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A/N: Hi, this is my first multi-chapter south park story, and (hopefully) the official end of my writing break. Uni is nowhere near as demanding as IB was, and my depression is getting better, as is my dad. So, this is your typical trashy, humorous romance story, but after reading several Creek stories, I hope I broke away from the whole 'best friends 4eva' kinda thing, or the 'omg I hate you but I don't'. Not that there's anything wrong with that cliché, it's adorable. But I want something different.


After their fight in third grade, Tweek had never felt completely comfortable round Craig. He never disliked the boy. In fact, they often ended up hanging out together, mainly due to being friends of friends. However, he never went out of his way to befriend the raven haired boy. And he was sure Craig had never done the same for him. Craig's best friend, Clyde, got along well with one of Tweek's good friends, Token. This often forced Tweek and Craig to hang out, and at the beginning, it forced them to get along. They didn't exactly see eye to eye after the fight...

Tweek remembers Craig referring to him as 'that spastic freak' and 'Tweek Freak' when Clyde would suggest they hung out. Although, he wasn't the nicest person to Craig either.

Nevertheless, they dealt with it, mainly because Clyde ditched Craig for a while, who eventually mumbled something along the lines as 'you're pretty good in a fight, for a skinny spaz'. That was the start of their somewhat...unstable friendship. And they ended up as a four, much like Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Craig and Clyde, and Token and Tweek. People just guessed they were all the best of friends, though Tweek could never understand why.

But that was how they ended up having some sort of friendship. And it isn't what this particular passage of their lives about. No, now they are both in grade 10, hitting the age of 16. A lot has happened since they were eight, sure, and they've gotten so used to everyone else calling them friends, they eventually accepted it. Tweek had to admit, Craig was a pretty awesome buddy, though he'd never admit that to the other boy. And Token had told Tweek that Craig had invited 'Tweek and Token' to his and Clyde's sleepovers, which was saying something. Before, Tweek was dragged along, and Craig wouldn't be overly pleased.

"Tweek! Hurry up; we're going to be late!" Craig shouted from the bottom of the stairs. Ms. Tweak had let him in before scurrying off to do whatever it is women do.

Tweek stumbled down the stairs, flask in one hand, bag in the other, shoe still not on properly. "D-Don't rush me! It's too much-"

"Pressure, yeah, yeah," Craig flipped him off, grabbing his flask so the boy could put his shoe on properly. "You got your history homework?"

"Yeah, I think so..." Tweek muttered, now with his shoe on, taking his flask back as they headed out the door. "Where's Clyde?"

"Fuck knows," Craig said, rucksack on his shoulder, striding down the pathway as the blond shut his front door. "Something about hot chick and more sleep. Wasn't paying attention."

That's one odd thing, Tweek noted. Craig seemed to have more patients with him than Clyde.

The two walked side by side to the bus stop. Token would be driven to school, where Clyde was often late and got his mum to give him a lift, but Craig did occasionally bother to get the brunet's arse out of bed.

This is probably one of the reasons people would think Craig and Tweek were close; their morning routine of walking to the bus stop together. Stan and his gang were there; of course, when they arrived, and Cartman went on to argue with Kyle, while Kenny tried to pry Tweek's homework off him. Stan and Craig would be left to watch their friends till the bus arrived and they went their separate ways. Kenny would occasionally continue to bug Tweek, who would be on the verge of breaking, till Craig snapped at him and told him to do his own homework. Queue Kyle to offer Kenny his homework.

"Christ, you could've waited for me," Clyde complained while they were at his locker, the four of them now together.

"I did," Craig replied, shrugging. "For a whole five minutes."

Token chuckled. "More like five seconds, probably."

"You wait for Tweek!"

Craig flipped him off.

"He-he doesn't have to wake me up though- ngh."

Clyde huffed and the others laughed, while Tweek looked slightly sympathetic. "You guys are assholes."

"Whatever dude," Craig said, turning on his heel. "I have class."

Clyde skipped into pace with Craig, Token and Tweek behind them.

That's how it always was. Token and Tweek, Craig and Clyde. The T's and the C's.

Tweek listened to Clyde go on about his latest girlfriend who he was madly in love with, Token pretended to listen and Craig didn't even bother to pretend. Eventually class started, and the four were suppressed to the occasional chatter, passing of answers and boyish banter.

That was the usual day in the life of the four boys. But that would make for a very boring story, would it not? No, this usual, normal behaviour is not what we will be looking at. We're moving to something more interesting. Something that happened but a few days after Craig's sixteenth. When Token left on a family vacation and Clyde was having his longest-relationship-ever-celebration. We're looking at the birth of a very strange, very obvious relationship starting between two relatively normal, very oblivious boys.

We're looking at the relationship of Tweek and Craig, when things started to get interesting. When things started to get unusual.


"...And she's so hot, and sweet, and caring! You know, four months is the longest relationship I've been in...ever?" Clyde sighed happily. "She's so amazing."

"Thrilling," Craig muttered, shoving another fry into his mouth. "Where you going with this?"

"I'm taking her to North Park for the weekend," he said with a grin. "Her parents are away for the weekend, and mine think I'm sleeping over here."

Craig raised a brow. "My house?"

"Yeah," Clyde grinned wider. "You know, because we have movie night on Saturdays?"

"You're missing movie night?" Craig questioned.

Clyde's grin started to become sheepish. "Kinda."

"But it's movie night," Craig pointed out. "We've been having movie night religiously since...ever."

"Dude, don't be gay," Clyde waved off the darker haired boy. "You can still have movie night with Token and Tweek-"

"Token's not here," Craig reminded. "He's off to somewhere-or-other with some random family members."

The brunet shrugged. "So? Have a movie night with Tweek."

There was a long pause.

A very, very long pause.


Clyde rolled his eyes. "It'll do you both good. Since grade four you two have been on this odd, temperamental friendship. It's about time you actually became friends, rather than just pretending you are."

Craig processed this thought. It took a while.

"Just ring him and invite him round to movie night!" Clyde pushed. "You don't have to tell him me and Token won't be there."

Sighing, the raven went back to watching red racer. "Sure."


Clyde got a nice view of Craig's middle finger.

About four episodes of red racer later, Clyde had pushed Craig's phone into his chest. The taller boy growled slightly, but did as he was expected anyway. Clyde was his best friend, after all. Or something.

"Hi?" came a slightly high male voice. "Tweek he-re"

Craig looked at Clyde. Clyde urged him on.

"Movie night, Saturday, Token and Clyde ditched. You still coming?"

There was a pause. "If-if you want, sure."

"Awesome, see you at eight. And don't be late. I'm not waiting to put the movie on."

"Sure thing-mnh-see you tomorrow."

Craig hung up the phone, throwing it at his best mate. "Happy now?"


Craig flipped him off.


The Tucker household was simple. A family of four; mother, father, son and daughter. Their mother cooked, their father worked, their son and daughter argued, but got along to an extent. Every Saturday night Ruby was allowed the TV for as long as she wanted, and every Friday night Craig was allowed the TV for as long as he wanted. Of course, there were disputes, but that didn't really matter too much.

Today it did.

"Movie night's at ours tonight," Craig informed over lunch. "So one of my friends is coming round."

"Wasn't Clyde here yesterday watching TV?" his dad asked.

"Yes, but I'm not having Clyde round. Tweek's coming."

Ruby slammed the table. "Saturday night is my night for the TV!"

Craig sneered. "Well tough shit."

Their mother flipped them both off. "Both of you calm down and compromise. Is there a choice, Craig?"

A shake of the head.

"What about that rich friend you go round to on Saturday nights?" Mr. Tucker asked. "What's-his-face? Black?"

"He's away in some random place."


"Busy. With a girl."

Mr. Tucker smirked knowingly. Craig scoffed, his smirk matching his dad's. The girls frowned.

"What about watching TV at Tweek's house?" Ms. Tucker asked. "It's not fair to steal Ruby's night of the TV."

"She watches the TV every day of the week! Craig argued. "And it's not like she's never stolen my night of TV!"

The girl stuck out her tongue. "I don't care. It's my night!"

"Your brother's got a point," Mr. Tucker said, chomping on his bacon. "Craig's getting the TV."

"But that's not fair."

Craig smirked and stuck his tongue out mockingly.

"Life ain't fair, if you want to change it, buy Craig a TV."

"Don't go filling your daughter's mind with negativity!"

"Yeah, don't fill my mind with negativity!"

Mr. Tucker pushed out his chest. "I can fill whoever's mind with whatever I want!"

But Craig didn't care about anything else, going back to his food. Thanks to Tweek, he'd beaten his sister and made her life just a little bit more miserable.

Craig helped his mum wash up in thanks for giving him Ruby's TV night, before going to do his 'homework' like a good boy. He received a text from Clyde about how amazing the place they were staying in North park was, and another from Token wishing him a good weekend and a fun movie night. Eventually, he turned on his computer and was attacked by messages from Kenny asking for help with his school work, as Kyle was busy. Craig told him to suck it up.

Stripes: don't give Kenny your homework. He needs to learn to do it himself.

Coffee Mug: Okay, I will. He just started asking.

Stripes: tell him to grow a pair of balls and ask Kyle out too.

Coffee Mug: what?

Craig frowned; surprised his was the only one who seemed to notice. Tweek seemed observant.

Stripes: Kenny's totally all over Kyle.

Coffee Mug: Yeah, but imagine Kyle's reaction, with Kenny's reputation. It'll take a lot to win him over, even if Kyle does like him back.

He was spending his Saturday talking to Tweek about a romantic relationship between two of their male classmates?

Stripes: Kenny should like a challenge.

Coffee Mug: true that.

He actually did his homework after that odd conversation. It wasn't like they didn't talk on IM. They did, possibly more than they actually talked in real life. But that wasn't the point. It was the topic of conversation that bugged him.

The day was uneventful and slow. Craig's parents decided to go out for dinner and left their children with frozen pizza. Craig told Ruby not be rude and to wait for Tweek to arrive, time they burned by watching some terrible Disney show that Ruby found wonderful. Craig cringed at the clichéd, relatively pathetic plotline- or lack of- that was so Disney. He'd never been happier to see Tweek Tweak.

"We've got pepperoni pizza," Craig greeted, letting the blond in. Tweek slipped his shoes off and followed his host to the living room where the small, brunette sat.

"Rubes," Craig barked. "Tweek's here; turn the shit off and get plates out for me."

"It's not-!" she looked up to argue, but there was a blond in the doorway, looking at her slightly nervously.

"H-hi," he greeted with a slight smile. "I'm Tweek. Cr-aig went to the kitchen."

Ruby blushed violently. "Would you-" she giggled. "Would you like to watch TV with me?"

Tweek hesitated. "Uhm...okay?"

She patted the seat next to her. "This show is my favourite Disney show, but we can watch something else if-"

"Ruby!" Craig walked into the doorway. "Movie night, go do something useful with yourself and do your homework."

She glared. "It's done. I'm watching TV with Tweek."

"Then tidy your room."

"Already tidy!"

Craig snatched the remote. "Then go tidy mine! I don't care. Just make yourself useful and fuck off."

Huffing, the girl got to her feet and turned to Tweek, smiling brightly. "I'll see you later!" she said before flouncing out the room, not before flipping her brother the bird. He did the same.

"Jesus, that girl pisses me off," he muttered, crouching by the TV and looking through his films. "What kind of movie do you want to watch?"

Tweek cocked his head, trying to see passed Craig's broad shoulders and shrugged. "I don't mind r-really. Just not-ngh-horror."

Craig rolled his eyes. "That gives me a relatively limited choice," he joked. "How about 2012?"

"Ah, that was out at the cinema's a while ago," Tweek noted. "Why n-not?"

"Awesome, I'll set it up, you mind going to the kitchen and checking the pizza? Grab yourself a drink if you want, glasses are out, fridge is open."

The blond hesitated at this familiar suggestion, before nodding- though his companion couldn't see him- and walked through to the kitchen. He saw the oven on, pizza inside, and three glasses on the counter next to the fridge. He guessed one was for Craig's sister, who would probably be eating with them.

Leaning into the fridge, he put a hand on his thigh and one on the door handle.

"See anything? We got some coffee somewhere..."

Tweek snapped his head up, milky brown eyes lightening up. "Coffee?"

Craig scoffed in amusement, raising a brow, unable to stop himself smiling. "I take it that's what you want?"

An embarrassed nod.

"Sure, how do you like it?"

"A little bit of milk and no sugar," Tweek said with a smile. "Please."

Craig nodded, reaching round Tweek and grabbing the milk before walking to the counter. Tweek shut the fridge and leant against it awkwardly, watching Craig make his coffee. The dark haired boy was wearing his usual blue hat and had a button up white shirt on, a blue tee underneath it. He wore dark skinny jeans with chains attached. Tweek glanced at his own messy attire; his baggy cord trousers, his green hoodie. He felt rather pale in comparison to the boy next to him who clearly too an interest in his appearance.

"Here," Craig said, handing the smaller boy his mug. There was a good head between them in height. "Go wait in the living room; I got to ask Ruby what she wants."

Tweek followed Craig through the living room, sitting down, while the raven went to the hall.

"Rubes! What do you want to drink?!"

Tweek cringed at the volume of Craig's voice.

"Orange Juice!" she bawled back. "The nice stuff!"

Craig grunted and walked back through to the kitchen.

About ten minutes later, Tweek was sat with his knees at his chest, coffee in hands, next to Craig who was lounged across half the couch, arms over the back and a can of pepsi in his hand. On the coffee table in front of them was a hot pizza, and the movie was just starting. The sound of footsteps coming down the stairs boomed through the introduction and Ruby planted herself between the boys, picking up a slice of pizza.

"The fuck, Rubes?" Craig questioned, thoroughly confused. "Since when did you watch a movie with me?"

"It's my TV night, I can watch your stupid movie if I want!" she informed. "Besides, I'm not watching it with you; I'm watching it with you and Tweek."

Craig smirked, catching on. "You're such a whore."

"I am not!"

Tweek watched the two banter, finding it much more interesting than the movie. Eventually Craig had his sister in a headlock, ruffling her hair. They pushed each other, swearing silently, before turning back to the movie. Ruby shuffled slightly closer to the blond, and he looked at Craig in worry. The boy just rolled his eyes and shook his head with a smirk.

Tweek left it at that.

Eventually, the girl got very bored, complaining so much Craig picked her up and threw her out the room. The two boys then started to devour the pizza like wolves, Craig chuckling when Tweek got tomato down his front. Tweek flustered, but couldn't help grinning.

"That is so not cool," Craig criticised, frowning at the TV screen. "He can't jump onto an airplane!"

Tweek twitched. "They can-can't run from a pyroclastic f-flow either," he pointed out.

Craig snorted. "True that."

They fell silent after that, and Craig glanced at the other male. His blond hair was messy-too messy. And his green hoodie now had a large, red stain on it. He'd relaxed slightly and was now leaning against the arm of the chair, legs crossed and his cup in his lap, hands still wrapped round it tightly.

Craig reached over and brushed part of Tweek's hair to one side, giving him a better view of the coffee coloured eyes. Tweek jumped out his skin, and coffee spilled all over his hoodie and trousers, dripping onto the couch.


"I-I'm so sorry!" Tweek started, cringing at the burning round his groin. "I-I didn't –ngh- mean to!"

Craig flipped him off, grabbing some tissues. "It's not your fault. I startled you."

Tweek blushed harder, brushing his hair further to one side. Craig concentrated on what he was doing, cursing himself quietly for being so...compulsive.

"It's okay..." the blond murmured. "It happens a lot..."

Craig looked up, glancing at the blonde's front and biting his lip to stop laughing. "We should, uh, get you cleaned up."

The blond was now as read as the tomato on his front. "Y-yeah, ha...probably."

Craig rolled his eyes and took the mug, grabbing a couple more tissues and wiping at the stains.

Tweek squeaked stiffening, and Craig looked up. "What?"

He bit his lip. "Ah, I can-" he cleared his throat. "I-I can clean m-myself up."

Craig looked at where he was cleaning and passed the boy the tissues, flustering and nodding his head in agreement. "Probably."

Tweek continued to attempt to dry off his groin a bit.

"Those probably need to go in the wash," Craig sighed. "There's no way you can go home like that."

"It-it's ok-"

"Take off your trousers," Craig ordered, folding his arms across his chest and glaring.


Eye roll. "Take off your trousers, I'm washing them. Might as well do your hoodie while I'm at it."

Tweek opened his mouth to protest, but the glare hardened and he gulped, shakily fiddling with his trouser button, popping it and unzipping his fly, dropping them to the floor. He stepped out of them and fiddled awkwardly. Craig picked them up and gestured towards the hoodie. Tweek cringed, but pulled it over his head anyway, dropping it into Craig's open hand. Craig led him back into the kitchen and through to a back room where his washer was, pushing the clothes in, adding some powder and putting it on a quick wash. The raven turned and glanced at the boy before him. Tweek was pulling his large t-shirt down over a pair of black boxers, biting his lip. His healthy pink legs were thin and feminine.

Craig started to snigger. Soon enough, he was laughing slightly, Tweek giggling along.

"Dude..." Craig muttered, shaking his head and leaning against the washer. "You're such a klutz."

Tweek grinned sheepishly.

Pausing, the taller boy shook his head and led them back into the living room.

"Wh-what about your sister?"

Craig raised a brow, noting how Tweek started pulling his T-shirt further down, though it did very little.

"I doubt any of my trousers would fit you..." Craig mused.

"Ah, it's okay..."

Craig started to unbuckle his belt.

"Wh-what are you-?"

"Making you more comfortable," Craig stated, squeezing out of his jeans, kicking them off his feet and sitting, swinging his feet onto the table. "Let's watch the rest of this terrible movie."

Tweek smiled softly, nodding in agreement and sitting beside Craig. If you were anyone, the only difference you would've noticed would be that the two were now half dressed, like Ruby did before screaming about her virgin eyes and her fugly brother. However, if you knew the boys, the main difference would not be this fact, but their new seats, as they were now sat closer together. If you knew the boys, you'd have to back track and remind yourself that they weren't actually close, as that's what this scene showed.

And this is what Clyde had to do when he got back and went round to Craig's the next morning to find out that the two had fallen asleep on the couch, Craig's head on Tweek's shoulder, the latter's resting on Craig's. He paused, glancing at Ruby, who huffed and stormed upstairs. At first, he debated going home and calling a therapist.

And when he woke the two up, they said nothing, other than 'shit, forgot to dry the clothes'.


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"But isn't he adorable?"

"Whatever Kenny, I have better things to do."

"What? It's just a question."

"Before you start asking me about who I think is cute, go do something about your own love life."

"Wha-but-shut up!"