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What I've Done- Linkin Park: Optimus/Blurr-

Upon a distant shore, Optimus Prime stood quiet, enjoying the night sky and the sea with all its salt and little wonders lapping against his armor. Beside him, irritation showing with every wave, Blurr tried to enjoy this as well, but was finding it rather difficult. His motherboard kept reminding him that he could rust from this, the sand would be harder to get out than any shrapnel and rogue seaweed would stain his armor. How Optimus enjoyed this, the sniper would never want to know, but he was not going to spoil the moment.

Liar- Korn: Longarm/Incinerator-

"Frag, when they made you stupid, they made you really stupid."

Incinerator gave a light chuckle, regretting it instantly as his charred vocals rattled from the strain, sending half a dozen warnings through his systems. Half his body was wrapped in a freezing towel, but any and all movement hurt the burned mech to much for anything to be worth it, really. After this, if he could help it, he would never step foot in Red Alert's research lab again. Not even to see the medic who was now kindly trying to cheer him up in his own painfully stoic fashion.

"Ah, if only that weren't the funniest thing I've heard all day."

Pimpin'- Hollywood Undead: Starscream/Cyclonus-

"Holy Primus, you're hideous! When was the last time you recharged?"

The usually chipper helicopter trudged into the observation room, arms sagging at his sides and some of the Energon he'd tried to choke down earlier that morning dripping from the corner of his mouth, all but giving him the look of a zombie.

"Oh… um, let's see… what day is it?"

The Seeker checked his internal calendar a moment, "Tuesday."

"…Really? Huh, I think I last recharged… last Thursday."

Starscream let the answer Cyclonus provided sink in a moment, a nice calm look on his faceplates. Two microseconds later, Starscream's fist smashed against the loon's head, knocking him out much better than a sedative. He'd have a migraine later, but at least the risk of him wandering into Megatron's chambers a third time had been snuffed. Actually, this action would save them both a lot of grief, probably.

Walk This Way- Aerosmith: Ramjet/Mirage-

Mirage was looking like a humiliated schoolgirl as Ramjet continued to rub against him like a kitten who'd found the mother of all catnip mice. The flier most likely had gotten into the good Energon and been sent to the Skyboom Mini-con for laughs. Most times Mirage didn't mind a little affection, but hiding at the moment seemed an ideal thing to do. Primus forbid Tidal Wave see this and assume the racer was forcing himself on the colossal fragger's partner. Should that happen, the racer had the feeling there'd be nothing left of him to bury or be identified.

Journey to the Past- Anastasia Soundtrack: Spiral/Fred-

The teenage boy was amused to see the first Mini-con to ever give him a ride looking like a drowned rat. Snow was still sticking to his shoulder struts and the ridges of his optics. So cute!

"Hey, enjoying Alaska so far?" Fred chuckled, dusting the Mini-con off as best he could with one hand, the other holding an awkward looking red umbrella, shielding them both from the snow pelting them on the winds. Spiral clicked something quietly, nestling his head into the human's hand absently.

Fiesta- Aqua: Sideswipe/Optimus-

"Okay, Optimus, sir, you've got to at least try to stay upright, 'cause you're really heavy… No offense, sir."

"Ah, you're so cute, ya' know?"

Struggling to hold his commander on his shoulder through the streets of Iacon, Sideswipe was hoping he'd somehow manage to get the towering blue boss bot to the much lesser mech's own home before someone saw them. And before he tripped and got flattened by the Prime. You'd think a leader to half a race of mechanical beings would be able to handle their high-grade better, but no, turns out Optimus was a real light weight. Figuratively speaking, of course, he weighed at least twice as much as Sideswipe did.

'Please, Primus, I'll actually do those reports if you just let me get Optimus to my apartment, please!'

Reflection- Shakira: Sonar/Swindle-

Clutching the bereft and terrified flier to his own chassis, Swindle did his best to let Sonar know he—they—would be okay. The Mini-cons had survived worse than this, slag, things ten times worse. They'd survive without Starscream. Megatron was no fool, he wouldn't lose such things as valuable as they.

"Sshh, it's okay. Just be brave and we'll be alright."

In the Rough- Anna Nalick: Jetfire/Thrust-

"You're getting love letters… from Thrust?"

Jetfire kept his helm firmly planted to the table in the med-bay, doing everything in his power to ignore the fact that he was actually asking Hot Shot advice about something that had been so completely inappropriate as to be illegal back on their planet. Why, Primus, why him?

"Thrust? The egotistical joker who conquered planet Vector? Thrust, who I may remind you is the enemy? Thrust, whom it appears has very nice handwriting while speaking of you in romantic verse?"

"Yes, frag it! Yes!"

"… Oh, there are just so many things I could say right now."

Hanging By a Moment- Lifehouse: Billy/Jolt-

"Playing hard to get only works if you eventually give in, you know."

The blue optics of the orange helicopter glinted in the dim light as Billy handed Jolt another small cube of Energon. Or the whole night at the celebration of the end of the war, the light human had been making small, discreet passes at the Mini-con, but Jolt was still unsure how to answer his courtship. Billy was nice once you really got to know him, deep under his arrogance and snide remarks. He was also just a little attractive to the small flier.

"You don't have to answer now. We can just talk, if you like."

Jolt blushed and nodded, "Alright, let's talk."

Sound the Bugle- Spirit Soundtrack: Megatron/Blurr-

Mechfluid that in the past the warlord would have relished had now turned into something that made his frame run cold. Megatron may have wanted many things, like control of the universe and Optimus Prime to still be alive, but he did not want this.

The blue mech being held up in Megatron's strong arms was shaking badly from the Energon loss and very soon his spark would fade from existence… Unless… unless Megatron would be willing to give Blurr that little extra something that would make all the difference. To himself, to Blurr, to the Decepticon cause and this mess of a situation they were in with Sideways cackling in the distance.

Angels- Within Temptation: Laserbeak/Alexis-

A heart's a heavy burden… Laserbeak remembered that saying well from Earth. It rang true for many sentient beings, mechanical and organic alike. The humans never said what a broken heart was. And now he knew.

Perched on Alexis' shoulder, the spy tried his best to comfort her. Starscream had left, just like most of the Autobots had thought he would, with ultimate weapons and all. Sureshock had done his best to comfort the girl, but there are some things words can't help. But, Laserbeak felt that was alright. There were no words he could give, and so far that was a good thing. She'd offered him the barest of smiles and patted him on the head, grateful, if nothing else, for the company.

I Caught Myself- Paramore: Scavenger/Carlos-

Little hands grasping his frame sent little chills up Scavenger's back. Whatever it was that he used to believe made the humans on base annoying vanished from his mind as his favorite human found that nasty piece of metal from the gaping wound in his side.

"Oh, man, don't do that again! I'm all for you kicking Decepticon skidplate, but not in a junkyard, okay? This dinky thing could have gotten wedged in there even deeper, or could have been rusty and given you some robotic diseases, so no more brawling in the scrap heaps, yeah?"

"Hm, whatever you say Carlos." The bulldozer replied, using the tip of his index digit to rub some of the sweat from the boy's face.

The Hamster Dance- Radio Disney: Perceptor/Hot Shot-

The larger than average Mini-con stood before Hot Shot, grinning brilliantly, like a solar fire. His optics seemed to twinkle as the much larger mech shuffled from foot to foot, digits twiddling under the scrutiny of Perceptor.

"So… You'll stay, with me, that is? Really?" Primus, if Hot Shot kept this up his entire frame would boil from all the blushing.

All Summer Long- Kidd Rock: Rad/Red Alert-

"The void equals infinity!"

"Shut up, Rad! Why did I let you talk me into this?!"

"Let's see… Either you were hoping to actually enjoy yourself or were hoping for some interfacing from your main human…"

The Autobot medic didn't even have the energy to snap at Rad for such a crude suggestion, far too busy watching the land hurtling at them at speeds Red Alert really didn't want to think about, Jetfire giving 'yahoos' from above. The blond human Red Alert had taken part in this endeavor for, spun and did flips and such to the blue Autobot's right, laughing. The both of them were insane or Red Alert really wasn't having a good time with this whole sky diving thing.

Our Song- Taylor Swift: Demolisher/Wheeljack-

"Can you feel this?"

"…A little."

Wheeljack sighed dejectedly, Demolisher not looking directly at the wound the scientist was trying to fix. The remainder of the arm Optimus Prime had managed to sort of… pop off, after running the tank over in his Semi form. Demolisher also had ugly, pressed in tire marks across his face. Those would be hard to scrub off, even with that wonder humans created, bleach.

"I can't believe you went after Prime. Megatron called dibs on him, remember?"

"Would you rather he shot you off the cliff you were dangling off of?"

The gold and black mech didn't answer.