Teen Titans: Blood Red Robin

Authors Note/Full Summary: Ok for starters I deleted my Yu-Gi-Oh fan fiction because it needs some SERIOUS rethinking anyway this is my first Teen Titans fan fiction and one that I have put a LOT of effort into. Anyway Robin is becoming increasingly frustrated with his lack of progress in finding and defeating Slade, his boiling rage and lust for "justice" attracts the attention of a certain organisation from across the galaxy who promise him what he desires and the power to achieve it however The Boy Wonder may even be more then this group bargained for.


Robin slammed his fists down on his desk in frustration and came close to breaking it in half,


He picked up his chair and threw it out of the window in a fit of rage, he crossed his room and screamed out into the city,


Outside the bedroom door a very scared alien heroine was curled up on the floor weeping for her team mate, the rest of the team heard the commotion and thus came to Starfire's aid, Garfield Logan (Aka Beast Boy) was the first to comment,

"He's never been this angry...should we try and calm him down?"

The green shape changer made a move for the door but had Cyborg's hand hold it shut,

"The best way for him to calm down is to get his anger out of his system, it's best to leave him be"

A large metallic THUNK and a dent indicated that Robin had hurled another piece of furniture at the door, Starfire continued to weep,

"How can he be so vengeful and full of hate...why does he obsess so much over finding Slade?"

Now it was Raven's turn,

"Anger can be a deadly emotion, much like fear it sometimes has adverse effects on the mind...like when I didn't admit I was scared?"

The team grimaced at the memory and Raven continued to speak,

"I agree with Cyborg, we should just leave him to vent his anger"

The three lent their hands to Starfire which she took; they lead her to her room and left for the night, back in his room/office Robin continued to pace and fume.

The next morning was distinctly quieter than usual, Beast Boy and Cyborg weren't at each other's throats over video games or breakfast, Starfire was nowhere to be seen and Raven was sitting on the sofa but not reading her book, Robin then made an abrupt entrance with blood shot eyes, a gravel laced voice and a slouch that said to not bother him at all...however this didn't stop Beast Boy from trying his luck, he waited until Robin was at the breakfast bar before sidling up to him and attempting to make conversation,

"So...good...sleep last.....night?"

His voice was drowned out and his body BLOWN back the second Robin turned on the radio to...


Upon smashing through the window and flying back as a humming bird, Robin made himself some coffee and left the room without a single word. Cyborg rested his head on his hand and sighed,

"We need to help him blow off some steam...a LOT of steam"

Beast Boy fluttered to his side and changed back into his human form,

"We are NOT turning him into a teapot"

Raven voice sounded more monotone than usual,

"That was bad even for you"

Starfire then hovered in through the door sporting her everyday purple garb,

"Friend Robin has yet to calm down yes?"

The team nodded to the Tamaranian's dismay, she crossed the room and sat down at the breakfast bar,

"He is not himself, if he continues as he is his anger will destroy him"

"I think that's a bit of an over exaggeration"

All four present then began to count the number of syllables in Beast Boy's largest ever word.

On top of the tower Robin had dressed and was hammering furiously at his practice dummy, yet imagining punching Slade wasn't going to do him much good, he landed three more hits before stopping to catch his breath. He looked back at the dummy and saw his adversary standing there perfectly still; even so this was enough to tip Robin over the edge. He leapt at the dummy and landed a perfect kick on his "adversary", the dummy flew off the roof and plummeted to the ground with a dull THUD. The Boy Wonder let out a tremendous yell that shook the heavens...and even beyond that, way beyond that in fact...all the way out in space on planet of Ysmault (trust me it's in the DC database...look it up) was a lake of red, from within this great pool of rage and anger rose up a large structure it resembled the power battery used by the Green Lantern Corps but was different in design, along with it a great alien being broke the surface...and behind him rose up seven more each of different size and race. Clad in red and black uniforms and bearing the insignia of their power battery, they walked across the surface of the lake and convened in a circle, the leader spoke to his comrades,

"We have found one more for our mission against our greatest enemy his cry echoes across the stars like none other, his rage is unparallel to any other of his species, is he worthy of our cause?"

The other members looked at each other and then back at their leader who promptly raised his arm and fired a bright red beam from the ring on his middle finger straight through the head of the seventh member, the ring then detached itself from its deceased owner and spoke in a dull, flat voice,

"Ring status report: Red Lantern Aron Hatel of Sector 5461 decease, sector scan for replacement sentient initiated"

The ring remained still for a few short seconds,

"Coordinates confirmed, closest planet identified as Lantern Hal Jordan's of Sector 2814"

The ring then shot off into the deep reaches of space leaving a trail of red light behind it, Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps took off following the trail to the rings destination.

Back on Earth a level 5 alert was triggered in the T-Tower, the team ran (and levitated) to the front room where Cyborg had pulled up a live news report of an attack that was taking place, Robin hung back in the doorway somehow able to listen,

"Robots have just appeared in the centre of the city, they just seem to be destroying the city for some reason"

Beast Boy then posed a query,

"How come the reporter and the cameraman are still alive?"

The screen then went to static and left Beast Boy feeling like he hadn't said that,

"Well that would...answer my question"

Robin then crossed to the console and rewound to the last image before the screen blanked out (god bless Sky TV),

"There...it's him"

He pointed a gloved finger at a figure on top of a burning car; his orange and black mask was divided in two,

"Titans move out"

Robin left the room in a flash leaving the rest of the team feeling uneasy and worried about how this may turn out. On the way over Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire had taken to the sky, Robin was on his R-Cycle and of course Cyborg was piloting his T-Car and was going relatively well until he heard a very flat voice in his head,

"Can you hear me?"

"Raven...are you talking inside my head?"

"Yes friend Cyborg, Raven has spoken inside my cranium many times before"

"Wait how did you get in here?"

"You know this is YOUR head Cy, it wasn't that hard"

"Oh god not you too"

"Say that again and I'll start yelling tofu"

"You wouldn't dare"

Within the confides of Cyborg's human mind Beast Boy took a deep breath only to have his mouth clamped over by Raven,

"Look Robin hasn't been this fixated on something since...well...ever...how do we know this won't get out of hand?"

Beast Boy shook himself loose,

"You don't think he go THAT far...do you?"

Starfire then raised her voice,

"Friend Robin would NEVER do such a thing...at least...I hope not"

Cyborg decided to save his brain from further meltdown,

"I think the best thing we can do at the moment is wait and see how this plays out, if it does get out of hand it'll be up to use to stop Robin from...well...let's not think about that"

The team exited Cyborg's head and returned to where they were going. In the centre of Jump City Slade's robots were wreaking havoc and bloody murder on the citizens, Slade himself had a hostage atop a burning car and the police as well as the National Guard were hesitant to shoot,

"Is this all you pitiful government tools can do...some fat sugar filled officers and toy soldiers...you had your chance to provide some small amusement"

Slade was about to break the poor woman's neck until a voice rang out,


He looked up and around to see the Titans standing atop the roof behind him, even though his face was totally obscured Robin could tell he was grinning,

"Ahh finally, now the fun can really begin"

After he uttered that final word he twisted his hands and the woman's neck broke with a stomach churning crunch, the team watched in horror as her lifeless body fell to the ground and Slade jumped to another burning vehicle before ordering his robotic drones to attack the Titans and government employees, Robin gritted his teeth and lunged straight for Slade,


The rest of the team leapt down to take on the machines as Robin engaged Slade single handed, he threw countless punches and kicks countered an uncountable amount of the same and still nothing seemed to faze his enemy. After at least an hour of leaping across the street and parrying Slade's onslaught of martial arts and psychological torment...the two kept fighting, Slade then managed to pin Robin down on the concrete,

"You haven't improved my former apprentice...you have all the tools to defeat me...your rage...your hatred...yet you still refuse to use them"

He picked up the battered warrior and threw him through a shop window, the other Titans finished with Slade's minions and ran to intervene only to have Robin spring out and halt them,


The team stopped dead in their tracks as they saw their leader's face, bloody, swollen and virtually pulsing with raw liquid hate, Starfire buried her head in Cyborg's side unable to bear the site of her friend's visage, Slade then stood over Robin and goaded him once more,

"After all this time...you still haven't come close to defeating me-me-me"

Cyborg heard this and instantly feared the worst, his artificial eye then performed a bio-scan of Slade's vitals only to find that he had none which could lead to only one conclusion,

"C'mon Boy Wonder-der-der...get up...f-f-f-fight memememememe"

Cyborg screamed at Robin hoping he would listen,


A panel on Slade's chest opened revealing a small screen, this wasn't Slade he had been fighting but Robin was willing to bet his birdarang that the figure on the screen was, he then screamed at the small image,


The visual then uttered three words,

"Game over Robin"

The robot then detonated taking the whole building with it, debris fell on top of the young man and flame seemed to engulf the wreckage, if it hadn't been for Raven's force field Robin would have become a roasted turkey and basted in his own blood, the team ran over to his side and attempted to help him up, he however batted their hands away and groggily stood up walking to the middle of the road...he then threw his arms up and screamed like he had on top of the tower, he had been deceived once again, duped, fooled, played for a sucker by his arch nemesis once again, he fell to one knee in frustration and still refused help from his team mates to their dismay,

"Friend Robin you are hurt...let us help you back to the tower"

"We need to find Slade"

Cyborg raised his voice (the wrong thing to do),

"Look man Slade's not here, he played you for a fool he played us all, stop getting so angry and calm the FUCK DOWN"

Robin turned around and faced his half human companion,

"If you're too scared to find Slade then I'll find him myself...even if it kills me...YOU HEAR ME...HE ISN'T GOING TO GET AWAY THIS TIME"

The leader turned around and began to trudge away to start his search...Starfire drew in a mighty breath to bellow something but was interrupted by Beast Boy pointing up at the sky towards an oncoming object,

"What is that?"

The team looked at where he was pointing and strained to see what was coming their way, Robin had extra difficulty due to the blood in his eyes, it got closer and closer until Cyborg discerned something,

"It's red...and it's almost here...GET DOWN"

The object scorched its way at blistering speed, the team dove left and right trying to avoid it but the object struck the concrete causing a tremendous explosion and enormous crater. When the smoke had cleared the Titans gathered around the crater to try and see what had just taken a chunk out of their hometown, a bright red light then shone in the crater and rose up in front of Robin, he extended his hand out and a small red ring landed in his hand and then seemed to speak with a gravelly, harsh deep tone,

"I am Atrocitus of The Red Lantern Corps...you serve a noble cause, you seek to bring true justice to a person who has wronged you, this ring will give you the power to fulfil that cause, become one of us and be given the power to change the world"

This voice was then replaced by its original monotone,

"Richard Grayson your rage gives you great power"

Starfire darted forward and knocked the ring out of her friends hand, knowing what was in store should he accept, the ring whizzed back to Robin and repeated its statement,

"Richard Grayson your rage gives you great power"

"Friend Robin these Red Lanterns are bad people...they only seek to spread death and..."

She was silenced by Robin backhanding her in the face and sending her to the ground, she was now to him only an obstacle, they wanted to give up and go home well he wasn't standing for it, Slade would pay and he WOULD pay dearly, he slipped on the ring without hesitation and was instantly struck by a horrific red lightning from on high. His scream seemed to turn from one of fear and confusion to sheer animalistic fury, the team gathered around Starfire and watched in horror as their leader was transformed from the Boy Wonder they knew into something else entirely. He stood stoic as his ring spoke again,

"Richard John Grayson...welcome to The Red Lantern Corps"