"Zak," I say, "You know us, of course we do, but you know we would never do that without a very good solid reason."

"Yeah, alright. Good job."

"Thank you, Zak." And we understand that both our words have double meaning. We pack up at the hotel and it's two in the afternoon so we pack up and head home. The car ride back is relieved and excited. We talk nearly constantly and play music. We remember and we celebrate what we have accomplished, everything: Dante did not break us apart, we fixed and faced everything he broke, I made peace with my mother, Zak and Letty healed, and Dante will never see public again.

After we have been home we learn the police sent him to court only for our testimony and a sentence, which was a life sentence in prison with solitary confinement after the first 2 years. Katsuko, Letty, T.Q., and I remained friends as tight as ever now and there was just one last thing to do as we were having a sleepover at Letty's. I picked up my cell phone and dialed a number. It was answered after the first ring.

"Adam?" I confirm.

"Hey, Sammi. How are you?"

"Really good. Things have settled down, and Adam," I smile and look around at my friends, "Everyone deserves a second chance."

"Yeah, that sounds great. I'll meet you at the beach tomorrow at one. See you then." I respond.

I smile, and we all laugh together as I hang up. The next day at the beach was like we never texted before, but had just met up after that first day. We wouldn't mention it, because in agreeing to meet here, it was forgiven and things would work out. After all, you always have that choice: you either let the poisonous hardships of reality in life tear you down and destroy you or you fight it and come out, maybe weak at first, but then for it all, stronger than ever on top.