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Okay, since my latest style of writing is the iPod shuffle, I have directed my attention on a fandom without much. This one being TF: Armada.


Lion (Angel)- Starscream/Alexis:

Digging through muck and slime and Primus only knew what else, a certain Decepticon Seeker was getting far worse than desperate to find the little fleshling he'd lost.

He did not wish to lose her... and he didn't even know why.

The muck was starting to clog his gears and his servos hurt from skimming over everything except the little fleshling the Seeker had come to....


Clasping gently, gently, Alexis' little body was revealed to him. Sun orange optics flared at the sight of her. Covered in debris and filth, but still breathing.

The mech gave a sigh of....relief, happiness.... maybe even hope.

White Houses- Rad/Carlos:

"So, this is our family estate... Have fun and don't set anything on fire and this should be a good weekend."

Taking heed of Rad's warning, the first three awakened Mini-cons took off for the large body of water the humans called a pool, beeping happily. Alexis followed close behind to prevent any accidental damage.

Carlos, for his part, was content to stay on the fluffy bed he and his boyfriend would occupy.

"Want some food?"

"Want sleep." Came the muffled reply as tanned fingers clasped the blue eyed boy's wrist, pulling him down for warth.

Neverending story- High Wire/Grindor:

"This... is so... fragging.... pointless..."

Huffing and puffing up a mountain located somewhere deep within the forests of China, Grindor complained for what High Wire was sure to be the twenty-third time.

"Not pointless," High Wire corrected, "Tiring." Leave it to the light blue Mini-con to look at the glass as half full as they both almost slid downwards again.

The optics of his friend appeared to give him a dirty look at the correction, the action quickly followed by Grindor swiftly picking up a piece of bamboo and swatting his best friend with it.

High Wire simply hummed.

I Stand Alone- Billy/ Fred:

Strange as it was to think, Billy enjoyed Fred's company a great deal. His best friend, to many, was a fat, whiney pain in the as... And, though Billy was loathe to admit it, the freckle face thought them to be right. Even after Rad and the Autobots softened him up.

But, it didn't matter. Before Fred, Billy had nothing and nobody, so he'd rather have this one over-weight, benevolent brunette than a thousand human, Autobot and Mini-con companions.

Without Fred, he'd be alone.

The Court of Miracles- Hot Shot/ Wheeljack:

"Get off me."


"Get off me, now, Hot Shot."

"Will you hold still if I do?"

The silence was next to welcome as the yellow mech gave a self-serving smirk at Wheeljack, continuing to sit on the Decepticon. And all the while, he went on patching up his former comrade's mangled leg.

Never mind one of his own optics was profoundly damaged, Hot Shot could see just enough to fix the larger mech. As an added bonus, maybe he wouldn't get scrapped for his help.

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