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With that out of the way… lets rock!

A Game to Remember


Losing the game, Wining the kiss


Natsu Tanimoto was lazing about in his living room taking a nap. You wouldn't know it from his handsome face but Natsu (called by Natsu-chan by Kenichi and anyone el se with a death wish…) was a powerful martial artist taught by the Fierce Fist God Ma Sougetsu. A powerful fighter who rarely lost a fight Tanimoto had but one weakness; the little sister of Shirahama Kenichi, Honoka. A few years younger than him Honoka had seen fit to bother him when her older brother wasn't around. Her favorite hobby: Othello.

"I said do you want to play?" she said sweetly


"Aw, come on…."

"I said no. Every time we play I lose and end up having to do ridiculous things for you."

This was true. They would place bets on their games. Tanimoto only bet? That she would leave him alone if he won. Obviously that had never happened. So whenever she won he was forced to take her places, like the park, the movies and the carnival. Of course an almost adult teenager going with a young girl to places like the movies draws odd glances every now and then. Granted he wouldn't be caught dead in these places, but he sometimes found he enjoyed himself. Not that he'd say it...


She pouted her face at him, and try as he might he found he couldn't say no. Why though?

"All right" he said, somewhat exasperated

YAY! So loudly the quotation marks vanished from the universe…

After Hermit regained his hearing they began to play. Try as he might he couldn't get close to beating her. As he lost he began looking at Honoka during her turns. She looked so cute like…CUTE? Why the hell was he thinking that? Come to think of it, it had been a year since they met and she had gotten quite… curvier. But why he noticed that he didn't know. And when he came back to his senses she had already won.

Gee Tanimoto you really sucked today! She said laughing so hard she fell on her back. Of course this gave Tanimoto a peek at her panties when her skirt flipped. Shockingly he got a nosebleed. This of course is the universal sign for sexual interest in men and women.

"Fine what do you want for winning?" The quotation marks back at last

"A kiss"


If Tanimoto had been distracted before this threw him into overdrive. A kiss? What should he do!? He looked at her small face, covered by a mischievous grin.

Honoka was laughing in her head. Poor Tanimoto she thought. She was just kidding though.

Tanimoto its okay, I was just kid…. Was all she could say before lifted her by her shoulders and kissed her on the lips. She went blank in shock and for a few minutes no one moved. He then let her down gently. As they looked at each other with large blushes on their faces, Tanimoto began to speak.


But before he could say anymore she had left the room leaving him there somewhat confused.

"What the hell did I just do?"

Tanimoto: You're a pedophile aren't you?

Helios: Why would you say something like that Natsu-chan!

Tanimoto: SHUT UP!

Honoka: Don't hurt him!

Tanimoto: Fine

Helios: Well we know who wears the pants here…

Tanimoto: DIE!