Me: hey this is my very first fanfic.!!

Charas: Yay!!

Me: ……..ok


Amu: IKUTO!! Stop being mean!!!-death glare-

Me: yea I can turn this into a tadamu if I wanted to!!

Tadase: Really?!? –girly voice-

Me: NO!! now leave!!!


Ikuto: HE WHAT!?!?

Me: I wouldn't want to be tadase.

Amu: Shy does not own shugo chara but does own Crystal and Stripes.

Ami – 16, everybody else – 18

(Amus POV)

"Ugh….Sanja why do we have another concert so soon?"

"Because you are now International popstars." She replied

"whatever…" I replied.

"Anyway we need our rest so please leave." Rima said.

"ok" she replied and got off our bus.

(Normal POV)

Next Day

"Yaya wake up" Rima warned.

"ZzZZzzzzz" replied Yaya.

"Dam I thought it wouldn't have to come to this but Amu" Rima said

I nodded and went to the closet to get the closest thing to non sugar candy.

"Yaya look at what Amu has" Utau

Soon after that Yaya got a little bit of strength to look over at what Amu had and yelled. "


"Here ya go" Amu replied with a bored tone.

"Yaya you need to stop yelling so early." Rima said.

"EWW it tastes horribly." She replied while spitting the candy out.

"YAYA! Please stop yelling someone might hear you and we could get in trouble." Nade said.

Soon after that someone knocked on the window.

"Great someone heard you Yaya." Amu said sarcastically.

"Not Yaya's fault you didn't give me the candy" Yaya said.

Knock Knock

"DAMNIT I AM COMING!!!" Amu yelled.

(Nagis POV)

I woke up to the sound of someone yelling about candy. I got up and seen a big black bus across the street in a deserted parking lot. I decided to take a look and knocked on the window. I heard someone yell again and decided to knock again. (Shy: uh oh Nagi shouldn't have done that) Then I heard someone yell DAMN I AM COMING. Or something like that.

(Amus POV)

"um….Nade come here"

"What is it Amu-chan?"

" that your brother that you were talking about?"

"Yea. That's him but I wonder why he is over here?"

" Probably cuz of Yayas mouth" Utau said

(Normal POV)

I decided to open the buses door and let this Nagi kid come in I didn't know if I should or not cuz he could be another ANNOYING fan. He walks in and suddenly hugs Nade we all had on black faces especially Rima she was blushing. So I decided to nudge her and looked over at Rimas face. We both smirked.(Shy: um Rima watch out Amu and Utau are after you!!)

" Nade is that you?" he asked.

"Yes it is Nagi" Nade replied.

"Were have you been for the last year?'' He asked

" I was on a tour with these girls,…"

"Nade just tell him." Amu said

"Tell me what?" he replied

"Nagi …..I joined a band Called Black Rose"

"The Black rose band?!?!?"

"Yes this is Amu , Utua , Yaya and Rima."

"Sweet anyways can I call a few friends??" he asked

Nade looked over at everyone else and they all nodded.

"Sure but hurry we have to get to Amus house"


A few minutes there were 5 more boys outside the bus looking for Nagi.

"Nagi were are you?!?!" Kukia yelled

"In here"

so the 5 boys walked in our bus with confused looks on except Ikutos was bored .

"So what did you call us for Nagi?" a blonde haired boy asked

" I want you to meet Black Rose."

"No way these girls cant be Black Rose" Kukia said

Me: hehe a cliffy.

Ikuto: why a cliffy?

Shy: cuz I can

Kukia: I have a bad felling about next chapter..

Utau : you should have a bad feeling –death glares-

Amu: anyway what happened to tadase?

Ikuto: lets just say he wont be back anytime soon.

Shy; um ok Please R&R

Amu: she wont update till she has atleast 5 reviews.

Amu and Shy : Seeya later!!!