I tip toed to my bed. Trying not to make much noise but apparently not being successful.

All of sudden the lights turned on, I turned to stare at a very pissed off Lenobia.

"Where the hell have you been? Do you realize how late you are?" She stood there her whole fragile frame swaying. Her Grey eyes seemed to be slicing through me, Searching.

"I um...was outside. Sorry i didn't notice how late it was Lenobia." Quickly I turned my back to her and headed towards my bed. I smiled at Skylar laying there happily sleeping. Lucky him he didn't have to face off the world. Or try to put up with a annoying roommate.

"What you mean Neferet?" I groaned at her fierceness and finally snapped. I couldnt stand it no more. I had had it, enough!! No one talks to me like that. Not even my dad, not without me leaving a mark on him.

"Shut up! OK? I have had it with you Lenobia, you are so selfish. Look I am sorry your friend died, really I am. But its time you let go. Everyone else has. Including Dragon. So just stop blaming me Kay?." I gave her a dirty look before slamming myself into my bed. And of course bugging my cat.

I turned the lights off and fell into sleep not bugging to look at Lenobia. She seriously was getting on my nerves. I Layed there thinking of Dragon, and Lenobia until finally i fell asleep.


step by step I made it to my dorm. With only one thought in my mind.


My mind just wouldn't let her go. It was horrible.

I was relieving every single moment we had. From day one when I had met her to now when I lost her.

I was seriously depressed which wasn't good. Of course Neferet had helped some.

she really was a good help. I really hoped she would end up choosing Nyx's path.

I had heard the girls story, it was painful. From having her Mom die, her sister kidnapped, and her dad abuse her.

Damn that was something she should have never experienced. What type of sick father she had.

I shook my long hair and clenched my fist.

If I ever met him I would sure give the man I taste of his own medicine. Some one should have told him how treat a lady.

He sort of reminded me of my dad.

I really didn't like to think about him.

He was a older version of me. He was a minister in church. Which of course made everyone believe him as a good man.

Oh had they known the truth he would have been in jail as if right now.

No one knows this but my father had killed my mother. He had told the police that she fell.

He even threatened me to tell the police the same thing or I would be joining mother in hell.

Oh the nerve, if he was right now here I would beat the rap out of him. He also abused my sweet little sister.

Caramel was her name. She was amazing and loving. I missed her.

She ran away from home. I guess she got tired of the old man miss treating her.

I remember him blaming me for my sisters disappearance.

That day he told the police that I had been responsible for my mothers death, and probably my sisters.

He made a show of how he had tried to stop me but couldn't.

Course the police believed him.

I had spent that week in prison thanks to my sick ass dad.

I never did return home, I fled.

Eventually I came here to Tulsa.

I wince at the memory and open the door to my dorm.

I look out the window then away.

dont worry Bree I will meet you again.

I smile to myself and pull out the pillls that I have been using lately to fall asleep.

Hoping that the next day I wont open my eyes.


I am in a delightful golden field, a woman sits close to me at a stream. I take a step towards the woman and she raises her head. My breath gets caught caught in my throat. The woman is a pure beauty, dark hair flowing around her and eyes so stunning they could be seen from where she stood.

"Neferet child please do not be shy step forward." Amazed by this women I do what I am told.

"Nyx?" The women smiles.

"Yes Neferet that is one of my names. I feel honored that you know me."

"Nyx why am I here have I died?" I step closer to her, even up close her beauty is stunning. I look around me. Taking it all in. Her voice brings me back to the present.

"No child, you are not dead yet. I summoned you here for a reason." I look at her with amazement.

"What reason?" I ask her. Thats when I notice that my words are floating around me swirling everywhere. I can't help but laugh with joy.

"Neferet I summon you because now that Bree died, The House of Night in Tulsa needs a High Priestess in training."

"But what does that have to do with me Nyx?" My moss green eyes bore into her deep blue eyes.

"Why Neferet, child. This has everything to do with you! You are to be the new Priestess there, this is your destiny child."

"But wasn't it Bree's destiny too?" Confused I watched her sigh in frustration then rise to her feet. She takes my hands and smiles at me.

"Yes it was Bree's destination, but her destination was different than yours sweet Neferet. She was supposed to die and give you her spot. Now I do understand that You have been having some troubles with your roommate have you not?"

I nod my head, not daring to take my eyes off of her.

"That is understandable. Child I do not like watching my children die. Trust me it hurts me, but that is how life goes and I suggest that if you still have troubles with Lenobia just ask Shekinah for a new roommate."

"You know Shekinah?" I asked her.

Her deep laugh echoes everywhere.

"Why of course she is a child of mine is she not?"

I blush instantly and say a small yes.

"Shekinah is a wise women and I can proudly say that she has a bright future ahead of hers, now child our time is getting shorter, but don't worry I will always be there for you. I have gifted you with some powers now be on with it."

Suddenly she embraces me and bows down to kiss my forehead.

Then suddenly everything goes blank.


I awake in a meadow. I feel calm strange.

Slowly I rise to my feet. Thats when I see her.

She is standing a few feet from me. Her face is sad, concerned but why?

Suddenly she skips towards me.

"Dragon?" Her voice is the same sweet tinkling voice I love.

"Bree?" I whisper. Finally she is back. Filled with joy I take her in my arms and swing her around. I watch as her beautiful midnight black hair swings everywhere.

"Dragon put me down now!" I obey not wanting to make her mad.

"Bree I missed you." Her eyes looked at me.

" Dragon this isn't suppose to happen you have to let me go." I HAD TO LET HER GO WHAT WAS SHE SMOKING?

"But i- I just got you back?" I couldn't help but whine at her.

Thats when she crossed the space between us. She grabbed me by my shoulders and stared at me, her wise eyes looking at me. It made me uncomfortable. She made uncomfortable.

"Dragon, this wasn't supposed to happen. You still have alot of life to live. Trust me Someone is waiting for you out there. Yes it hurts me knowing that that someone wasn't me but thats just how life is. Now I need you to wake up and carry on, stop trying to kill yourself, k?"

I barely had time to answer her because all of sudden her lips pressed against mine. I moaned how i missed doing this.

I opened my eyes and realized something. She was gone, the girl that I had loved forever was gone for the second time in my life.

And this time it was forever.

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