Whole new way of writing for me, let me know what you think, I will try to keep improving this story but no promises, in my opinion... I suck as a writer, no idea if there will be a pairing and if there is one who it will be... just no yaoi, I don't write it, I don't care if you read it, I will not write it.

Harry Potter: The boy who ran

Chapter 1


Eight year old Harry James Potter was what many right minded people would consider a malnourished and abused child, forced to live in a small, cramped, dirty, dusty and spider infested cupboard that resided beneath the stairs, the Dursleys were a very wrong minded family and as such saw no problem with this arrangement.

On what was a rather sunny Saturday morning Harry was quite happily walking down one of the many roads in Little Whining, The Dursleys having gone out for a few hours had left Harry upon the streets for a few hours rather than take him with them to where-ever it was they had decided to go. This left Harry perfectly happy with one of the few times of freedom that he had.

It was this rather sunny Saturday morning that would change the life of one Harry James Potter, upon his wandering he came upon a group of people who he would become very close friends with and eventually consider them part of his family. They were a group that many thought of as a group of no good thugs and vandals, free runners.

It is not every morning that a person comes across someone running halfway up an eight foot wall and proceeds to back flip from the wall and land on their feet. This someone was about sixteen, with what was obviously a dyed blue hair that stood up in spikes, a black zipped up hoody and a pair of faded blue jeans with red and black trainers.

Harry stood open-mouthed as the boy again ran part way up the wall, this time as he flipped off the wall he did a half turn in midair that had him land on his feet in a crouch, facing away from the wall. He took a quick look around and spotted Harry, he gave a smirk at the amazement that was written upon Harry's face. He walked over towards Harry as the smirk turned to a smile, "You like?" His deep voice was filled with amusement as he watched Harry's head nod.

"You want me to teach you?" Harry's eyes widened at the offer from the spiky haired teen, "Y-you'd teach me?" The smile that adorned the teens face only grew wider, "I always like to pass on the art, let's see what you've got, the name's Dave."