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Chapter 14


"Bella?" the voice asked once more.

I took a deep breath trying to keep control of the rage I was feeling before growling "This isn't Bella you sadistic bloodsucker. We know all about your plans and Bella isn't going anywhere with you".

The line went silent for a moment before she spoke again "You were never supposed to find out. Listen to me you mutt, whether you believe me or not we are trying to protect you. If you fight each and everyone of you is going to fall. The only way for Bella to stay safe is to come with us, we will leave Forks for the time being. We can out run the Volturi until we can figure out a plan".

I could feel a red haze descend over my body, the vibrations of the change starting to run through me at her words. "What you mean is take Bella away from everyone that loves her, turn her into one of you…well guess what sweetheart? It's not going to happen, you and your family can fuck off". I could see the pack watching me, small smirks crossing each of their faces as I spoke. "Bella is our family now and we can and will look after her. If I find out you have tried to pull anymore of this shit, I will personally hunt each one of you done and dance on your ash pile. Do you understand me you bitch?"

Growls erupted from the other side of the phone as a deep voice spoke "Paul, this is Dr Cullen, I assure we mean no harm. We are genuinely only looking out for Bella's best interests but I don't take kindly to threats against my family. If you attack us then I will not hold back, I will take you down myself if I have to".

The vibrations increased in my body as Sam stood in front of me whispering "Give me the phone Paul and get outside if your gonna phase".

I could barely nod as I thrust the phone into his out stretched hand. I moved towards the door when a hand slipped around my wrist "Paul, are you going to be ok?". I stared at the pale hand gripping my wrist, all the primal instincts in my body focusing in on the pulse point that I could see beating. I closed my eyes trying to blot out the anger that was radiating through my body. Yanking my arm away from what I knew was Bella's grip, stormed to the door yanking it open and slamming it shut behind me.

Even in the yard I could hear the pack from inside, Jake trying to convince Bella to calm down and Sam's tone getting increasingly angry at what ever the lead leech was saying…how dare he say that to me on the phone! I'm trying to protect my family and they were trying to pull it apart. If they come anywhere near us, I will not rest until I have taken each and everyone of them to pieces. The door opened; looking up I saw Sam coming out the door, phone still attached to his ear, his voice getting louder. "Don't you fucking start me with, you bloodsucker. You come back here and try to get Bella to come to you. How the hell do you think Paul is going to react, of course he is going to make threats and you know what every single one of us will back him up. So excuse me Dr Cullen". I could hear the sarcasm dripping in his voice at the leech's title " but I am going to get back to my family so we can make arrangements for what is coming. I would advise you and your family to stay the hell away. This group that is coming can be handled by us I am sure". I could hear a disagreeing voice from across the line and Sam stared at it in disgust "You know nothing about us or what we can do". Sam paused briefly as though considering something, I looked at him in curiosity.

He held my gaze for a few seconds as if to say he would tell me in a moment before speaking "I will talk to them all, this is going to be a joint decision regardless of my Alpha position. I will get back to you" he shut the phone quickly, a look of disgust crossing his face before he returned to my gaze. He sighed deeply before holding his hands up "I can't apologise for what I did Paul, I am the Alpha of the pack and it is my prerogative whether to tell you guys details or not and Bella asked me not to say to you what was going on. I didn't want to break that and out of everyone, you should be able to trust me to look after her"

My eyes narrowed at him, Alpha or not, he should have told me. My hands folded into tight fists as I rolled my shoulders slightly to ease the tension settling in them "It's not the point Sam, she is my imprint. This is not a normal relationship, you know that. How would you have felt if this had been Emily?" My voice began to raise as I felt the anger wash through me again. Looking towards the house I could see the pack standing at the window watching what was going on, Bella at the forefront , a look of concern crossing her face. I looked at them for a few moments before whipping my head to look at Sam again "I can't believe you hid this from me Sam. I see Bella up there but damn do you realize how CLOSE I CAME TO LOSING HER" I yelled.

Sam nodded "Yes I do Paul and I'm sorry about that but you didn't, she is still here".

My voice dropped to a sudden whisper to my intense surprise as I spoke "Yeah but for how long Sam, for how long? I can't take losing her, you didn't see her on that beach. She was broken at the thought of going to them but you know how good a person she is so how long until the leeches pull something like this again and she feels she has to go to them?"

Sam looked at me in confusion "But you seemed ok with her in the house Paul, why didn't you say something?"

I laughed bitterly "What was I meant to do huh? I couldn't turn away from her, I do that and she is gone! I'm not going to have this out with her just yet, we both need to get over this night and talk about it properly where we are both going to be able to do it rationally. I'm just so fucking scared Sam…waking up in bed to find her gone, to find out why. I dreamt it you know?"

"Dreamt what?" He asked quietly to stop the pack from hearing inside the house. Damn the wolf hearing!

"I dreamt of her as one of them. She had red eyes and was surrounded by the leeches, she was sad but shit, she was one of them. It woke me up and she was gone, I knew it instinctively what was happening, I was just lucky she was at the beach". I felt my hands shaking; not from coming close to phasing but from the adrenaline withdrawing from my body and the cold harsh reality hitting me of how close I came to losing everything. I felt hot tears burning at my eyes, swallowing hard I spoke "I'm going to go in and go to my room, try get some sleep and think things over".

Sam crossed over to me and laid a hand on my shoulder "Cool, we will all leave and come back in the morning if you want?"

I nodded and walked to the house, the pack beginning to file out the door. Emily paused briefly squeezing my hand before leaving. Closing the door behind me, Bella stood in front of the stairs. We stood looking at one another, so many things still to say to one another yet not quite able to say them just yet. I bridged the gap between us and wrapped my arms around her delicate waist drawing her close to me. I felt her melt into my warmth, a wet heat coursing down my mid-drift. I knew instantly what it was because it was currently falling down my own cheeks…tears. I pulled away, my arms raising to cup her jaw drawing her face to look at me. I saw fat tears rolling down Bella's cheeks, raising my hands further I wiped them away. She opened her mouth to say something, laying a finger on her mouth I stopped her. I replaced my finger with my lips, warm and hard against her soft lips. Cupping her face, I kissed her as though our life's were dependent on it, I poured all the feelings I had for her into what I was doing. My tongue licked at her bottom lip patient to a degree until she opened. Letting me, our tongues rubbing, teeth colliding, hands grasping. She let a small moan slip out, her hips thrusting forward. I felt a sharp stab of apprehension, I wanted so badly to strip these clothes off her and make love to her just like earlier…but right now? I couldn't, we needed to sort things out first. I pulled away slightly whispering "Bella, it's late, we should get some sleep ok?"

She looked at me carefully and nodded. Taking my hand she led me to the bedroom. Quickly changing into her pyjama's she slipped under the covers. My eyes never left her once, that small spark of fear that if I looked away she wasn't going to be there. Pulling my clothes off, I slipped in next to her, allowing her to cuddle into my chest. I gradually felt her breathing even out indicating she had fallen asleep.

Me? I couldn't sleep the whole night my eyes were stuck on the ceiling trying to make sense of the mess that was my feelings…

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