Author's Note: collection of oneshots about Medusa and Stein. This first chapter started out as a standalone, but then I got ideas for other oneshots and I decided to collect them all here instead of posting them separately. I plan to keep adding to these in the future, however, each oneshot is considered complete.

WARNING. Contains explicit content, non-con, lemon, and dark, disturbing themes and adult situations. Do not read if you are under 18. You have been warned.


She feels him harden beneath her fingertips.

"Hmm." Medusa's eyes narrow. "This is an unexpected...development. Perhaps we should follow this to its inevitable conclusion?"

"Medusa..." Stein grits his teeth. Medusa smiles.

She straddles him now, her knees pressing against the sides of his hips. He's hard and she can feel him straining against the fabric of his pants. "My, my," Medusa muses. "Such poor control."

There's a look on his face, a look that says fuck you, but Stein is too proper to actually say it. Medusa laughs, delighting in it. "No, darling," Medusa says, and with one impossibly strong arm she shoves him down by the chest. "We'll see who does the fucking, ne?"

Slowly, she begins to grind her core against his erection; Stein struggles, but Medusa is stronger; her mouth stretches into a lazy smile.


Stein is slammed backwards with the force of the arrows, which pin him down by the arms.

"Why must you struggle, Stein?" Medusa says. She frowns, slightly. "I can tell you enjoy this. The body doesn't lie."

And from the pockets of her robe, she produces a small knife.

There is a sound, the tearing of fabric; Stein's shirt and pants are torn to threads, pale flesh exposed to the cold dank air.

Stein breathes hard, but he doesn't struggle. Dark eyes dart frantically toward Medusa's face. Wordlessly, Medusa presses the blunt edge of the blade to his skin, letting him feel the cold tang of metal against him. "Do not move, my love," Medusa whispers. Slowly she lets her fingertips trail down the crest of his ribs, tracing an arabesque from the hollow of his neck to the muscles of his abdomen. "Here..."

From the look on his face, Medusa knows he will not struggle. Men are simple creatures after all, and when stimulated properly, will bow down to their baser instincts. Acting on impulse, Medusa bends down and rubs her mouth against the skin of Stein's stomach. She feels his muscles tense; it's only then that she reaches down and grips him firmly in her hand.


Stein's voice is a low whine; she feels him struggling not to give in, fighting the urge to push his hips up into her hand.

"What's this?" Medusa asks, mock hurt. "Do you not like how you're feeling?" And with that she presses him flush against her entrance; the head of his erection slips inside her and Stein cries out as if in pain.

"Stein-hakase." Medusa grins, then lowers herself, inch by inch, impaling herself with his flesh. "I do not understand why you feel this way. You and I have the same interests. The same goals. We could rule the world together, if you wished. And yet you still continue to defy me."

And with one swift motion she bears down on him, making Stein gasp. She feels him struggling, pulling angrily against the arrows around his wrist. He bucks and writhes and tries to pull her off, but inadvertently he bucks her into just the right spot, and Medusa gasps, despite herself.

And then Stein rears up and spits into her face.

Medusa leans back, then wipes her eyes. Then she slams him down with the side of a well-placed arrow. Blood trickles down the corner of Stein's mouth.

"That hurt my feelings, Stein," Medusa says. The arrow shifts, grazing the skin of Stein's neck. "Do you know what it's like, to hurt a woman? To reject her, even if she welcomes you with open arms?"

Stein struggles, but his frantic twisting only serves to have him penetrate her more deeply. Medusa gasps again, then lean forward.

"It is unforgivable," Medusa says. She rocks slowly, sensually, making Stein groan.

"Like a mouse facing the fangs of a cobra," Medusa murmurs. "There is no escape."

She can hear Stein's breath, which is coming in tight, jagged spurts, and soon he stops fighting. She can see the shame and confusion flicker across his face, and Medusa closes her eyes. Her fingertips trail lightly on the damp skin of his chest, and she feels herself tighten around him. She rocks faster now, leaning forward and squeezing her eyes.

When she comes, her mouth opens in a hoarse sob, body shuddering helplessly above him. As her orgasm dies, Medusa drops forward, resting gloriously across Stein's chest.

And for one brief, weak moment, she leans against him, allowing herself to pretend he feels the same.



He's still hard when she finally extracts herself from his lap, smiling a cruel smile and brushing the hair from her eyes. "Oh? What is this? Is my little Stein-kun still suffering?"

She watches, amused, as Stein grits his teeth. Slowly she kneels down beside him and rubs the tip of his erection with her thumb. "Ah, but what shall we do about this? Shall I give my little Stein-kun relief?" And she dips low, swiping her tongue against the head of his cock. "Or shall I bite it off?"

Stein answers with a hoarse groan. His sanity is slipping. Medusa smiles cruelly.

"Beg for it," Medusa says. She brushes his cock teasingly with her hand, grins as he pushes his hips up to meet her. "Say it."

"No," Stein says. Medusa's eyes glitter, and she takes him into his mouth. He groans, then she pulls up again, wiping the side of her mouth delicately. "Say it."

Something inside him breaks, then, she can see it in his eyes.

"Do you wish to be inside of me?" Medusa positions herself over him again, teasingly brushing his cock against her entrance. "Do you wish to feel me again? Is that what you wish?"

She slides his cock against her wet slit and she feels him shudder, despite himself. "Yes," he says. Medusa's mouth stretches into a cruel smile.

"Too late," Medusa says. "Finish yourself."

It is a fitting punishment, to see him suffer as she has suffered. She stands, then smooths down the front of her dress. Around Stein's wrists, one of the arrows dissipates. He sits up and curls up into himself, shaking. She can feel his need pulsing around them, and it takes only precious few moments before he finally brings a shaking hand between his legs. He only manages a few uneven pumps before he comes, finally, semen smearing messily against his skin.

Stein is shaking, badly. Medusa leans forward, her breath against his ear.

"We shall do this again, ne?"

And with that she leaves the cell, locking the door.