Helios: I-

Honoka: Not a word…

Helios: Right.

Chapter 8

Appreciate your local museums!

Tanimoto had never been on a date. Oh sure, girls had asked him out all the time. But luckily for him it had always been on those group dates, where he could avoid spending time with one person. So being on a pseudo date with Honoka was interesting to say the least. There was so much talking…

"So Natsu what do you think of this?" Honoka asked sweetly

Its not that he didn't like talking to her. He adored talking to her. No the problem was that had to get to the artifacts, which was proving quite difficult with Honoka around his arm. It was hard walking let alone plan high stakes theft.

Plus, it's kinda new don't ya think? Asked his good half

"Yeah I suppose, but I would like to date her when assassins weren't involved" argued his Yami half

In any case, Natsu and Honoka walked through the museum, looking at all the different displays with varying degrees of interest. Natsu quite enjoyed to parts involving martial arts and surprisingly Honoka liked it too.

"I am trying to learn about martial arts history when I can" Honoka confessed

"Why?" asked Tanimoto

"Cause you and brother like it so much" she responded

"Is that why you try to put me in chokeholds?" asked Natsu

"No that's just for fun!"


"Its cause she spends time with Apachai and Shigure" argued Good Half

"Maybe she thinks were into auto erotic asphyxiation" wondered Yami


"Im sorry"

"I mean wow"

"Oh shut up"

Natsu, completely lost in his dual personalities completely ignored the artifact when he passed it by, ignored Akisame looking at a painting, ignored Kajima at the gift shop and ignored the assassins arguing over Neo Classical art. Which is all well and good, but he was also ignoring his girlfriend, which is a capitol offense in some countries.

"Tanimoto Natsu" muttered Honoka dangerously

"Huh?" responded Natsu, coming out of his coma

"You haven't responded to a single thing I said"

"I haven't?"


"Ah, well I apologize, have a lot on my mind" said Natsu

"Reaaaalllyyy. Care to tell me what's on your mind" said Honoka in the most poisonously sweet way possible

"Think damnit"

"Tell her about the assassins! Talk to her about cheese! Tell her your thinking about killing Kenichi!"

"How would that help?!" asked Good exasperatedly

"It wouldn't, but I am thinking about it!"

"I was just thinking how cute you look" said Natsu

Poor Honoka turned red immediately and seemed to lose balance, swaying cutely side to side while steam rose from her head.

"Really?" asked Honoka


"Damn were good"

"Amen brother we are good!"

"So it has nothing to do with that weirdo leaping at us right now" asked Honoka

"Oops" replied both halves

A little earlier

"This is a nice place" replied the katar wielding assassin who we will name Jerry

"I guess" replied falchion wielding Stewie

"You don't like museums?" asked Jerry

"Not when I have a job to do" replied Stewie

"Well what do you want to do? The boy is clearly on a date, and it wouldn't be right to interrupt"

"Let's just ask him real polite and it will all work out" said Stewie

"We chased him across the city!" shouted Jerry

"I wasn't the one who through a shuriken at him, which I must remind you has nothing to do with the weapon you carry geographically!"

"I like to diversify! I am supposed to stay in one weapon tree just because?!" asked Jerry

"I agree, diversity is important" replied Akisame

Both assassins jumped a good ten feet in the air (Much to the shock of passersby) and immediately drew their weapons. They regretted this, as the recognized one of the heroes of Ryozanpaku staring at them.

"Now gentlemen, there is no need to react that way. I'm just here admiring the art" said Akisame

"Of course sir we were simply surprised" replied Stewie

Akisame simply stared at their weapons politely, until both men sheathed their weapons sheepishly. The atmosphere dialed down considerably.

"I hate to be rude, but I have to ask what your interest is in that young man over there" gestured Akisame toward Natsu.

"N-n-one of your business" stuttered Jerry.

"I'm afraid it is, you see he is my disciples rival and the girl latched on to his arm is my disciples sister, and I would hate to have to defend them. Too much effort you see" sighed Akisame, as if it pained him to do so.

Now Stewie was tired. He has to take 2 flights to Japan, his weapons had been temporarily lost in baggage twice and Jerry wouldn't shut up. Needless to say his patience was running thin. Jerry throwing objects at teenagers caused them to run across the city to an overpriced museum was just the icing on the cake. Akisame threatening him? No he had quite enough of that.

"Jerry get the kid" said Stewie, drawing his falchion.

"Cant we talk about this?" asked Akisame

"Sadly not today, I need stress relief" replied Stewie

"Might I suggest aerobics?" said Akisame, not even bothering to change his posture.

Stewie leapt forward pulling off an expert swing at Akisame's hea- no wait it's his afterimage because Akisame is awesome. Stewie knew this, his initial slash a feint. Instead he thrust behind him toward a waiting Akisame. Akisame dodged easily but was now farther away from the teens.

"Not bad" complimented Akisame

"It gets better" chuckled Stewie, unleashing a flurry of swings that would be the envy of any disciple.

Meanwhile Jerry leaped at Natsu and Honoka without even bothering to be subtle. If he had wanted to be subtle, he wouldn't be carrying shurikens and a Katar

Back to present

"Oops" replied both halves

Tanimoto grabbed Honoka by the waist and leapt backward to get away from Jerry. Jerry being an enthusiastic individual threw shuriken with a smile on his face. Again this was not a subtle man. Honoka meanwhile, was not having fun.

"Natsu some guys bring work on a date, and that sucks." Said Honoka

"I know" sighed Natsu

"You, Natsu-Chan (Natsu winced), bring martial arts on a date! Now tell me which is worse?!" asked Honoka

"But think of the bonding!" said Natsu

"I agree, me and wife really enjoyed those assassination mission together" conceded Jerry

"Really?" asked Honoka ignoring the danger

"Of course, mark my words, you will really appreciate these dangerous times together" said Jerry happily.

At this Jerry lazily swung his Katar at Natsu. Natsu ducked and did a quite impressive roll, but Jerry simply stuck his foot out and intercepted the young man. Natsu and Honoka found themselves skidding across the floor until the stopped at a podium.

"Ow" though Natsu's good half

"That could have gone better" thought his Yami half, as Natsu got off the ground

"Are you gonna fight kiddo?" asked Jerry jovially

"Sure it's not like this could get any worse" said Natsu

"Hey Natsu look at this cool artifact! It says it's from Tidat!" exclaimed Honoka, pointing at the podium they had crashed into.


"-that's convenient"

Natsu marveled at the universe as he readied for one hell of a fight. Dates he decided, could be quite fun, when your martial artist at least.

And at this moment, Nijima promptly fell through the roof and landed in the middle of both fights.

"How the hell did I end up here?!"

Honoka: Soooo

Helios: I got nothing

Akisame: Kenichi has more talent than you do

Natsu: Damn!