a casual motion he offered
his lighter, and at last she saw him. In a moment of stunned silence, all she could do
was inhale the deadly sweet smoke of the burning stick in her hand. After a moment she
merely smiled. "What can I do for you, Jet?"


The Bebop was exactly how Faye remembered it. While there may have been a few more dents
here and there, and the couch was becoming a little threadbare, it was the same old ship.
It seemed so quiet now, without its other passengers bounding over the table or groaning
about how hungry they were. "You still live on this thing, ne?"

"It's hard to give up."

"Guess so."

"You're actually working in that place?"

"At the moment, yes."

"Never knew you played the piano."

She unceremoniously plopped down in the chair across from the Jet. "Yes, well neither did
I until a few years ago. Interesting phenomenon, letting the past catch up with you."

"Guess so."

"Jet, you didn't track me down on the biggest planet in the solar system just to talk, did

Jet sighed and absentmindedly ran his hand across his bald head, obviously stalling. Faye
raised an eyebrow. What could he possibly want that he would come find her after nearly
four years of no contact? Sighing again, he turned on his computer monitor and brought up
a file. At a glance Faye recognized it as a bounty. She gave Jet a skeptical look. "I'm
not a bounty hunter anymore, Jet. I'm not one of your little contacts, either. What do you
expect me to do, team up with you again?"

He leaned back in his seat. "Look closer, Faye."

She rolled her eyes and looked again. No less than a million woolongs were on this one's
head. The picture showed a young woman, perhaps even a teenager, with dark copper skin and
cheerful red cheeks. She wore a pair of thin rimmed glasses over her amber colored eyes,
and her head was crowned in a mop of red hair.

Two words stood out upon the screen. And they read "Radical Edward".

Author's note: Well, hope you like the first session of Call Me Call Me. As you may have
guessed, this takes place a few years after the end of the series, which is why the Bebop
group is so scattered. All you Ed fans who missed her in this chapter, believe me, you'll
get your dose of Ed goodness in good time.