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WARNING: Serious Femmeslash. I'm not even kidding. If you don't like, don't read =)

It was a dark night, the time right before sunset where everything seems to get darker before the inevitable colours of the sun's arrival begin to stain the sky. Most of the students were getting ready for bed or hanging out inside, with the exception of one. Even with her Fledgling powers, Zoey Redbird was having a hard time finding the small footpath that would lead from the House of Night and out into Tulsa, where she could sneak out and meet up with Heath. She knew that even if she did find the small, secret passage, her chances of actually getting out without a Raven Mocker catching her were slim. But still, she had to try. Heath was still pissed about the whole Loren thing – something Zoey couldn't really blame him for. She owed it to him to make an effort, to try and explain everything that had happened. Deep down, she loved him so much it hurt – even if he was a jerk at times – and she couldn't bear the pain of not being on speaking terms with him. Hell, with the whole Neferet and Kalona thing, Zoey needed her human rock more than ever.

She wished she'd thought to bring out a torch. The ice-storm had blocked out every tiny sliver of pale moonlight and the House of Night Generators failed to penetrate the icy fog. It really was something Aphrodite might have called 'a suicide mission'. If Zoey actually managed to get to the passage without breaking her neck or having a Raven Mocker break it for her, then it was more than likely she'd freeze to death on the way to Heath. Life really and truly sucked.

'Going somewhere?'

Zoey jumped a mile, slipping and landing rather painfully in the process. 'Goddess!' She knew who it was before she even looked up, and found it rather ironic, in a sadistic kind of way, to be so literally at the feet of the woman who would win the 'most likely to cause Zoey Redbird's death' award.

'I just fancied a walk,' Zoey mumbled, not meeting Neferet's eyes. She couldn't. The dark power she saw there terrified her so much that all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and cry about how unfair it was that Nyx expected her to beat that practically single-handedly.

'In the storm?' Neferet smirked, probably glorying in the sight of the girl she loathed crumpled in the frost.

'Yes,' said Zoey defiantly, heaving herself back up into a kind of standing position and feeling a small, slightly vindictive pleasure in scoring a sneaky point against the faux High Priestess.

'I think you should come back inside,' said Neferet. Zoey could sense the hidden meanings in her apparent request immediately; it was a command, and she knew it would be dumb to refuse to follow it.

But there was just something so exhilarating about pissing Neferet off that Zoey couldn't resist. 'I don't think so.'

Neferet blinked, shock flashing in her moss-coloured eyes for the briefest of moments. 'I think I know better about what's best for you than you do, judging by your recent behaviour.'

'I don't think you do.' Zoey turned her back on the Tsi Sgili, relishing in the small victory, even if she was most likely going to end up paying for it for the rest of her time at the House of Night. She began to walk forwards, smirking at the outraged gasp Neferet just couldn't suppress. She wasn't usually so reckless, but after everything she'd been through, she figured she was allowed to flip out and act a little immaturely.

There was one thing she hadn't counted on; Neferet's new lack of patience.

The auburn-haired vampyre grabbed Zoey's arm, spinning the young Fledging round so that she had no choice but to look into the Priestess' flaming eyes. 'You will do as you're told, you silly child.'

'Make me!' spat Zoey. If Neferet was intent on treating her like a kid, then Zoey was going to act like one.

If looks could kill, Zoey would have died in the snow right there and then. Still, she stood her ground, glaring at Neferet as though they were kids trying to stare each other out.

Then Neferet did something that made Zoey lose track of everything. She leaned over, her hand still like a vice around Zoey's wrist, and placed a single, chaste kiss to the corner of the Fledgling's lips.

Zoey gasped, wondering why she was feeling so hot and cold and tingly and disgusted and all the things she'd felt with Heath and Erik and Loren and Kalona only so much stronger. She couldn't help but notice that Neferet really was the most beautiful Vamp she'd ever seen, even if she was a sardonic bitch, with hair that was actually very rather red, but in a nice way. Following this thought, Zoey reached out, tangling her fingers in Neferet's silken locks and simply relishing in the feel of it against her skin.

This was mad. Zoey didn't have anything against gay people – she wouldn't have been friends with Damien and Jack if she did have – but saying she was gay was like saying cats were dogs. She had three boyfriends, plus she'd slept with a professor and felt an undeniable attraction to an evil immortal. The fact that she was enjoying the gentle kisses Neferet was feathering across her collar bone was ludicrous. She was just stressed and tired and…

All rational thought flew out the window as Neferet decided that the little purrs of ecstasy flying from Zoey's mouth meant that she could begin to caress her breasts. She slipped her hands beneath the fabric of Zoey's shirt, and almost subconsciously, Zoey arched her back to her touch, whimpering as Neferet's hands slipped beneath her bra. When Neferet let their lips catch, Zoey immediately let their tongues begin the intricate dance that made the same steps feel awkward even when practised with Loren.

It was insane. Completely, batshit insane, and yet Zoey knew she was unable to stop. She'd thought it had been bad with Kalona, but that had been nothing compared to the blazing sparks twisting and exploding in the pit of her stomach now. Her whole body ached, throbbed, and, unwittingly, she let her hips buck against Neferet's, gasping when her most intimate part scraped against the Priestess' hipbone, only stoking the insatiable fire inside her and making her pant with need.

She could help but throw her arms around Neferet, bringing their bodies closer and getting all the more frustrated when it just wasn't enough.

Neferet laughed throatily in her ear, delighting in the reaction she was drawing out from the teenager, before slipping her hand down Zoey's waistband and lightly tracing an agonizingly slow path down to where Zoey burned. Zoey writhed in pleasure as Neferet slipped in a single finger inside her smouldering entrance and couldn't suppress the loud moan that escaped her when Neferet's thumb began to circle her clit. As the Vampyre's movements became more fervent, Zoey couldn't help but lose her grip on reality, letting herself go and plunging into the realms where desire and perfection mixed together to form a delicious but deadly cocktail.

She bit down hard on Neferet's neck to stop herself from crying out too loudly as she came in a spasming torrent of whirling pleasure, breathing heavily and losing herself to her body's unpredictable reaction when –

Blood. Neferet's blood. On her tongue, exploding and showering her tastebuds in a rich, luscious stream. She felt the pressure begin to rise up inside her again, and she could tell from the way that Neferet's breathing had increased that she too was feeling one of their Goddess' most generous gifts. She felt Neferet begin to shake against her as she drank thirstily, relishing the delectable taste, and knew the Priestess had reached her own dazzling orgasm, but she barely noticed as she began to fly again –

As the effects of her second orgasm wore off, Zoey fell back down to Earth again with a bump. She knew something was extremely wrong by the sneer plastered all over Neferet's gorgeous features, and then she felt it…

They'd imprinted.

'Bullpoopie!' cursed Zoey, cringing at the lack of lustre in her chosen cuss word.

Neferet left, grinning like a triumphant lioness, and Zoey knew that she had been utterly screwed.

The problem was, she didn't really mind all that much.

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