I couldn't resist the urge to make it thirteen chapters. What an awesome number, huh?

At the next meeting two days later, the Court waited anxiously for Cena to show up.

"There's no way" Jericho stated, though he was smiling "Did he really get the boy to open up?"

"John said that Ted decided to submit to him" Randy replied, shrugging "Whether or not he'll be better behaved…it's up in the air."

"Well now, I don't know what sub wouldn't love to have John as a dom" Edge stated, pointedly not looking at the strange look Christian gave him "He's an amazing guy."

"And he loves him" Shawn added "I've never seen the kid take a shine to anyone like that, especially to that stubborn little brat."

Cody's hand tightened on the back of his master's calf, so Randy spoke up, "He has a reason to be stubborn, he has a legitimate reason to distrust people."

Matt opened his mouth, ready to add something more, but then the door opened. John walked in, flashed them a dimpled smile, and headed to his seat beside Mark. Ted followed him, smiling a little at both Cody and Jay.

"Sup guys" John plopped down onto the couch, leaning into the cushion and putting his arms along the back "Sorry about being late. Someone let the fans into the weight room…again."

"Probably Regal, he's always hungry for ring-rats" Jericho rattled off almost on instinct, watching closely just as closely as all the others as Ted sat himself at John's feet. He leaned into the couch, resting his back against it and looping an arm around John's jean-clad calf.

Cody caught Ted's eyes, offering him a smile. He got a shy one in return from the blonde, both resisting the urge to laugh as they leaned into their master's legs.

But Evan had the brightest smile out of the bunch, for all was right with The Court.

I think this was the most fun to write, I really had fun with Tedena. Cena's been a good sport, cause we all know he loves Randy the most. I won't write Centon, and that bugs him, but he deserves some applause for being so good. And patient too! What? Twelve chapters he waited for sex? Poor man, I torture him.


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