Obviously Oblivious

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After their fight in third grade, Tweek had never felt completely comfortable round Craig. He never disliked the boy. In fact, they often ended up hanging out together, mainly due to being friends of friends. However, he never went out of his way to befriend the raven haired boy. And he was sure Craig had never done the same for him. Craig's best friend, Clyde, got along well with one of Tweek's good friends, Token. This often forced Tweek and Craig to hang out, and at the beginning, it forced them to get along. They didn't exactly see eye to eye after the fight...

Tweek remembers Craig referring to him as 'that spastic freak' and 'Tweek Freak' when Clyde would suggest they hung out. Although, he wasn't the nicest person to Craig either.

Nevertheless, they dealt with it, mainly because Clyde ditched Craig for a while, who eventually mumbled something along the lines as 'you're pretty good in a fight, for a skinny spaz'. That was the start of their somewhat...unstable friendship. And they ended up as a four, much like Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. Craig and Clyde, and Token and Tweek. People just guessed they were all the best of friends, though Tweek could never understand why.

But one day, Craig did go out of his way to befriend him, even if it was purely because Clyde forced him to. Craig had rang him up and suggested that he still came to Craig's house for movie night, despite the fact that Clyde and Token were busy and wouldn't be there. After that, time seemed to fly by and blur into a few days of events and problems that led to where they were today. A couple.

"It's bizarre to be here without Craig," Kenny mumbled, head resting on Kyle's shoulder, his hands in the boy's front pockets. "Lucky bastard."

"Here's Tweek and Clyde," Stan said, causing the other three to look down the road to see the two boys heading up, Clyde zipping up his jacket. The two arrived at the bus stop, Tweek looking relatively unhappy. "You're lucky the bus is late."

"Five minutes, that's not that bad!" Clyde defended.

Tweek huffed. "No-no wonder Craig didn't wait for-for you."

"I resent that!"

As the bus rolled up beside them, they filed onto the bus, chatting amongst themselves. When they arrived at school Craig and Token were already there, Token going over meal plans and Craig complaining about it being his turn to clean up. Red was behind them at her locker, but she sprinted to her boyfriend as soon as she noticed him. Craig slung an arm round Tweek's shoulder, hugging the boy.

"Baby," Red said softly, smiling up at Clyde. "Wendy invited us to go on a double date with her and Stan, and I already agreed to it. I hope you don't mind!"

"Course not," Clyde said, melting into her eyes.

"What time do you get back from work today, Craig?" Token asked, setting off to go to class, Craig following with Tweek under his arm.

"About six thirty I think."

Token nodded. "I'll make sure dinner's ready for when you get back. Will you be joining us, Tweek?"

The blond nodded shyly. "I enjoy dinners at your place."

"We can go straight from work, if that's okay?"

Tweek nodded happily and Token rolled his eyes, saying: "Don't you just love the fact that Tweek has a car?"

Clyde talked to his girlfriend who he was madly in love with, Token pretended to listen to Tweek's insane rambles and panics about homework, and Craig rubbed his boyfriend's waist with his thumb as they walked to class. Eventually class started, and the four were suppressed to the occasional chatter, passing of answers and boyish banter.

This became a usual day for the boys, plus one. It was nice. Normal. Boring. Just the way Craig liked it. He'd go to school in Token's fancy car, he'd go to work on the bus with Tweek, occasionally see his sister visit the coffee shop, or his mother. Maybe Kait and Bebe, as Bebe still didn't get on with Red. Maybe Kyle and Kenny if Kyle had just got his pocket money. He'd get a ride home from Tweek or get the bus, and spend the evening with Token. The first week there was constant questions from Clyde and Tweek to make sure the two were getting on, and Red was highly surprised to find that they did. They still don't speak directly to each other, but they couldn't say they didn't enjoy each other's company.

"How is dad?" Craig asked his sister as he made her a hot chocolate, her elbow on the table, her chin on her palm.

"He's the same," she muttered, looking around. "Where's Tweek?"

"Beats me," Craig muttered. "Off doing his homework?"

She sighed, taking out some change from her pocket. "Mum said to say hi. She worries about you."

"And I worry about you," Craig admitted. "I'm fine where I am, but you've got all the attention now. Good and bad."

He placed the drink in front of her as she counted her money.

"I know," Ruby shrugged. "But they're not that bad. Dad always seemed to get mad at you. Not me."

"It's on the house," Craig muttered. The girl looked up at him before nodding slowly, putting her money back and zipping up her coat. She waved goodbye and headed to the door. Craig flipped her off.

"You ready to go?" came a voice from behind him. Spinning round, he saw his blond boyfriend standing in the doorway that connected the shop to their house. Craig smiled slightly, nodding and taking off his apron. "D-Dad said we could go, he-he'll be out in five to take over."

"Thanks," Craig said. "Sure you don't mind driving me?"

"I-I expect dinner," Tweek said with a nervous smile, his car keys in his fist. "Token has made sure it-it's okay with his mum, right?"

Craig smirked. "How should I know?"

Tweek huffed and pouted as Craig took his hand, guiding him out of the shop. The two walked up to the old car that Tweek's parents had gotten him, getting in their seats and starting the engine.

"How's your sister?" Tweek asked, starting down the road.

"She'll be okay," Craig muttered. "I hope."

Tweek smiled softly. "She looked o-okay. M-Mum said your mother looked o-okay when they met up."

Craig's eyes widened slightly. "Your mum…?"

"Yeah, she-she met her shopping and they-they started talking."

"I see."

The two got closer to Token's house. Craig's new house.

"Thanks, Tweek."

Tweek looked up, shocked. "Wh-what?"

Craig flustered slightly, frowning. "Thanks, for helping me these past couple months. I mean, you found me a job, helped me get through it," Craig smiled softly. "I don't know. I'm just really grateful to have you."

Tweek shivered slightly. "Ngh-you've been acting weird lately," he admitted. "Is everything okay?"

"It is, yeah," Craig grinned. "I feel great."

"I'm glad," Tweek whispered. "I-I love you."

A bright pink spread across Tweek's cheeks as the words fell out of his mouth. Craig paused for a moment before opening his mouth, sucking in a breath. "I-I…"

"It's okay," Tweek muttered. "I know you can't-!"

"I love you," Craig muttered, cringing slightly. Tweek smiled brightly, warming Craig's heart as the two stopped just outside Token's house. Leaning across, the smaller boy pecked his boyfriend on his lips.

"I love you!"


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