I looked at the dark gloomy house before me it was big yet scary looking. I sighed this was it; from here and out I was going to start my life as a new person. I closed the door to my small blue buggy. I carefully walked up the steps to my new destiny. My newly marked forehead seemed to tingle with delight every step we neared. I bumped into a woman in my way up.


I stared at a girl, she was newly marked I was positive. Her dark orange hair danced around her shoulders. Her moss green eyes stared at me. I smiled at her.

"Hello there i am Shekinah, the High Priestess of all Vampyres." The girl gaped at me. I noticed something about her she was strikingly pretty. There was something odd though that's when I noticed what that was, beneath her eyebrow was a long scar going all the way to her left eye. Oh goddess what happened to your poor child? I shuddered such pity if it weren't for her scar she would be perfect. Then her sweet soft voice spoke.

"Hello I'm Anne Ree Johnson, You are the high priestess?" I laughed at her then said.

"That's what I said now Welcome to the House Of Night, The first thing you should know is that you get to change your name since you starting a new life." I stared at her. She hesitated then sighed.


I thought about what Shekinah had just told me. I quickly scratched my scar. I winced at the pain, I saw the vamp looking at it. I almost smirked. My drunked dad had given me this earlier today.

I had entered the house trying to not disturb him when he starts screaming to me about how I'm such a useless girl. In quick movements he is hovering over me bottle in his hand. I can smell his stinky breathe. Then he crashes his wine bottle at my face. I fall to the ground, pushing away the tears that want to come out I learned long ago to not cry in front of him or he'll hit me more for being sensible.

A lonely bird brings me back to where I am, I search my brain for a name. Neferet. I hesitate what a weird name, I like it.

" My name is Neferet, " I can't help but grin of happiness I liked the sound of that. Then a happy thought came to me my dad couldn't take me no more I was finally free from him. Then for the first time in a long time I cried .