Months passed and both Draco and Hermione and Pansy and Ron were extremely happy. Ron and Draco grew to be extremely close, and Hermione and Pansy were inseperable. Ron and Draco both wanted their girlfriends to be their wife so they devised a plan to propose to them in a creative way. Draco decided to propose by a riddle scavenger hunt. When Hermione woke up, she found a riddle on the wall:

Take away my first letter and I am unchanged;
Take away my second letter and I am unchanged;
Take away all my remaining letters and I am still unchanged!

What am I?

Letters? Unchanged? What the? Draco what are you playing at? Hermione asked, clearly stumped? Lets see, letter can be alphabet letters or written letters. If it is unchanged then that means it is not changed. If you take an alphabet letter away, then you change it. So it has to be a written letter. If it's taken away and still doesn't change, then it has to be….

OH! A mailbox or a postman. THE OWLERY!

Once at the owlery, she noticed another riddle.

Would you rather have a lion eat you or a tiger?

What kind of question is this? I wouldn't want either to eat me. Wait, there must be something else to this riddle. Would you rather have a lion eat me or a lion? Hmm…. OH! Duh. I'd rather have the tiger eat the lion. Wow, that was bloody ridiculous. Tiger eat lion. The Kitchen!

She found yet another riddle at the Kitchen.

Jenn picked a book off the highest shelf in her room. On the spine she read
How to Jog. She ran out of the room and opened the book but found it had absolutely nothing to do with jogging. Explain.......

Hmmm, tricky tricky. If the book had nothing about Jogging…. Then…. What?!?! That makes no sense. This riddles stumps me. C'mon Hermione think, you can get this. Lets see. How ….to…. Jog. Hm… it seems like a dictionary to me if you separate it, or an encyclopedia.

OF COURSE! How to Jog is the Index for the volume of the encyclopedia. It covers information from how to jog. THE LIBRARY!

Hermione ran to the library, where Draco was waiting for her. "Hello Hermione, did you enjoy the riddles?"

"Yes I did, but why did you do it?

"This is why." Draco snapped his fingers and the library transformed into a beautiful ballroom. WILL YOU MARRY ME? Draco asked while kneeling and holding out a beautiful diamond ring.

"Oh My Gosh Draco! Yes! Yes! I'd love to marry you!" Hermione exclaimed happily.

Ron, in the meantime was planning to take Pansy to a muggle amusement park. Hermione had taken him and Harry before and they had loved it.

"So Ron, where are you taking me?" Pansy asked

"I'm taking you to an amusement park." Ron said happily. Pansy didn't know what that was, but trusted Ron.

"Uh uh!! There's no way I'm going on that thing! Ronald Weasley you can't make me! The thing looks terrifying!" Pansy said, eying the Supreme Scream with terror.

" Haha that was my reaction when I first saw it. But I went on it and I survived it didn't I? I promise I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." Pansy hesitantly went on, and ended up having a great time.

"That was so much fun.!" Pansy exclaimed.

It was getting hot, so Pansy and Ron sat by a tree in the shade for some shelter from the heat. Pansy immediately noticed something flying in the sky. It looked like that it was writing something in the sky. Pansy gasped when she found out what was written.

Pansy will you marry me?

She looked back at Ron and noticed him kneeling while holding out a ring.

"Oh RON! OF course I will!" and she kissed him.

As it turned out, Hermione and Pansy got married on the same day. A couple years later Draco and Hermione had twins, Abraxas and Scorpius Malfoy. Pansy and Ron had Rose and Amy Weasely.

The end.