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Chapter one

Tamaki stood before the Ootori's front door, bouncing on the balls of his feet. The door opened and Tamaki was greeted by Kyouya's sister. She blinked. "Huh? Tamaki, what are you doing here?"

"Kyouya invited me to spend the weekend with him since you along with the rest of the family will be away."

She blinked and looked at her watch.

"It's seven in the morning."

He bounced past her.

"Oh I know!" He cheered happily before dashing off. "I know where Kyouya's room is!" He cheered happily running through the house and towards Kyouya's apartment sized room.

Kyouya opened his eyes enough to read the time on the clock: 7:30 am…funny, he thought. 'I could have sworn I heard Tamaki's voice just now.' Kyouya closed his eyes one more and rolled over. 'No…even Tamaki was smarter than that…he wouldn't wake me up at seven in the morning….' He slowly started to drift back to sleep before he heard the loud banging on his door. His eyes pressed shut, trying to ignore the noise.

Tamaki continued to bang on the door.

"KYOUYA!" He called in a sing song voice before opening the door and popping his head in. "I'm coming in." He walked in and closed the door behind him. "Are you decent? Not that, that matters." He added under his breath, glancing this way and that before trotting up the stairs to the loft where Kyouya's bed was located. "Kyouya!" He pounced the lump in the bed. "KYYYYYOOOOOUUUUUYYYYYAAAA!"

Kyouya struggled himself out of Tamaki's grasp and promptly hit him in the side of the face, knocking him off the bed.

"Don't. Do. That." He hoped that his use of small, short words would clue the blond idiot in on how serious he was, and frankly he wasn't conscious enough to form any other sentence. He fell back on the bed with a thump and rolled over, firmly shutting his eyes. "Sleep now." He grumbled.

Tamaki sat up rubbing his face and pouting.

"But mommy, you're the one who told me to show up at seven!" He rose to his knees and scooted to the end of the bed resting his upper torso on the soft mattress, a little afraid of climbing back onto the bed with the obviously pissed Shadow King.

Kyouya racked his barely working memory and recalled, much to his dismay, the blond was correct. Forcing himself to sit up, he half glared at Tamaki.

"I did…didn't I?" He had forgotten. "We have that stupid report on the Host Club due this upcoming week. I thought we should do it together…" He looked around the room. "Well? Leave so I can get dressed." He said grumpily as he stood up.

Tamaki pouted.

"Aw, but mommy!" He pushed away from the bed and stood up crossing his arms. "Your door is closed, no one would see me watching!" he sighed and shrugged turning. "But I know better then to complain so early in the morning." He slowly descended the stairs. "I'll be down here watching your television." He stated.

Kyouya rolled his eyes. Yeah, he thought. Watching something mindless…Kyouya made a bet with himself that it was cartoons. He dressed quickly, pulling on his cloths with a brisk affiance achievable only in his family. Once he was decent, he walked slowly down the stairs, after calling to the maids for breakfast in his room for him and Tamaki.

Tamaki was sitting on the sofa, the theme of the American television program Spongebobsquarepants echoing about the room in its Japanese dub, a silly grin plastered on Tamaki's face. He glanced over.

"Morning Kyouya!" He said cheerfully.

Kyouya sat down next to him. "Good morning," he said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "So…about the report…" Kyouya knew he was wasting his time. Tamaki didn't want to do the report, he just wanted to spend time with his best friend. And though Kyouya denied it, he to was, ever so slightly, glad for Tamaki's presence. But they both knew that there would be little work getting done this weekend. In away, his random bursts of laziness combined with his energy were what drew Kyouya to Tamaki.

Tamaki waved a hand in Kyouya's face starring at the tv. "Yes, yes there's plenty of time for that but this is a new episode!" He leaned forward closer to the TV like a child. "Gary runs away!" He sniffled. "AND I WANT TO KNOW IF SPONGEBOB FINDS HIM!" He cried.

And so Kyouya sat there, for a good half hour while breakfast was prepared...watching a ridculously bright sponge hunt for a fat snail. And Tamaki was thrilled. Somewhere, in the deep recesses of his heart, Kyouya was glad for Tamaki's laughter and childish grins. Once or twice, even he had to let out a chuckle at

the idiocy of the yellow sponge.

Once breakfast had been eaten and taken away and the other Ootori's came in and said goodbye besides Mr. Ootori Tamaki leaned into Kyouya and smiled resting his head on the others shoulder. "We have the WHOLE house to ourselves, to do as we please when we please. And best of all, we get three days all ot ourselves! no interuptions no nothing." He sighed contently.

Kyouya rolled his eyes. "Going to slide down the banister again?" he asked, with a slight smirk. But still...Kyouya felt his heart beat slightly quicker...and he didn't like it. Quick heartbeats, foolish grins...they were all signs of falling in love. Kyouya had often thought about love, but in the end it just seemed

silly. Only a fool would do it. But...he had decided...If he was going to fall in love with anyone..it would probably be Tamaki. Though...this did not change the fact he didn't want it to happen. Besides...Tamaki simply liked the girls too much. Chasing him would turn no profit, and probably end badly.

Tamaki jumped up and clapped his hands and turned to Kyouya jumping up and down. "Oh please! can I!? I have a banaster at home but that pain of a woman won't let me slide down it! Says it's not proper but oh please! May i?" He questioned clasping hands in prayer pouting slightly.

Kyouya smirked and nodded, which he was sure Tamaki didn't expect. But how on earth was Kyouya to say no to that face? Simple...he couldn't. He stood up and walked over to the door, opening it. He then looked at Tamaki with a look that said 'Well then?'

Tamaki blinked before he beamed and jumped up. "YAY!" He dashed out of the room and down the hall before dahsing up the stairs, sixteen of them and gazing down. "Wow taller then I remember." He mumbled. He sat himself at the top. "HEY KYOUYA CATCH ME!" He yelled sliding down it laughing the whole way before ramming into Kyouya sending both to the floor, Tamaki laughing like an idiot, his blond

hair falling into his face as he lay across Kyouya's chest. He pushed himself up. "You ok kyouya? Sorry! I didn't mean to come down so fast." He laughed grabbing Kyouya's hand and helping the other up.

Kyouya half glared at the blond boy. "Really?" he asked, sighing. "You ask to slide down the banister...and then crash into me..." He dusted himself off and rolled his eyes. "Why I expect anything different from you I will never know...." He chuckled lightly. "Was that fun?"

Tamaki smiled. "YES! It was fun, its so exilirating and makes your stomach go WHOOOO! and" he spun in a cirle and sighed happily. "Ah, it feels so good to have that high feeling!" He then looked thoughtful, but only for a moment before dashing off towards the back of the house, before dashing outside and to the side of the pool.

Kyouya followed him quickly, lest the boy destroy his house. "What are you doing?" he called. "You don't have any swimming shorts or anything!" Kyouya made a face at the idea of cleaning chlorine from the boys clothing.

Tamaki laughed as he kicked off his shoes. "I don't need swimming shorts kyouya!" He giggled as if it were obviouse and removed his shirt and pants and socks before jumping in. He came up with a laugh pushing his wet hair out of his face before climbing out and shivering. "Boy cold. I'm going to go jump off over there!" He stated dashing away to the other side of the pool, the deeper side of the

pool, his blue teddy bear covered boxers cleaning to his legs as he ran.

Why on EARTH he did that, Kyouya could not fathom. "Tama-" but the boy had already jumped in again. "Idiot..." Kyouya sighed. "Always making trouble..." And who never tells him to stop? A little voice in his head nagged. "You shouldn't do that Tamaki....We should work on the host club report now...."

Tamaki swam over and rested his arms on the side. "Oh come on Kyouya, that's all you ever think about, 'we need to work in the budget, we need to work on the report, we need to fix that soemthing or another the twins broke, we need to buy huni's sweets'" He glanced up at the boy, all joking from his face. "life isn't all about work you know."

Kyouya raised an eyebrow. "No...Not for you..." He smiled. "But...for SOME of us, the ones who have to work for our living..." He chuckled. "Really though....The water is cold...The house is not...If you insist on this ridiculous activity...At least use the hot tub."

Tamaki pulled himself out of the pool and starred at Kyouya. "Kyouya, i'm not kidding. I mean sure I get to mess around and play and tend to over look some of the more important things but, I do it because I never could when I was a kid. This is my only chance to have a childhood Kyouya, and I love sharing it with you and all the others. But, it isn't any fun if you don't enjoy it to." He stated

bending down and picking up his cloths and shaking his head to dry his hair a little. He slipped on his shirt and pants, just a little dampness appearing on both articles of clothing. "But if you really want to we can go do the report." He stated walking towards the house.

Kyouya rolled his eyes. "Don't joke...You don't want to do that report any more than I do." He sighed and pulled Tamaki towards the hot tub. "At least make it the hot tub," Kyouya sighed before beginning to strip himself. He blushed slightly and glared at Tamaki. "I can't do this with you watching me...

Tamaki blinked. "How come?" He asked cocking his head to one side, mentally wishing kyouya could tell when he wasn't joking but definently liked the idea of the hot tub better then the report and glad Kyouya had dragged him over.

"It's....wierd....Isn't it weird for you to have someone watch you dress and undress?" Kyouya knew the answer. Some part of him was practically dancing at the idea of getting Tamaki in the hot tub with him. The other part was telling that part to shut up.

"Of course not, we're both boys, we both have the same parts and we've both seen male parts. I mean, its nothing either of us haven't seen." He stated taking off his shirt and pants again, kicking them aside and crossing his arms. "But if you like I could turn around." He stated eyes wide as they usually got when he was being serious or if he was confused or something in a serious conversation

baffled him.

Kyouya almost burst out laughing. Almost. But not quite. Although, normally he didn't have a problem changing front of people...with Tamaki it always felt different...weird...Another sign of falling in love. He didn't like this one any more than the others.

"So bothersome...." he muttered.

Tamaki rolled his violet eyes before climbinb into the hot tub and sighing. "This is WAY better then the pool."

Kyouya sighed and climbed into the hot tub. Upon entry, his back popped. A little surprised he cracked his neck as well. "I was tenser than I thought..."

Tamaki laughed. "You're always tense Kyouya." He grabbed the other boys shoulders and pulled him over so he was sitting on the lower step of the hot top in front of Tamaki, who began gently rubbing and prodding the muscles in Kyouyas neck shoulders and upper back.

Kyouya felt his face erupt red. "Tamaki..." he tried feebly to push away, the pressure on his muscles felt incredible. When was the last time he'd had a massage...Had he ever?

"What?" Tamaki questoined in his clueless voice. "You're tense, and with that crackling it looked like you could use some poking and prodding, besides its not good to crack stuff!" he stated with a smile.

Kyouya didn't complain anymore, but felt his heart do that annoying thing. The one where it sped up until he was sure it was going to burst into pieces. Finally he asked, "Hey...Tamaki...Do you like anyone?"

"Huh, oh of course! But they don't seem to like me, in that way at least, there constantly yelling at me and telling me to knock off my silly acting and stuff. Sure it hurts, but hey, if they don't like you like that, then what can you do right?" He asked with a bit of a laugh at the end.

The annoying heart beating stopped..Which Kyouya found to be a problem. It felt like his heart had stopped...like his world was suddenly dark....Of course Tamaki liked Haruhi...who didn't like him...."Well," Kyouya said, wishing to make himself feel important. "They probably just don't understand you...at least not

as well as I do. Maybe they just can't see the very mature and intellgent man I see when I look at you...in the right light."

Tamaki blinked and shifted as to look over at the side of kyouyas face. "Kyouya...I was talkin about you." he stated in such a dead pan mannor many wouldn't have believe it was Tamaki.

Kyouya looked at Tamaki blinking several times. "Pardon?" he finally said, with some disbelief in his voice.

Tamaki leaned back and laughed, disbelieving look on his face. "I was talking about you Kyouya...I..." His smile faded slightly. "I thought you knew...knew that I was gay...that...that I liked you, thats why I always thought you were mean to me to tell me you weren't interested."

Kyouya felt a bit of culture shock overtaking him, but he shook it off. "You're...gay...?" he said for clarifications. "And you...like me?" Kyouya had to fight the urge to pounce Tamaki right there.

Tamaki sighed and leaned his back against the side of the hot tub. "Yeah...I always knew I was gay, and have had little crushes on a few members of the host club, but my heart always did the little flippy thing when ever I saw you, when we first met and you were so nice to me, I knew...knew that I liked you...maybe more....but when you kept pushing my attempts away I just clued in that you weren't

gay and that you weren't interested in me that way." he shrugged.

Kyouya blinked a few times more. He looked up at Tamaki, trying to find the words to tell him he DID feel the same...But...No profit would come of this...and still....he wanted it...He turned around and looked Tamaki in the eye. With his Kyouya like arrogance, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Tamaki's firmly.

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