Digimon Frontier Crazy Holiday

As the holiday come, people are rushing to buy present. All the store are full of people rushing to buy their present. As for the frontier kids their holiday is something that they will never forget.

"Okay now does everyone have their secret Santa?" ask JP.

"Yes JP for the last time!" yelled everyone.

"Okay. Geezz,"

"Sorry JP but you have to admit it was getting annoying," said Koichi.

"Guess you're right. Sorry guys,"

"It's okay. Now is everyone ready to go shopping?" said Takuya.


The frontier kids enter the mall to buy their present for their secret Santa.

"So we are going in partner right?" asked Zoe.

"Yep. So does everyone got their partner?" ask Takuya.

"Yeah. Zoe and Tommy, Koji and Koichi, you and me," said JP.

"Okay see you guys in 2 hours," said Takuya.

In that the frontier kids have split up to buy their present. Tommy and Zoe went to their secret Santa favorite store. Takuya and JP had to take turn to which store to go. That goes the same for Koji and Koichi.

Tommy and Zoe

Tommy and Zoe are looking for the twins' favorite store. (I don't know what kind of name I should give the store. If you have any idea please tell me)

"So what are you getting Koji?" ask Zoe.

"I don't know," said Tommy "How about you what are you getting for Koichi?"

"Same thing. Good thing we're partner," said Zoe

"Yeah. Picking for twins is not easy," said Tommy.

"I know. Well were here, we better start looking,"

Koji and Kouchi

Koji and Koichi are having trouble figuring out what kind of gift to buy.

"How hard is it to buy a present?" asked Koji.

"Who knows but it will be hard to buy JP present,"

"Well for Takuya is not easy either,"

"Well you can buy new goggles for Takuya beside he needs it," said Koichi.

"Yeah, and you can buy JP a magic kit or chocolate," said Koji.

"Well problem solve now who goes first?" ask Koichi.

Takuya and JP

Takuya is not enjoying the company of JP. The whole time JP is complaining not having Zoe as a partner instead of figuring out what to buy for Tommy.

"How come Zoe get to go with Tommy?" complain JP.

"Chill JP, Zoe pick Tommy remember," said Takuya.

"I know but still,"

"Just give it up JP we're suppose to buy the present remember,"

"I know so what are you getting Zoe?"

"Don't know. How about you JP what are you getting Tommy?"

"Same thing. What kind of gift do you buy for a little kid?"

"Well we can buy your gift first then mine,"

"Okay I just hope we don't get any problem," said JP.

The frontier kids' holiday had just begun. Their gift problem is just a start but their holiday will be the best ever.


Okay this if my first fanfiction story okay. I know the beginning suck but that what I was able to come up with. If you think buying gift is easy well the frontier kids might have a tough time for now.

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