AN: this is a Dexter/Harry Potter crossover. Its completely AU both in HP and in Dexter. It doesn't follow the tv show and differs from HP after book 5. its about the characters not their respective story lines. I wanted to write a horror that so bad?


He liked to think of himself as a predator, a hunter, but he knew that wasn't true. What he was, was an artist. He got a thrill out of finding and capturing his projects, yes, but the true craving, the release came from the art.

His whole childhood, Harry thought that the emptiness in him came from the lack of love or affection. His family, Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Cousin Dudley, they hated him; viewed his abnormal presence in their lives with disdain. So it was not a leap to think his own lack of feelings was their fault. He assumed that life at Hogwarts surrounded by people who loved and adored him, who desired fiercely to be his friend or even bask in his presence would fill the emptiness. Instead it made him yearn and hunger.

It wasn't until the trip into the forbidden forest and the sight of silver unicorn blood pooling on the forest floor, dripping down decaying lips, that Harry's yearning quieted. He made a point to from then on to spend one night a week quieting his hunger in the forest.

That worked for a while, five years in fact, but Sirius' death widened the hole. If Harry had feelings they would have been for Sirius. Hermione annoyed him, Ron was an immature brat and Ginny constantly hounded him with mating rituals he didn't understand. He used them to fit in, but Sirius was different.

Sirius understood.

He helped Harry learn wandless spells that would mask his presence, remove hair, skin cells, finger prints and any other identifiable particles he might leave behind. Before Azkaban, Sirius was an Auror and his assistance preparing Harry for the day animals no longer cut it was invaluable. Every letter Sirius sent him contained information and clues to life skills that would keep Harry from detection.

Sirius only had one rule, never kill the innocent or for personal gain.

Once Sirius died Harry's hunger escalated. He controlled it with tips from Sirius' past letters, stepping up his trips to the forest, and war training. The ROR provided solid illusions of Death Eaters that Harry was able to practice on. He enjoyed watching them bleed to death.

It never occurred to Harry that once Voldemort and his death Eaters were dead or imprisoned, the magical world would have no use for him.

Harry stumbled in on a Death Eater meeting during one of his treks into the forest. He shot off a lucky cutting curse that nicked Voldemort's carotid artery. While the darkest wizard in a century fell to his knees in death throws, the Hogwarts professors arrived, tipped off by the disturbance in the wards, and captured the Death Eaters. Harry could only watch Voldemort's neck spilling torrents of blood down his chest and over the ground.

Dumbledore took credit for the planning of the Final Battle, though Harry didn't remember a battle let alone Dumbledore planning anything, but before he could protest, he was expelled for murder and shipped back to his Uncle's house.

These things didn't really touch Harry though, he didn't have attachments to school or friends. What Harry resented was not getting credit for Voldemort's death. Not because he wanted the glory but because Voldemort was his first project.

During his years at Hogwarts, he had been regaled by Ron and the other boys on the joys of Sex and masturbation. These things didn't appeal to Harry as any sort of intimate acts or actions that connected him to people seemed unnecessary. He found the thought of it disgusting and a waste of body fluids. He had no desire of that nature until Voldemort's death. Harry would wake from dreams of the memory, pants sticky with his seed.

He searched for a way to recreated it and Uncle Vernon's new job and subsequent move to Miami, Florida, USA provided him with new opportunities.